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 Recovery Room 

Please help with the veterinary costs of our Special Needs Dogs

A donation of any amount will make a difference

We rescue as many Special Needs Dogs as we can afford. These dogs need extra surgeries, diagnostics and treatments to make them well. These are the dogs at animal control that nobody wants because of the extra expense and care they need. With your help, we can save even more of them and find them the best homes. Meet just 6 of our current Special Needs Dogs (there are many others currently in care).  Please, if you can donate to help them, click on the Donate Button above and tell us which dog you would like to help or we will apply your donation to the dog that needs you the most. Thank you.



IV Treatment, Oxygen
Feeding Tube
Ben was hit by a car. He was recumbent and could not even lift his head. We radiographed his entire body. His skull was fractured in 3 places, with no other fractures in his body. We treated him with IV fluids and medications, oxygen and inserted a feeding tube to sustain him. A feeding tube is inserted into the side of the neck and goes directly into the stomach. It’s a minor procedure that allows us to syringe food directly into Ben’s stomach. On the 5th day, Ben started to eat enough on his own that we could remove the tube. He started sitting up, standing and soon he was walking! Now he just takes two pills a day to help with the brain inflammation. His brain still needs to heal. We know this will be a slow process, involving as much sleep as possible. Studies in humans show that sleep heals the brain. We are providing him a restful, loving environment. Ben has started to wag his tail, we are very hopeful!

Dental Surgery
Wrigley was neglected by his owner. He was emaciated at 13 lbs. His bloodwork showed he has hematcrit of 19, which should be 37. He had hookworms and tapeworms. His urinalysis showed great urine concentration but there was blood in his urine. We did radiographs to check for bladder stones which was negative. His skin and eyes were infected and he was filthy and matted. We shaved him down and gave him a medicated bath. We started him on antibiotics for his skin and a urinary tract infection, eye medications and deworming medications.  We will do his neuter surgery and his dental surgery when he is at a healthy weight of 19 lbs. We will be doing gingival transpositions to repair the fistulas (holes) in his gums. We have lots of hope for this boy.

Tina's health issue was ignored by her owner. Tina had blood in her urine and was unable to empty her bladder. The radiographs showed her bladder was FULL of stones. Her owner opted to euthanize, but the vet called us to take Tina instead. We removed 5 large bladderstones. We started Tina on a prescription "SO" diet. The "SO" diet is very good at preventing struvite stones, which is what Tina had. Given her young age of 4, Tina's stones may recur so she will need a home with someone who will radiograph her bladder regularly to ensure no more stones form. Tina has a wonderful life ahead. She's already feeling better now that her painful stones are gone!

Heartworm Treatment
Dental Surgery
Emotional Healing
Clyde is 6 yrs old and 58 lbs. He came to us from a hoarder where he was ignored, neglected and now he is terrified of the world. He was thin and had muscle atrophy due to being caged all of his life. We vaccinated him and did fecal test. He had hookworms and was loaded with fleas so we know he has tapeworms (tapes are caused by eating a flea). We wormed him for both with two different medications. He needs to have his teeth cleaned. His heartworm disease is at advanced stage. The radiographs showed significant inflammation in the lungs/pulmonary system. We will neuter him and do dental surgery after we treat him for heartworm disease. Clyde is terrified and we are working with him to teach him to trust us, gain confidence and be happy. His foster mom is seeing remarkable changes in him.

Gus was a stray in The Redlands, living off of leftovers in gargage left by construction workers. Gus has demodectic mange, which we treated with lime dips and started him on Bravecto. His skin has secondary bacteria and yeast infections, especially between his toes and fold of skin. We started him on cephalexin for bacteria and fluconazole for yeast. Once it clears up, we will neuter him and do dental. Gus has entropion, which is common for dogs in his condition. This is where the eyelids turn a bit inward causing the lashes to scrape against the cornea when he blinks. Usually the condition improves, once the dog fattens up, but Gus may still need surgery to make his eyes comfortable. If Gus needs the surgery, we will do it. Gus is a funny boy. He's happy, wags his tail and loves everybody.

Hospitalization and IV Steroid Treatment
Tallulah was an injured dog dumped by an owner. She arrived with full bladder and was not able to urinate on her own. We expressed her bladder simply by pushing on it. When she first arrived, when she tried to walk, she would fall down. Tallulah has a back injury that incapacitated her. We put her on standard IV treatment for the first few days, then switched her to oral medications. We continued her on  "cage rest" for 3 weeks. Each day we walked Tallulah outside, we saw her mobility improve.  She has better control of her bladder, but not full control yet (and maybe never). She is in her foster home now, running around with her other dogs and loving her toys. This girl can walk and run! She uses her back legs in unison like a bunny, vs independently, but that makes her even cuter and it does not slow her down!!

 Some of Our More Recent Special Needs Dogs (We just can't list them all) 

Chester had a broken pelvis and a luxated hip. The hip was completely out of socket. The injury was not new. We did FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery to repair the hip, orthopedic surgery and neutered him. Then we did physical therapy with Chester and now he can walk, run and jump!  Chester is now home!

Walter was neglected by his owner and almost died from fleas, who sucked so much blood that it caused his hematocrit to drop and his body started to shut down. We did a blood transfusion for Walter, because Walter hematocrit (pcv) was 10% and it should have been 35%. We treated him for tapeworms and soon Walter's bloodwork normalized. Walter is home with new family!

Flip Flop was shot in the penis, apparently from the owner's frustration due to Flip Flop urinating in the home. Flip Flop had a urinary tract infection. The owner shot Flip Flop at close range using pellet gun as punishment for peeing in the house. We removed the pellet from Flip Flop's penis, gave him an antibiotic for his urinary tract infection, did his dental surgery and now he is in new home!

Minnie was very uncomfortable, panting, straining and sensitive in her bladder area, when we received her from animal control. We did bloodwork and radiographs and found she had a urinary tract infection and a bladder full of stones. We did her cystotomy surgery to remove the stones, spayed her and did her dental surgery. Minnie is in a forever home now eating a special diet to prevent stone formation.

Tilly was neglected for a long time with the hoarder she came from. Tilly's bloodwork showed a hematocrit of 24%, instead of 44% and has stage 2 heartworm disease. She is full of mammary tumors from being overbred. We are currently treating her heartworm disease using the 60 day treatment. When she has recovered and her hematcrit has normalized we will do her mastectomy, spay her and clean her teeth. This dog is a sweetheart and deserves a great life.

Mollie Mae's are teeth worn down from spending much of her life in cage, with a hoarder. She has stage 2 heartworms disease (advanced stage) and we have treated her. Next we will get rid of her large mammary turmor and spay her in the same surgery. This dog is simply the best. Her foster family adores her and so does everyone who meets her!!

Mischa is a “The Redland survivor”. We removed the huge, ulcerated tumor. This is a  nerve sheath tumor (also known as a hemgiopericytoma or neurofibrosarcoma) The surgery took over 3 hours and the tumor weighed almost 2 lbs. There were 25 blood vessels feeding this tumor, and it was causing Mischa to be anemic. Additionally Mischa had heartworms which we treated. Mischa is home now!!

Fiona was neglected for so long which is such a shame because she's a little love. She has Cushing's disease and “dry eyes” (keratoconus sicca). Neither were treated so we have lots of damage to "undo". We are providing medicines for both and are seeing improvement. When her health improves, we will do dental surgery for oronasal fistulas and remove a small tumor from her front left paw. Fiona really deserves to be cared for.

Clover was an animal control dog. We spayed her and performed a partial mastectomy to remove mammary tumors. Soon we will do her dental surgery (which will include extractions and gum repair) and will remove a large lipoma on her shoulder. We of course took care of her normal verterinary care such as vaccinations, fecal, worming, microchip, etc. Clover is a bundle of energy and so full of love!

Marty was hit by a car and picked up by animal control. He was unable to stand or walk because of his shattered pelvis. We provided him with lots of special care and now this boy can walk and soon he will be allowed to run! Marty has made remarkable recovery and we are thrilled because this boy deserves a great life.

Duchess was an animal control dog left in the overnight drop box. Duchess has 4 BB's in her chest which will remain there since they are not causing any issues. These BB's indicate how she was treated in her life "before PPR". We are treating her heartworms and in May we will do surgery to spay her, repair a hernia, and remove a benign cyst. Duchess is a loving, kissy girl, who is in her forever loving home now.

Bizzy was an animal control dog with heartworm disease and a large bladder stone. Nobody wanted her because although these conditions are easily and successfully treated, the cystotomy and heartworm treatment are costly. We did Bizzy's heartworm treatment and removed her bladderstone. She is cured, healthy and absolutely wonderful. Bizzy feels like a million bucks and feeling cozy in a forever home!!

Snowy is a middle-aged animal control girl who had heartworms and bladderstones. We have removed two huge stones from her bladder, and she is finally pain-free! She is on a prescription diet food, which helps prevent stone formation but she is allowed to have certain snacks to enjoy being spoiled of course. We've completed Snowy's heartworm treatment. Snowy is a healthy and happy girl now with a family who loves her.

Scarlett is a senior dog, who was left behind to fend for herself in the world. She has a Mast Cell Tumor, which is so large that it is inoperable. She is on medications for the rest of her life,to help slow the growth of the tumor and the spread of the cancer. She is now one of our Furever Fosters to ensure that she gets the best veterinary care and the love she deserves.

Wyatt arrived from animal control after a major trauma. His front leg suffered permanent nerve damage. He started to mutilate this leg himself which dogs do instinctually. We amputated this limb which is no longer in the way so he can run, jump and play. He also had a skull fracture that has healed. Wyatt is now home with fur-buddies!!  

Casey is an animal control dog that arrived after someone had intentionally severed off his front paw. He also has, heartworms, a dislocated left hip, and was shot at least 15 times from 3 different type of guns. He will need to have FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) to repair the hip and a prosthetic to replace the paw that was so cruelly severed off. Casey is doing well and will be with us for a few months.

Taffy's mom went to nursing home and couldn't bring Taffy with her. The family didn't want Taffy so she is with us now. Taffy's rear legs are paralyzed. She has no feeling in the back. She is 8 yrs old, very happy, loving and is always on the move! She scoots herself around as fast as you can run! She has no control of her bowels so she needs a special home that can let her outside quite often. She is not in pain and has had this condition for a very long time. Her new cart will arrive soon and we can't wait to help her go even faster on her neighborhood walks. Taffy is now in a forever home!

Sophia was an 8 yr old blind dog found hanging around 7-11 begging for food. We located her owner via a microchip, who didn't want her back. Sophia had a large tumor we removed from under her arm which was benign. We also diagnosed her with SARDS which caused her blindness. SARDS causes Sophia to drink and eat more. This means Sophia will always be chunky and need to be let outside more often. Sophia has lovely personality and is home with new family!

Halo and Skye are two of 27 breeder dogs we took in. They are 12 week old puppies who have had no veterinary care, of course. They have tapeworms and hookworms. Both have a condition called microphthalmia. It’s a congenital defect where the eyes have not developed and they are blind. These two are also deaf. BUT-- they are happy puppies who run around and play like normal puppies. They don't know any different. They relate to each other uniquely so they have a home for them as a playful pair!

Trinket was hit by a car and found paralyzed on the road. He could not stand or sit. His head was swollen. His eyes were unresponsive. He was blind. His head bobbed with an exaggerated tick. He could not eat. We radiographed his head all the way to his tail. Nothing was broken but he was paralyzed. We started treatment with IV medications for pain and inflammation. He spent the next week in the hospital. Our hope was that the medications would reduce the brain swelling and the inflammation that was affecting the nerves. It worked. He started eating, moving, sitting, then standing, then walking and now running! Trinket is ready for a home!

Dana ran inside someone’s home in South FL during a bad storm. She hunkered down and was not leaving. She was matted, filthy and loaded with fleas. She was not a stray for long or she would not have been thin, but she clearly has been neglected and had many litters of pups, probably a breeder's dog. She had a left broken fibula, a right side broken pelvis with an SI luxation and a bad left knee with a torn ACL. She also had all the other neglectful conditions we expected. Dana's pelvis and fibula have healed. We surgically repaired her knee and she is home now!

Hilde is a senior Pomeranian who never had any veterinary care. She wasn't spayed, had two small mammary tumors, terrible skin, a growth on her eyelid that caused her some discomfort, a horrendous mouth that hurt, worms, a urinary tract infection, an inguinal hernia and of course her Cushings Disease had never been treated. Wow! We had completed Hilde's first surgery and she has one more to go! She's doing great now that her Cushings Disease is being treated and she is on her way to a great life!

Kai was in awful shape. The condition of the skin on her rear limbs is not something we have seen before and we have seen some pretty horrendous skin conditions. We ran cytologies and have Kai on various medications, both oral and topical. Kai had a mucotaneous pyoderma which is a deep skin infection that would take months to cure. As we expected, Kai started to improve and two months later she was gorgeous and, you guessed it, she's home now!

Clemintine is a 4 yr old, 6 lb, Shih Tzu girl who declined at animal control. She became critical as her tumors became infected and spread. She stopped eating and became dehydrated so they asked us for help. We provided emergency care and once she was stable we completed her diagnostics and mastectomy. She is thriving now and gorgeous! Her tumors and mange are gone, but her new famly has arrived! Clementine is home now and is finally a beautiful little diva! 

Peyton’s urine had crystals consistent with ammonium urate bladderstones, a type of stone we see in Dalmations. After a bile acid assay to ensure she didn't have liver shunt, we started her on a drug called allopurinol and a diet to prevent ammonium urate stones. Peyton also had symptoms consistent with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. A dog with EPI cannot produce the necessary enzymes to digest food. It's easily managed with two powders added to her food. Her TLI test results were positive. We've been adding enzymes to her food, she gained weight, we completed her veterinary care and now this girl is home!

Abby may have been used as a bait dog based on the area where she was found and her condition. Her face was bloody and someone had recently cut off part of her tail, but that didn’t stop her from being one of the loveliest girls we have ever met. Abby is only 2 yrs old, and came to us thin, with a staff infection in her skin, loaded with ticks, an eye infection, mild KCS (dry eye) and also mild entropion (lower lids turn a bit inward). She has had multiple litters of puppies and was pregnant. She had hookworms and bloodwork and radiographs showed she was in late stage 2 heartworm disease. Abby is healthy now and so is her pup! Both of them are home!

Peanut was found after Hurricane Irma, under brush and tree limbs, paralyzed. Peanut had two injuries to his back, a fractured sacrum and a herniated disk. He had no control of his bowels or his tail and he could not walk. After hospitalization and IV treatment, Peanut has healed and this boy can walk, wag and poop when he wants!! Peanut went through a lot but now he is home, running and jumping like a normal 2 yr old boy!

63 dogs arrived by the carload from South Florida where they were roaming as strays in the days leading up to Hurricane Irma. Volunteers from South Florida drove them to us because Miami Dade Animal Control no longer accepts strays. We kept these strays safe during the storm, got them the veterinary care they needed and now they are home! 

Annie is a senior. She arrived from animal control with a horrible mouth, small mammary tumors and a large tumor on her neck. Her urinalysis showed struvite crystals. We radiographed her bladder and found a large bladderstone. We combined the mammary tumor removal, spay and cystotomy into one surgery. Annie went back to her foster home to recover for a few weeks to prepare for her last surgery. When she was healed, we removed the tumor on her neck which had started to ulcerate. Annie’s tumor pathology came back as benign and now Annie is healthy, happy and home!!

This poor boy had been living in a ditch when he was found. Kato was severly underweight, anemic, had worms and diarrhea. He had a prolapsed rectum. We tested him for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency with a TLI test. EPI is a condition where the dog is unable to produce the digestiive enzymes needed to absorb nutrients from their food.  While we waited for results, we did a colopexy to surgically secure his rectum to the abdominal wall so it cannot prolapse again. The EPI results were positive which explained the malnutrition and diarrhea. We started adding Pancreazmye and Tylan powder to Kato's food and in just weeks, he's a healthy boy, waiting on his forver home!

Caboodle was skinny, anemic and her hematocrit was low. She was in terrible shape due to neglect. Caboodle was not spayed and she had one mammary tumor. Her main issue was that her eyes need to be removed (enucleation) because they were painful due to glaucoma.  We spayed her, removed her mammary tumor and her eyes. She's an awesome dog, and she has found her forever home!

Animal control called us literally begging for this young dog’s life. Every other rescue group turned him down. Tonka had been struck by a car and could not walk. He was biting, because he was so painful and afraid. Tonka had a shattered femur on one side and a luxated hip on the other side. We had to amputate the shattered rear leg because it was damaged beyond repair. We did an FHO on the opposite rear leg to repair the hip. He has healed now and has become the kissiest dog you will ever meet! Just ask his new mom!

These two seniors are from different animal controls but they are perfect examples of the many seniors that we rescue every week. All seniors need Senior Blood Panels, radiographs and a urinalysis. These tools allow us to assess their internal health. Sometimes these results steer us toward further testing. Other times they provide answers and allow us to diagnose specific conditions or prescribe medication. Sometimes they just tell us that "all is well". Dorothy the Yorkie just needed to have her mouth and skin addressed after years of neglect. Duffy the Poodle has bladder cancer which sounds terrible but he takes a medication to delay it's progress and he's a happy boy. Both pups are home now and being spoiled during their retirement! Seniors deserve to be saved too!

Brucie had hookworms, whipworms, heartworms and pneumonia. This animal control boy has an old, healed, pelvic fracture and severe hip dysplasia. The trauma that caused the pelvic fracture likely worsened the dysplasia. Brucie walks with a shimmy. Currently the hips are not luxated and the ligaments and joint capsules are intact. We have him on an anti inflammatory medication and he's doing great. But the condition will likely worsen, and he will probably need two FHO surgeries later in life. Brucie is with his new family now, but if he needs surgery in the future, PPR has committed to do it for him whether it's next year or when he's an older boy.

Axl came from The Redlands one of the thousands of dogs running stray with no food, no shelter and nobody looking out for him. When he arrived he was limping. Our radiographs showed that this boy had been hit by a car. He had a fracture in his right tibia (rear leg). It’s a spiral fracture that needs a month of rest to heal. Additionally, his right hip is dislocated. After his tibia healed, we did a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) to repair his hip. Axl has healed and he is ready for a home!

Maisey is a 3 yr old Maltese mix who was found as a stray by animal control officers. Her skin was raw. The yeast and bacterial infection in her skin was severe and she smelled terrible as a result. She’s 8 lbs and was not spayed. She has had multiple litters of puppies which is probably why her prior owners had her— to make money from the pups. She had a urinary tract infection, needed medicated baths and an iron supplement. She was too infected to spay so she recovered in her foster home for a few weeks. When she was healed, we spayed her and now she is home!

Destiny was hit by a car, on purpose. She arrived in shock, bruised and with abrasions all over her. Her front leg was dangling. She couldn't walk on the remaining 3 legs. We put her on IV fluids and pain meds. Her front right radius and ulna were completely dislocated and she had pulmonary contusions. She couldn’t urinate or defecate. We put her under anesthesia, popped her leg back in place and wrapped it (a healing option only for a front leg dislocation). We carried her around and evacuated her bladder and bowel with a catheter/enema for 3 days. After 3 days, Destiny urinated and pooped on her own and she could walk! We removed the bandage from her front leg, and the dislocation had healed. Destiny is home now with Kendall, forever!

Ace arrived unable to urinate. He had ammonium urate stones blocking his urethra. He also had one in his bladder. This is very unusual for a puppy, but not for this breed. These type of stones are rare, but when we see them, they are usually in Dalmations. We removed the stones and now Ace is on a prescription diet and also a daily medication. Matt and his family adopted Ace. They are a special family who love their special boy. 

Tallulah was adopted from animal control by a crazy person who surrendered her to a different animal control “to be euthanized”. There was no reason to euthanize Tallulah so animal control called us. This woman has been placed on a “do not adopt” list because she has adopted dozens of dogs and returned them. Tallulah is a blind, senior. She had hookworms and her teeth were a disaster.. She has good knees, a good heart and her bloodwork was normal. We treated her for a simple urinary tract infection, did her dental and now Tallulah is home with someone who is NOT crazy, but is crazy about her!

Sprout is a young boy, missing lots of hair, because he is part Chinese Crested. Sprout has phthisis bulbi in his left eye. The eye is nonfunctional and shrinking away. This eye needs to be removed. His right eye has entropion. The lashes are turned inward and scratch his cornea when he blinks. This has caused corneal scarring, which should reduce with medications and surgery. We enucleated Sprout's left eye and surgically repaired his right eyelid to normalize the lash position. The medications will reduce the corneal scarring caused by his neglect. Sprout arrived terrified, but now this boy is a happy puppy with a home!

Crosby is a victim of neglect. He was skin and bones. He was literally starving before he arrived. Crosby had sores on his skin from neglect and is blind. His left eye has glaucoma, with pressures too high to control with eye drops. That eye hurt. His right eye is blind, but healthy. We fattened him up then removed Crosby’s left eye, cleaned his teeth and neutered him. He has recovered and become a playful pup. He's home now with his new pal Little Man, another blind pooch!

Filly is a 3 yr old Bulldog mix. She was wandering a rural area in Dade County Florida, being fed by local volunteers with other strays. She was very afraid. They had to lift her into their car. Filly arrived thin, at 51lbs. She is deaf, had an eye infection and a torn ACL, which explains her odd gait. We did all of her normal veterinary care--spay, dental, vaccines, chip, etc. We also repaired her ACL. She's a loving girl, and has a wonderful home.

Feebee was an animal control dog with puncture wounds to her neck and her lower jaw was broken. She was also full of mammary tumors on both mammary chains. We repaired her jaw with two surgeries and she's feeling like a new dog. During her recovery, a wonderful family became aware of her sweetness and have adopted her. Her new family will bring her back to PPR in September for her mammary tumor surgery, then this girl will be officially healthy! Feebee's tough times are behind her now. She is home!

Smuckers is 7 years old and from animal control. His ears, eyes and skin were infected. His urine had blood and lots of bacteria. We did radiographs of Smuckers’ bladder and found the cause— he had two bladderstones. These bladderstones are causing him discomfort. Smuckers needed a dental as well and a couple of extractions. We removed Smuckers' stones, cleaned his teeth and neutered him. We cleared up the infections and this boy is home!

Giddyup is a 3 yr old, 5 lb dog with a broken leg. Based on the age, location and type of break, Giddyup’s leg was not a good candidate for repair. The surgery likely would have failed or the result would have been unsatisfactory. Our surgeon advised amputation because Giddyup stopped using the leg due to discomfort. We amputated his leg and this boy gets around like a champ now that the non-functioning limb is gone. He is free to run and jump as much as he wants without apprehension.

Spunky came to us because his mom had dementia. He had not been taken care of for a while. He stunk, he had feces in his coat, his mouth was horrid and he was depressed. His muscles had atrophied. His appetite was poor. His bloodwork, urinalysis and radiographs were normal so we did Spunky's dental surgery. We took him to our ophthalmologist, Dr. Fife and his blind left eye had a pressure of 55, way too high! No wonder he was painful and depressed. He had a terrible headache from the extreme pressure in his eye. We removed Spunky's blind eye and within a week he started to feel good again. Now he has a new home and a new brother!!

Beasley came from a breeder. He is only 5 yrs old. He has entropion in his lower lids which means his lids are turned inward so the lashes scratch the cornea when he blinks He also has “dry eye”, which has gone untreated. He has juvenile cataracts and is almost blind. He was evaluated by our ophthalmologist and he is a great candidate for cataract surgery. Beasley had an eye, skin, ear and urinary tract infection, hookworms and whip worms, rotten teeth and heartworms. He is in stage 2 heartworm disease so we did the 30 day treatment. Beasley needed dental surgery, entropion surgery and a neuter. which we did. Now he was ready for cataract surgery. His cataract surgery was successful and now this boy can see and he's home!

Roo came from a breeder. She arrived a matted mess. She has a skin, ear and urinary tract infection but no bladder stones (per her radiographs). She has hookworms and whip worms indicating filthy living conditions. Her teeth were a mess, her bloodwork was bad and she had heartworms. She is in Stage 2 heartworm disease so we treated her heartworms over a 30 day period. Roo is not spayed of course because she was used for breeding. She has at least one mammary tumor. She also has a nasty sore on her chest from the mats, which we treated. We did her heartworm treatment, spay, dental and mammary tumor surgery. This little girl is finally loved and home!

Klondike was hit by a car. We did radiographs to check for — breaks, a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and a diaphragmatic hernia. Klondike’s radiographs were negative--a good start. Klondike had a hyphema in his left eye (bleeding in the eye caused by trauma). We started Klondike on a plasma eye drop every hour plus atropine and ciprofloxacin drops. This combination gives us the best chance to save his eye. Klondike had soft tissue injuries to his hind end and abrasions which would heal. Time and his medications healed Klondike completely except that we couldn't save the vision in his left eye due to a detached retina, a nonpainful condition. Klondike sees from his right eye and nothing stops this happy dog because he is HOME!

Maya is a middle aged, unspayed terrier mix who was used for breeding. She had mammary tumors down both mammary chains so she needed two full mastectomies. One tumor ulcerated the day after she arrived. This is painful and the infection can become life threatening so we had to do surgery right away. Maya's radiographs were normal. Her bloodwork was not good but we believe that was due to the ulceration. We spayed Maya and did her right side mastectomy. 5 weeks later we did her dental and left side mastectomy. Now this pretty little girl is home!

Roxy had some special medical needs which is why she was not adopted or rescued from animal control. She had a cherry eye and large cysts on her back. The cysts are not cancerous but they were full of thick fluid so it’s best to remove them. Roxy was also born with a congenital defect. When her tail was developing, her body got a little confused and added two toe nails to the end of her tail. It’s a little “icky” to look at and she was biting at her tail so it bothered her. We performed one very long surgery on Roxy. We repaired her cherry eye, cleaned her teeth, removed six growths on her back and amputated part of her tail. Roxy's body has healed, her sutures are out and she is home!

Precious is a senior with no teeth, an eye infection, urinary tract infection and mammary tumors on both mammary chains. Precious is a typical breeder's dog-- never cared for and full of tumors from breeding. We did her first surgery, a spay and mastectomy on the right side. Precious went to a foster home to recover for 6 weeks and we completed her second surgery, a mastectomy on the left side. Now this cute little girl is home!

Elvin feels good and is not in any pain, but he was born with congenital defects. His hips are not in the “socket”. On his left side, there is no femur head and on the right side the femur head is outside the acetabulum. Additionally, Elvin has no knee on the left side. We took it one day at a time with Elvin. He didn't walk well at first, a few steps than he would fall to his side, but after weeks, then months of just giving him a chance to build the muscles that might allow him to walk, trot and run--well, he did it! His will power and the exercise gave him strength and abilities we weren't sure he would ever have. Elvin has his own special shimmy, but he is strong and gets where ever he wants to go with gusto! Just ask his new mom and dad!

Imani was loaded with bladderstones. She was in pain and could no longer urinate. We have seen this condition many times in older dogs. The cystotomy surgery is very successful so we did the surgery immediately. We removed one very large stone and countless smaller stones from this poor dog. No wonder she was so painful. This little dog 9 year old is so sweet. She's on a special diet so her body doesn't form any more stones and she is now home!.

Daizee is a senior. whose owner died. If she had gone to animal control, it’s unlikely she would have been adopted or rescued due to her age and the condition of her mouth. She had a urinary tract infection, her bloodwork was good except for an elevated white count. She was thin. Her appetite wasn't great. An ultrasound revealed gall stones that were causing her to not feel well. We started her on medications and her appetite came back! She will need these medications for life to control the bile sludge. Her knees, back and heart are in great shape so we did her dental surgery and voila! She's home!

Chester came to us from another rescue group who couldn't help him because he had a broken leg. We accepted Chester into care knowing there was a good chance that our surgeons could repair his leg. Chester is only 3 years old and 6 lbs. His femur was clearly broken and he was in pain. Our orthopedic surgeon used a plate and screws to literally put Chester back to together again. His leg has healed and Chester is home!

Nibbles was not using his rear left leg and he was biting because he was in pain so animal control asked us for help. When Nibbles arrived at out vet, he was very painful. This poor little guy had a broken femur. This break is old so we knew it would not be easy. Old breaks are more difficult because the body tries to heal the break by depositing fibrocartilage. This complicates the surgery. We did surgery and his physical therapy was a bit more intense than usual with swimming, stretching exercises and our wedding-walk technique which is a very slow walk that encourages the dogs to set their leg down. Nibbles started using his leg and now he's a 4 legged pooch and he is HOME!

Shimmy was abandoned at a dog park. She had horrible skin, a dislocated pelvis and as a result of being bred, she had mammary tumors on both sides. Her heart is healthy and her bloodwork and urinalysis were normal. Her mouth is atrocious. Shimmy’s right eye was just tissue in the process of shrinking away. Luckily, her left eye is healthy. We did surgery to remove her right eye. Shimmy’s pelvis is dislocated from her spine. That sounds horrible but because she's so small and has had this condition for a long time, she get around just fine because a fibrocartilage bond has formed. This allows her to walk and trot around but she has a bit of a shimmy to her gait. We did Shimmy's mammary tumor surgery and her dental. Now this little princess is home!

Lil was found living as a stray in The Redlands, a dog dumping ground in South Florida. Lil has a bad left knee. We see imperfect rear knees very often. Medial Patella Luxations are common in small dogs and usually don’t require surgery because they just don’t bother the dog. But when the knees are very bad and the ACL is torn, the dogs will start to limp, skip or hold the leg up. If we did nothing, it will get worse and she will put more and more weight on her rear right knee. This will cause the right knee to fail too, because when one knee is bad, the other is prone to the same condition. Lil is fixed! Our orthopedic surgeon repaired her knee and she is off to live her new life!

Animal control asked us to take Archy because he had been horribly neglected. Archy was lethargic, he could barely stand. He could walk a few steps on 3 legs, then he would lie down. He had “feces scalding” on his feet, anus and inner thighs caused by the constant contact with mats and wet feces. His rear legs were matted in such a way that he could not extend his legs normally, especially the one he had stopped using. We anesthetized Archy to clean him up and treat his wounds. We hospitalized Archy for a few days on IV fluids. He went to his foster home on lots of meds and the rest is history! Archy is our newest Furever Foster home with his family who adores him and is making up for lost time!

Clyde lived with an owner that just didn’t care about him. Clyde is 7 years old and his condition is the result of long term neglect. He is anemic from the chronic skin infection, skinny from parasites and uncomfortable because he has entropion in both eyes. His eyelids have turned inward and the lashes scrape his corneas when he blinks. We will surgically repair the eyelids, clean his teeth and neuter him when he's stronger. We have started Clyde on many medications and medicated baths.We are feeding him three times a day. Clyde is thriving. He's still not ready for his eye surgery/dental and neuter, but he will be soon. In the meantime Clyde is HOME! He'll return for his surgery in about a month.

Tilly arrived depressed. She had lots happening to her insides that we discovered after diagnostic testing, including an ultrasound. Tilly's spleen was inflamed and abnormal. Her pancreas had an area of infection as well. We removed her spleen and a small part of her pancreas. We sent tissue for histopathology because we have never seen anything like this before. The reports were encouraging. Her pancreas showed infection, but no cancer. Her spleen showed possible indolent lymphoma, a type of lymphoma that rarely spreads and is very slow growing. The treatment was to remove the spleen, which we did. Tilly has her energy back, and has become a spoiled dog who wants what she wants when she wants it! A welcome change from the depressed, lethargic dog she was when she arrived from animal control. And now the best news--Tilly is home!

Gary’s a young boy, only 2 years old. He is in good health except for the horrid condition of his eyes. This poor boy suffers from a severe dry eye condition. His owners never treated him and his left eye has ruptured. His left eye is not salvageable but we can save his right eye with eye drops. We completed all of Gary’s vet care including removing his left eye and also neutered him. Now he is a dog with one great eye and one great home!

Faye is a 1 yr old Terrier who arrived from animal control with fractures to her pelvis and her right rear femur. When she arrived at our vet, our main concern was not whether we could repair her fractures, it was whether we could save her life. She was in bad shape. Her gums were white and her bloodwork was horrible. She was unstable. For 10 days we treated her with IV fluids, antibiotics, pain meds, an iron supplement and more. Finally, after 10 days, her red blood count normalized and she was healthy enough for surgery. Our surgeon literally pinned Faye’s leg back together. Surgery went well, Faye has healed and she's home!

Bunny is a very sweet girl who injured her back while with a pet sitter and her owners refused to come back for her. Dogs can have back issues just like people. Usually they respond very well to medications and rest. Bunny's diagnostics show that she is a young dog who is healthy except for nerve deficits in both rear legs. She's not painful, she just can't maneuver her rear legs normally. We started her on medications and in two days her gait improved dramatically. She's on no medications now! We treated Bunny's heartworms and when she was ready we did her spay, her dental and found her a home!

Angel was owned by someone who didn’t get her the care she had needed for a long time. She was struggling to urinate. Sure enough, we found a very large bladder stone. The stone was making it difficult for Angel to urinate and it had to be removed right away. Angel is 9 years old, her teeth are terrible, she has a huge bladder stone and she is not spayed. Angel is also missing her left eye. If someone surgically removed it, they did a terrible job because the eye isn’t “closed”. We did all of Angel's procedures in a 2 hour surgery. She is doing great, feeling better than she has in years and she has a home!

Pipsqueak arrived at animal control with an injury. We brought him to our orthopedic surgeon who did radiographs. Pipsqueak's pelvis is broken. He has 3 fractures on the right which don’t involve the acetabulum or sacrum. On the left there is a sacroiliac fracture, where the pelvis attaches to the last vertebrae, but because Pipsqueak is so small, it should heal fine. Pipsqueak's fractures will heal with 4-6 weeks of cage rest. Pipsqueak has KCS in his left eye (dry eye) and prolapsed 3rd eyelids in both eyes (cherry eyes). We did surgery and repaired his eyes. His hips have healed and now Pipsqueak is HOME!

Blake had an obvious broken jaw as he waited at animal control to be adopted or rescued. We radiographed his jaw and found two fractures. One is along the symphysis where the right and left mandible meet, right in the middle of the lower jaw, a strange place for a fracture. This makes us consider whether this was done intentionally. The other fracture is in the back. Both fractures are old, have healed and are stable. They have healed in a misaligned position so we sent him to Dr. Peak in Tampa, a jaw specialist. Dr. Peak says Blake's jaw is stable and except for a funny jaw, he's just fine the way he is! His new mom sure thinks so!

Olivia was not adopted or rescued from animal control because she was used for breeding so of course she has mammary tumors. She also has and a tumor on her leg. Lucky for Olivia, our vet with 25 years of surgical experience, determined from diagnostic testing that the growth on her leg was benign. This meant a much less invasive surgery to remove it. More good news--radiographs showed no lung abnormalities which means her mammary tumors are unlikely to be cancerous. We removed the tumor on the leg. We also did a partial mastectomy to remove the mammary tumors and spayed her using the same incision. Olivia is an absolutely wonderful dog according to her new family!

Chuckie was at animal control with trauma to his head and face. His jaw was broken in two places. We repaired both breaks in one surgery. Chuckie will have an 8 week recovery where he can only eat “gruel”. He’s not allowed to chew. We make his food into a soft cereal consistency by mixing canned food and water in a blender so that he can lap up. He loves it! After 8 weeks of allowing his jaw to heal, Chuckie had a second surgery to remove the acrylic and the wires. He is home now, wagging his tail and trying to get the other dogs to play!

Muffin was used by a breeder then dumped. She had mammary tumors along her right and left mammary chain. Her mouth was a mess. She had blepharitis (swelling of the eyelids from infection) and a urinary tract infection due to the matting that covered her vulva. Her bloodwork was good, her radiographs show no chest abnormalities (which tells us that her mammary tumors are likely benign). We did a right side radical mastectomy and also spayed her. We sent off the largest tumor which was near a lymph node (which we removed as well) for histopathology and her tumors are benign. Then we did her dental and left side partial mastectomy and now she's home!

This little guy was turned into animal control because he had seizures. We did a Bile Acid Assay to test Bobbie for a liver shunt which is common in dogs this small and causes very mild seizures. His assay was normal, no shunt, so we started him on Phenobarbitol. Bobby will stay with us for about two more months so we can observe him for more seizures and adjust his medications as needed. During the next two months, we discovered that the Pheno was not doing the job, but a drug called Zonisamide was the answer! Bobbie's seizures are controlled and he can finally live a normal life with his new mom and dad!

Casper sat at animal control with no hope of being adopted or rescued because he's blind. He has juvenile cataracts. He's only 6-7 years old. We took him to Dr. Fife, our ophthalmologist, for an evaluation for cataract surgery. He had some inflammation, but his electroretinogram indicated that he is a good candidate for cataract surgery! We started him on anti inflammatory eye drops and in the meantime we neutered Casper, did his dental cleaning and got rid of his ear infection. Then we removed his cataracts. Casper went from darkness to being able to see everything in one afternoon! He's a different dog with so much more energy and playfulness! His new life with his new family is going to be amazing!

Buddy’s mom died so the kids took him to animal control. He’s been neglected for a long time. Buddy's right eye is infected and non-visual. It’s uncomfortable so the first thing we did was remove his right eye. He can see fine from his left eye. His teeth are atrocious and he has oronasal fistulas we will need to repair. He’s in no shape for this dental surgery yet so we started him on antibiotics and he’ll return for this dental/gum surgery in a month. Buddy has benign tumors in his ears which for now we will treat with medications to reduce the inflammation. We may remove these growths when we do his dental. He tested positive for Cushings so he's on vetoryl which will normalize his cortisol level. He had two bladder stones which we removed and now he's feeling like a million bucks and he's a PPR Furever Foster!

Petey is from The Redlands in South Florida, where people dump their dogs. Miami Dade Animal Services ignores the problem because if they picked up these dogs, it would increase their euthanasia rate and they can't brag that they are a no-kill shelter. So they let these dogs die in the streets. A group of volunteers catches these dogs and reaches out to rescue groups. Petey has the sweetest, most loving personality you’ll ever know. His teeth, ears and skin were horrible. He was not neutered. His bloodwork shows high globulins and he’s anemic. His heart, eyes, back and hips are perfect. His urinalysis was normal. We started Petey on various medications and an iron supplement. After some healing time we completed his surgery and now he's a PPR Furever Foster!

Guppy was found wandering the streets, blind and suffering from neglect. He has a condition called Phthisis Bulbi, likely from untreated ulcers or dry eye. Guppy has it in both eyes. His eyes are non-functional. They are just tissue that is in the process of shrinking away. It’s not painful but the extra space in the orbit caused by the shrinking tissue becomes a place for infection to set in. We got his skin and ears under control. We did his dental surgery and gum surgery (we removed almost all of his teeth) and neutered him. He's on eye drops for the rest of his life and he is HOME!

Animal control had just taken in over 40 dogs from a hoarder. Adopters and other rescues selected the dogs they wanted and there were 14 left that had to go or be euthanized. These were the most unsocialized of the bunch. They were going to need months of work because they belonged to a mentally ill or intentionally cruel person who kept these dogs confined and isolated their entire lives. We started working with them. Touching them, hand feeding them, and just sitting next to them. Some of the dogs started to respond to us by the third day. Some of them were just so emotionally damaged, it was going to take longer. We see progress and as each one learns to trust, they are finding homes with wonderful families.

Sugar is loaded with mammary tumors because her owner didn't spay her. A simple spay would have prevented these tumors. But her owner used her for breeding instead and now we have to undo the damage she suffered. Sugar has tumors up and down both mammary chains. We have to do a double mastectomy. First though we did bloodwork, a urinalysis and radiographs to ensure she was healthy enough for surgery. Her results were good which is also a great indicator that the tumors are benign. It's very rare that the histopathology report comes back as cancer when the diagnostics are normal. Sugar came through surgery just fine and she recovered like a champ. 6 weeks later we did her dental and now she's home!

Apple is a tiny little Poodle that was abandoned at animal control. She is such a sweet, happy girl, what a shame. With nobody else stepping up for her, PPR sent a volunteer to pick up Apple. Like all dogs, Apple went straight to our vet. Her physical exam was normal except for one major issue. When we applied pressure to her abdomen, she peed—a lot! We ran bloodwork, a urinalysis and did radiographs and found two HUGE bladder stones that are taking up most of the space in her bladder. Stones this large are very uncomfortable. We did a cystotomy and got rid of those two nasty stones and Apple is feeling so much better now!! 

Charlie was sitting at animal control with a huge tumor that prevented him from having any chance at being adopted. But everyone who passed this boy's cage lost out on a great dog! Charlie is a very happy, grateful dog and we are very thrilled he's with us. He loves every dog and every person he meets. He celebrates every day now because he's finally living the life he deserves. We removed Charlie's tumor. He did wonderfully during surgery and he has healed. Then we did his heartworm treatment and now this boy finally feels good and is happy and home as a PPR Furever Foster!!

Jeepers came from a disgusting breeder. You can probably see that Jeepers eyes look a bit strange. He has a condition called entropion. His eyelids are turned inward and the lashes are scraping against his cornea. This is uncomfortable and causes corneal scaring which leads to vision impairment. It’s such an uncomfortable condition and we are happy to have gotten Jeepers into our care while he is still young. Jeepers also had heartworms which we treated. Jeepers foster parents say he's a perfect gentleman and they have adopted him!

Trip is a young 5 lb Chihuahua boy from The Redlands, the dog-dumping ground in Miami. Luckily for Trip, volunteers in The Redlands were finally able to catch this boy who was so scared and on the run. Trip was walking on 3 legs when he arrived. We did all of Trip's normal veterinary care. Then we did an orthopedic surgery to repair his knee and torn ACL. He has recovered and has 4 legs now! His fear of humans is gone, but of course his new mom is his favorite human!

Macey was owned by a breeder. She's with us now so more cages! Macey arrived with a huge inguinal hernia. The constant uterus expansion from overbreeding has caused a tear in the abdominal wall. She was overbred at only 5 yrs old. We did this surgery right away and also spayed her at the the same time. Then we treated her heartworm disease. A month later we did her dental. Then we repaired her horrible knee with an orthopedic surgery. We've undone the damage the breeder did to this girl an now she is home!

Muppet spent too many years in a breeder's cage. He had sores on his body from the mats pulling on his skin. He had a kyphotic back. This may improve because now that the mats are gone, he can move his legs freely vs having his movement restricted by the mats. He had a painful bilateral pseudomonas infection which had impaired his hearing. His boodwork was horrible—anemic, infection, high globulins, etc. His mouth was disgusting. After lots of diagnostics and special care, including heartworm treatment and extensive dental surgery, Muppet is a new dog! He goes to the beach, outdoor cafe's and car rides with his hair blowing in the wind! Life is good now that Muppet is a PPR Furever Foster dog! He's home!

Ginger is a healthy senior girl. But she is very sight impaired due to untreated KCS (dry eye) and entropion in both eyes, the upper and lower lids. These conditions cause corneal abrasions and scarring. We will improve the scarring with medications and her eyesight will improve. Entropion and dry-eye are uncomfortable. Entropion is a condition where the eyelids are turned inward and the lashes scratch the corneas with every blink--ouch. Ginger’s teeth were horrendous and she had a large benign tumor on her side. We did her dental, tumor excision and bilateral entropion surgery and now she's home!

We got Strudel from a rescue group that pulled her from animal control, but didn't realize she was older so they asked us to take her. Strudel is about 13 yrs old. She had a urinary tract infection, was not spayed, had a skin infection and mammary tumors. We started her on oral and topical medications and completed her surgeries. Strudel has minor seizures for which we have started her on medication. A very low dose of this medication has controlled her seizures and she's a very happy girl. Due to the two surgeries we did on Strudel, she spent over two months in her foster home. Because of her seizure condition and the bond she formed with her foster family, we did not want to move her so as not to exacerbate her seizures with stress.  Her foster family adores her so Strudel is our newest PPR Furever Foster dog!  She's home!

Bonnie, the little red chihuahua, and her pal Clyde are two tiny bundles of joy. They are one of the cutest, teeniest pairs we've ever seen. Bonnie is about 9 yrs old. Her heart, back and joints are in good shape. She is not spayed and has lots of mammary tumors on her right side and a few on her left side. She has a mature cataract in her right eye and a hypermature one in the left eye. We did her dental (she lost a lot of teeth), spay, and two mastectomies (not all at once!). She's a healthy girl now! Clyde just needed a neuter and a dental where unfortunately we had to pull (not very hard) all of his teeth. Bonnie and Clyde will be adopted out as a pair so they can spend the rest of their lives together. These two love each other so we can't separate them. They are home now with their new forever mom and dad!!

Jude is a sweet middle aged animal control boy. He had no real hope of being adopted or rescued because he needs an eye operation on his right eye. Jude sees just fine from his left eye so it doesn't impact his life. Jude's right eye has a condition called phthisis bulbi. The eye is non functional and it's shrinking away. It's likely given Jude's age that this is due to an injury, perhaps a perforation. The eye has no feeling so it's not uncomfortable. The reason to remove it is that as the eye shrinks, it leaves empty space which becomes a convenient place for infections to set in. Then the eye does become uncomfortable. Jude was very anemic and taking an iron supplement. When his bloodwork improved we did his surgery and now he's home!

Bogey was found matted with two open wounds, one simply from his mats. He had been horribly neglected. We gave him fluids, an antibiotic injection and a steroid injection to calm down the inflammation in his body. His bloodwork was terrible— anemia from chronic disease and a high white count. His teeth are broken. His eyes are inflamed from chronic, untreated “dry eye” and he has a pseudomonas infection in his ears. He has sight and hearing impairment, both from neglect. We started him on a plethora of oral and topical medications. His corneal scarring will improve so soon he will be able to see. His ear infections will clear up so his hearing will improve. Bogey is waking up from years of neglect. He was stoic when he arrived, but now he is a tail-wagging, bouncing boy with a mom and dad that adore him!

Chirp is a middle aged Terrier mix who arrived at animal control with a broken jaw. He was filthy and had a dirty collar tied around his neck. Chirp had been living outside in someone’s yard for a long time. He was painful, walked with a head tilt from the jaw discomfort and would not eat. We drove Chirp to Tampa to see Dr. Smithson, a surgeon that specializes in repairing broken jaws. Dr. Smithson surgically realigned the broken jaw bones with wire. The wire held the lower jaw together for 6 weeks. The surgeon removed the wire after Chirp's jaw healed and now he's a wagging, happy boy with a new home!

Jojo was owned by a breeder. He's teeny, only 5 lbs. He was not neutered, teeth were horrid, has a retinal detachment in one eye (blind) and a cataract in the other. He had a urinary tract infection from the awful living conditions and he has a level 3 patella luxation in both rear knees. We neutered him, cleaned his teeth and extracted a bunch. He saw our ophthalmologist and orthopedic surgeon. Based on their evaluations Jojo is not a good candidate for surgery. His eye and knees are not "bad enough". That's good news and even better new is that he's home!

Lulu lived a sheltered life. She is bonded to another tiny chi named Daisy so these two will be adopted out as a bonded pair, but first Lulu needs help. We spayed her and cleaned her teeth. Soon we will repair one of Lulu's knees because they are so bad they can't support her 5 lb body. She walks in a scrunched position and favors one knee. This surgery is very successful if done by a surgeon with lots of orthopedic experience who does all the required procedures. Lulu will have a strong knee soon! We repaired her surgery and now she and her pal Daisy are home!

Henri was just another middle aged animal control dog who had been neglected for so long. He needed special medical care. Henri is such a wonderful dog. He’s happy, gentle and loving. His radiographs showed a tumor on his spleen. You can't mess around with a tumor of this size. The spleen had to come out. When you remove a spleen, the liver takes over for the spleen so there are no effects on the dog. But if you leave the tumor and spleen, it grows. A benign tumor will rupture and a cancerous one will spread. We removed his spleen and also a large benign polyp from his tushy. Henri is healthy now and he's home!

Fletcher is a Bichonpoo who was sitting at animal control, without much hope of being adopted or rescued. He is a healthy older boy, bloodwork and urinalysis were perfect. He’s very friendly and social. He's blind but you wouldn’t know it because it doesn’t stop him from being happy. We did all of Fletcher’s normal veterinary care then did surgery to clean his teeth, remove two small growths and one large one on his side. Fletcher saw our ophthalmologist, Dr. Fife. Fletcher’s left eye is non functional and shrinking away. We removed that eye and did cataract surgery on his right eye and now this boy can see!! Oh and one more thing--he's home!

Belle is a little dachshund mix who has Parvo. She was not doing well at animal control so they called PPR. We picked up Belle and she was at our vet on IV fluids and medications within 3 hours of their call. Immediate treatment is key to survival. Our success rate with Parvo is very good. Belle was hospitalized about 10 days and survived the disease. Now this little girl is immune from this disease forever. Of course the best news of all is that she is home!

Booker is a 3 yr old, 70 lb puppy. He is an energetic, happy, nutty dog. But when he arrived he was a dog that had just been hit by a car. He was sore and had soft tissue injuries, but no broken bones or collapsed lungs or any of the typical injuries we see in dogs that are hit by cars. He did though have a not-so-good hip on one side and a terrible knee on the other side. These conditions were not the result of the car-hit, but issues that Booker has had for a while. Booker's knee needed to be surgically repaired. He had a grade 4 luxation, which means that his knee is dislocated and cannot manually be put back in place without surgery. He also had a torn ACL. We did surgery to correct the position of the knee and stabilize it. He's recovered and, oh yeah, he's home! 

Kimmy came from The Redlands, a dog dumping ground in South Florida. She is a calm, gentle Bull Terrier. She's short, stocky and has paws the size of grapefruits. You don't often see a dog that looks so strong but gives you a face and a tail wag that makes you want to cuddle with her. Kimmy has a bad knee, a patella that luxated. We started her on an anti inflammatory medication which made her feel great. She became much more energetic. But after 2 months, the medication lost its effectiveness and the knee worsened. We did surgery to repair her knee and torn ACL. Her surgery went very well and she's recovered and home as a PPR Furever Foster.

Shelly is young, active and happy. She was not adopted from animal control because she had heartworms which for us is nothing to worry about, but she had a small lump on her side. That was concerning because Shelly was biting it, which is a symptom of a histamine tumor. We took Shelly to our surgeon and it’s a mast cell tumor, which we expected. Mast cell tumors have to be removed because they are cancerous and they will spread. But we have had excellent results when the tumors are small, are in a “good” surgical location and there is only one. This is the case with Shelly.  We treated her heartworms and removed her tumor in the proper way. We expect Shelly to live a long normal life where she is loved and adored. How do we know? Because look at her new mom and dad!

Ricky is an older Shih Tzu from one of the worst animal controls we have seen. He received no relief at animal control during the 28 days he was there for the discomfort of his eyes. We cleaned Ricky’s teeth and neutered him. His bloodwork, urinalysis, heart and joints are normal. He is a very active and happy. He saw our ophthalmologist for his eyes. One eye is so damaged from years of untreated Keratoconus Sicca that it is no longer functional and it is shrinking away. This condition called Phthisis Bulbi is not painful, but as the eye shrinks, it leaves empty space which becomes a perfect place for infection. The other eye has a cataract but is not a candidate for surgery. No worries though because Ricky is home

Lolly arrived from animal control with an ulcerated tumor that needed to be removed right away. The tumor was painful. It was infected and had become a large sore. We removed her tumor and Lolly is recovered like a champ. Her tumor was a Trichoepithelioma, a benign tumor of the hair follicles. After she recovered, we cleaned her teeth then did a femoral head ostectomy on her hip. Lolly's hip was displaced and the FHO surgery fixed it! Now Lolly is home with her new mom and dad!

Lambchop is a happy girl with lots of energy, despite her disability. Lambchop gets around fine and is not in any pain but her gait is completely abnormal. She’s only 3 years old so this is a real shame because she has two broken hips. Her pelvis is a mess. She was likely hit by a car and nobody took her to a vet. This injury is months old based on the radiographs which show that the body has already healed the breaks as best it can and she is no longer a candidate for surgery. Lambchop has nerve damage to her left leg. Our orthopedic surgeons tell us it's very possible the damage will heal with pool therapy, which we are doing and it's working! She is regaining more control of her legs and she is walking so much better! Her new mom is continuing Lambchop's daily pool time so she will get even stronger than she is now!

Sasha is a young senior who was found as a stray and brought to animal control. She was missing lots of hair, full of mammary tumors, her mouth was a mess and she was not spayed. Sasha has an ear infection which has caused a head tilt. When the pseudomonas infection clears up her head will straighten out. Sasha has mammary tumors down both sides of her belly. We removed her tumors and spayed her and when she has healed, we cleaned her teeth. Now Sasha’s a very happy dog because she is home!

Minnie came to us in early March, with 13 others after animal control confiscated dogs from a breeder. Minnie is only 2-3 years old. She had all the usual problems we see with breeder dogs. But she had two additional problems—her rear knees were horrid.  Likely a result of in-breeding. Minnie was uncomfortable and it was hard to even watch her walk. We repaired Minnie’s left knee. There are 4 procedures that are part of this surgery but for Minnie there was an additional procedure because her knees are so bad. The surgery went very well. When she's healed we will repair her other knee so she can run like she's 3 yrs old, not 15! And in the meantime, Minnie is HOME!

Fifi was being turned into animal control while one of our volunteers was there to pick up another dog. She couldn’t bear to watch this owner dump Fifi at animal control just because she was blind. Fifi is a senior with the personality of a younger dog. She is active and in good health, but she is completely blind. We took her to our ophthalmologist to see if we could restore her vision. Dr. Fife tested her eyes and it turned out she was a good candidate for cataract surgery. First we cleaned her teeth and removed her mammary tumors.  Then we did cataract surgery and now Fifi can see! Which is perfect because she gets to see her new home and her new mom!

Nina was at animal control with no prospects for aboption. She is blind and has glaucoma in her left eye which is painful. Nina went to our ophthalmologist. Her left eye had a pressure of 65. Normal is 10-20. This pressure is too high to be controlled with eye drops. We started her on pain meds immediately and removed her non-visual, painful eye. Her right eye is healthy but also blind. We also removed multiple mammary tumors because her owners never spayed her. Nina is doing wonderfully, enjoying her new pain free life in a PPR foster home! Her forever family was waiting out there for her and they finally found her!

Mia was turned into animal control by her owner. She was biting at animal control and her back legs were giving out. When she arrived at our vet, she was snarling, biting and lunging. We sedated Mia to examine her. Mia was terribly matted. Her rear end was caked with feces to the point that it blocked her from being able to poop. Her anus was scalded from the feces that had been stuck there for so long. We shaved Mia, then did radiographs and found that both hips were dislocated. The femoral heads of both femurs were not fitting into the acetabulum of either hip because the acetabulum were too shallow. This is a congenital defect. We did a femoral head ostectomy on her worst hip which worked so well, it took the stress off of the other hop and she runs like a normal dog now. Oh and by the way, she's home!

Willow is a 3 yr old Pomeranian mix from animal control that came to us with heartworms and a serious tumor on her foot.  We treated her heartworm disease and did a biopsy of the tumor.  It’s a mast cell tumor.  These are cancerous growths that are unpredictable and getting good borders during excision is key. We cannot remove the tumor due to it's location and size. We have to amputate her right rear leg. But first we need to repair her left rear knee. We treated her heartworms and repaired her knee. Her knee healed so we amputated her right rear leg and now she's feelin' good! Of course the best news is that now that Willow is healthy and feels like a puppy again, she's home!!

Jasper arrived with a nasty tumor on his front leg that had ulcerated. We cleaned and dressed the wound.  We started him on IV fluids as he was dehydrated, antibiotics and pain medication. The tumor was very likely a melanoma, due to it's coloration and the growth had invaded the bone. We had to remove his leg as the bone was compromised and remove the prescapular lymph node which also appeared cancerous. The histopathology report showed melanoma in both the leg and the lymph node, removing them was the right decision. Melanoma is an aggressive and invasive cancer. The good news is that Jasper's bloodwork is normal and the radiographs of his lungs show no metastatic lesions. We also did not see any abnormalities in his abdominal cavity. We did find that someone had shot Jasper with a pellet gun. The pellet isn’t causing him any issues so we left it alone. Jasper is a happy, engaging little man. He is home now as a PPR permanent resident with Jill and goes to work with her every day!

Mollie came from animal control with three large tumors. Her bloodwork was horrible, but it will normalize after we remove the tumors. We radiographed Mollie’s abdomen and luckily found no internal tumors or abnormalities. We gave her a soothing lyme dip and started her on antibiotics, pain medication and an iron supplement in preparation for surgery. The morning of surgery we gave Mollie a blood transfusion. She needs the boost of a transfusion before we put her through the trauma of surgery. We removed the tumors that were on her side and also did a radical mastectomy to remove the mammary tumors. Mollie surprised us all and recovered quickly. She won the hearts of her foster mom and grandma so she is HOME! Mollie is a PPR Permanent Resident and will get to live with the foster family she loves for the rest of her life!.

Maddie is an older dog from animal control. They asked us to come get her because her large tumor had ulcerated so she needed immediate care. Maddie arrived bleeding, depressed and painful. Her bloodwork showed that her infection was serious. We started her on pain medication and antibiotics. We radiographed Maddie’s lungs and abdominal cavity for any signs of other tumors.  Her radiographs were normal, which is great. We did a radical mastectomy and also removed the large tumor to ensure we got clean borders. Surgery lasted over 3 hours. The histopahtology report showed the tumor was an intermediate grade soft tissue sarcoma, technically cancer, but this type of cancer doesn’t metastasize and there was no cancer in the lymph node we removed. Maddie is now home with Michelle as a PPR Permanent Resident.

Birdie is just another dog thrown away in The Redlands. She's a senior with cataracts and a descemetocele in her left eye (deep ulcer). She may need grid keratotomy for that eye if the ulcer doesn't heal. Birdie has oronasal fisutulas in her mouth, an ear infection, mammary tumors on both sides and radiographs revealed 2 large bladderstones. Despite all of this, Birdie is bright and alert and her body condition is quite good. We completed her first surgery to remove her stones, spayed her and we did a mastectomy on one side. 6 weeks later we did the second mastectomy and dental. Birdie is now enjoying her new life with her new family!

Spot was one of the dogs we caught in The Redlands.  Spot came to Erica, a PPR volunteer, crawling on her stomach, urinating the entire time.  She wanted to trust Erica but Spot's trust for humans had already been betrayed when the last human shot her in the eye and the head with a BB gun. Spot's eye was destroyed and there was nothing we could do to repair the damage, so we removed her eye. Luckily the other BB missed her second eye, and we removed it from her head and now she is home!

Shortcake came from animal control with every inch of her skin and ears infected. This little girl arrived wagging her tail, completely used to the discomfort she had suffered for so long. This does not happen overnight. Someone ignored Shortcake as her skin worsened each day, then dumped her on the streets for animal control to pick up. Shortcake had an ulcer in her eye which likely was due to a puncture from her own nails as she scratched her skin. We gave this little dog such great care and weekly veterinary visits for lyme dips and medication adjustments.  Now she's absolutely gorgeous and HOME!  It's amazing what our volunteers, vets and esepcially our donors can accomplish!

Justine is another Redlands Dog scooped off the side of the road after being hit by a car and left for dead. Immediately after she was hit by a car, Justine could stand and walk, but days later she could not. If we could reduce the swelling in her spine, we could restore her ability to walk. We put her on IV fluids and medications and in just a few days Justine had more feeling in her back legs and in less than a week, Justine could stand and even take a few steps. And now Justine can walk! Dr. Tiao, Justine's vet, has adopted her!

Honey was found on the side of the road in The Redlands after being hit by a car. Radiographs showed someone had fed Honey metal shards. We gave her enemas to help her pass the metal. She was quadriplegic, unable to move her legs and she had a broken hip. She was cognitively disengaged from swelling in her brain, but she was eating. We treated her with IV medications. After a few days she wagged her tail, looked in our eyes and gave kisses. Her brain was working! After a few more days Honey could feel 3 of her legs, including the leg with the broken hip. We repaired her broken hip with an FHO surgery so she could walk on her three legs.  Then we amputated her front leg that is paralyzed so that the useless limb no longer gets in her way. Now Honey is healed, home and she runs and plays every day!

Lulu was hit by a car. She was recumbent and unresponsive. She was blind and deaf from the trauma and swelling in her head. We started her on IV medications to reduce the swelling. We took it day by day, deciding each day if we should continue treatment or euthanize her. Each day she was more alert but she wouldn't eat.  We decided to insert a feeding tube to give her more time to heal. After a few days on the feeding tube, receiving nutrition and of course all of her IV medications, Lulu's sight came back! Then her appetite came back so we removed the tube and now she can hear too. Lulu is healed and home!

Toby is a young Shepherd mix that was hit by a car, shot, hit in the head with an object and he has heartworms. He has been running stray since December and a volunteer finally caught him after being abused by the local criminals. Toby was only using 3 legs when he arrived. We did a femoral head ostectomy for a broken hip that you can see in the radiographs. You can also see all the shot gun pellets throughout his body. Toby has healed beautifully from his surgery, we treated him for his heartworms and he's home!

Puppy Millie was hit by a car in the Redlands. She was left on the side of the road unable to walk. Our friends at The Redlands Rockpit Abandoned Dogs Project rescued her and got her to us. Because of them, Millie is alive. When Millie arrived, she was unable to walk. Radiographs showed no breaks although with open growth plates on a puppy, we can't know for sure. She has nerve deficits in her back legs, but has control of her bowels. There appears to be either swelling or an injury in her lower spine. We started her on steroids to reduce the inflammation and within a few days we saw improvement. Millie continued to improve and now she is a normal puppy and she's home!

A vet was told to euthanize this dog because the owners couldn’t afford his care.  Bobo was skin and bones so these owners apparently couldn't even afford to feed a 4 lb pupppy. Bobo, a 7 month old sickeningly skinny puppy who broke his leg a month ago arrived in terrible shape. As soon as he arrived the leg became a secondary issue because we were very concerned about how skinny he was. We thought he might have an underlying condition or intestinal worms. We fed him and he ate ravenously. We fed him 5 small meals his first day with us. His fecal was negative.  He was skinny from not being fed, so sad for him. When Bobo had gained 50% of his body weight, our orthopedic surgeon did surgery to insert a plate and repair the break. His leg healed just fine and now he's living with his new mom and dad!

At just 2 yrs old, Poncho wasn’t rescued from animal control because he was limping and has heartworms.  We radiographed his hips and leg. He has a non union of the left hip. The femoral head is broken off from the femur., usually caused by trauma, perhaps Poncho was hit by a car. We did an FHO surgery to repair his hip. Poncho’s knee on the same left side is unusual. The radiographs are normal but the amount of crepitation felt on exam is not. We are going to watch the knee for now, but may also have to repair the patella. We did the FHO, neuter and dental n one surgery. After he healed from the FHO, we did his heartworm treatment and now he's home!

Tinkerbelle's mom died. The extended family didn't want her so they brought her to animal control.  The dog that mom loved is tossed aside when she's gone. Animal control called us because Tinkerbelle's eye needed attention. Her left eye was swollen and red. She had stopped eating due to the pain from the swelling in her eye which feels like a headache. Dr Fife our ophthamologist diagnosed Tinkerbelle with glaucoma in her left eye, causing the swelling and pain. She was also blind in that eye. After doing her bloodwork and urinalysis which was perfect, we removed her eye and also most of her teeth which were rotten. She's feeling much better now and she's HOME!

Blossom is from a terrible place where people dump their dogs, known as The Redlands. She is such a sweet girl, but at only 4 yrs old, she has been horribly overbred which is so sad. She has a large mammary tumor on her right side and her axillary lymph node is swollen. We did radiographs which indicate that her chest is clear, but the tumor has mineralized, which increases the chances that the tumor is cancerous. We removed the entire mammary chain including the axillary and inguinal lymph node. Blossom has no tumors on the left side, but given the risk of them developing, we may also do a mastectomy on that side as well.  In the meantime, Blossom is enjoying her new HOME!


Betty was at animal control unable to stand up straight and unable to poop. She was so uncomfortable. Radiographs showed a large obstruction that was blocking the view of her organs. Our ultrasound revealed a huge infiltrative lipoma, a large benign tumor that grows and grows and grows. It had attached itself to her bladder, intestines, aorta and pushed through the pelvic diaphragm causing a perineal hernia.  This tumor had shifted around Betty's organs and was going to kill her. We had to do surgery right away so that she could go to the bathroom. Dr. Zern carefully scraped and removed the tumor from the organs in the abdominal cavity, the pelvic region, then repaired the hernia. Betty survived surgery, recovered and now she is home! PS--she does a dance after every poop!

Poor Sammy was a stray.  He was attacked by 4 large dogs and was beaten up badly. A wonderful woman called us then brought Sammy directly to our vet. We have altered the photo above because the actual photos are too graphic.  Sammy had puncture marks and wounds all over his body. If not for his thick fur, he would have been killed.  Sammy was hospitalized with our vet for a week receiving the care he needs. We treating his wounds and kept him out of pain. When he healed and was healthy enough we treated his heartworms.  Sammy's luck has changed!  He is home!

Slinky arrived with her sister Marley. Both lived outside. Neither had been spayed and Slinky has had multiple litters of puppies so she has mammary tumors, one of them very large.  We will do a mastectomy to remove the tumors and a dental where she will lose many teeth. But before we can do any of this, we had to Slinky's heartworm disease, which we've done! Slinky had two separate surgeries to take care of her mouth, spay her and mastectomy. Now she is home!

Marley lived in a yard, outside with her sister Slinky. They never came inside and they did not receive any veterinary care. They lived a life of neglect. Marley has bilateral entropion which are eyelids that are turned inward causing the eyelashes to scratch the cornea when she blinks. This is an uncomfortable condition and damages the eye. We will correct her eyelids with surgery but first we had to cure Marley of her heartworms. Marley has had her heartworm treatment.  Then we did a bilateral entropion surgery, a spay and dental, then a home!

Diamond isn't a young dog, so she was passed over by adopters and other rescue groups as she sat waiting for help at animal control. Her mouth was a mess, her eye hurt and she is almost blind. We took Diamond to see our ophthalmologist, Dr Fife. She has Glaucoma in her left eye. The pressure in that eye is 60.  Normal pressure is 10 to 20.  A pressure that high can’t be controlled with medication, the eye needed to be removed. Her urinalysis, bloodwork and radiographs were perfect. Because her mouth hurt more than her eye, we will did her dental first. Then two weeks later we removed her eye.  Now Diamond is a new girl and she is HOME!

Gumball is a happy, funny dog.  He's only 6 years old, has lots of energy and loves to cuddle. But at animal control, people only saw a blind dog who needed eye care. Gumball has a condition in his right eye called Phthisis Bulbi. The eye is in there, but it’s shrunk away to almost nothing. The right eye likely had Glaucoma and perforated due to high pressure. It has to be removed because the empty space left by the shrinking eye, gets infected. Gumball has Glaucoma in his left eye whichi is uncomfortable and he is blind in that eye as well. We removed both blind eyes so this boy can live his life feeling good!  There is no stopping Gumball now!

Annabelle is a tiny senior. She arrived with an atrocious mouth full of rotting teeth and gums.  We removed all of her teeth and repaired the gums with gingival transpositions. Next we did a mastectomy on one side to remove her mammary tumors and during that surgery we also spayed her.  We got Annabelle to Dr. Fife our Ophthalmologist and have started her on two eye drops that will make her eyes feel great. Annabelle doesn’t have great control of her bladder, but this doesn't worry us because we can usually fix this with a supplement called Phenylpropanolamine which works amazingly well in restoring bladder strength. Annabelle deserves to live her golden years being adored and Dolly has made that happen! Annabelle is now a permanent resident with her foster mom Dolly!

Zeda is a 7 yr old animal control dog that was covered in sores. Her urinalysis revealed she has Diabetes, likely caused by a backwards veterinarian who shot her up with steroids to address her skin issues. The steroids caused Iatrogenic Cushings. The high cortisol levels from the Cushings caused Insulin Resistance, which caused Diabetes. The continued use of steroids caused the adrenal glands to atrophy so that now her cortisol is low. First we have to get Zeda's diabetes controlled and her sores healed, then we'll move on to steps 2, 3, and 4 of her care! We have purchased a glucometer, insulin and the glucose test strips. We have started Zeda on Apoquell for her skin. Zeda is a VERY sweet dog with lots of personality. We will make her well!

Ramona was not adopted or rescued from animal control because of her tumors and mouth. Ramona has two large mammary tumors, one on each side. When palpated, the tumors feel like hernias as well and the radiographs show that each lump is both a hernia and a tumor. This complicates the surgery, but we are not worried. Ramona's mouth is uncomfortable so we first did Ramona's dental and had to extract most of her teeth. We repaired the gums so that Ramona's mouth will feel better than ever.  Ramona is only 8 yrs old and healthy.  Her bloodwork, urine and chest radiographs were normal. Her eyes, heart and knees are in good shape.  This is a very sweet and beautiful little girl.  She has another tough surgery ahead, but Ramona will be perfect soon!

So many dogs are not rescued from animal control simply because they have heartworms, a curable disease. Dogs that are treated go on to live healthy normal lives after their two day hospitalization during which they receive immiticide injections to kill the worms. These are not intestinal worms, but rather they live in the heart and arteries of the dog. This disease is easily prevented with heartworm prevention given once a month. But if you're an owner who doesn't care about their dog, you won't bother to give your dog this life-saving preventative. Dorito, Lillian and Dixie were in the expert care of our vets at East Orlando Animal Hospital cured these pooches and now they are all HOME!

Six puppies arrived covered in fleas and ticks and loaded with hookworms and coccidia. The pups weighed 2-3 lbs, but should have been 4-5 lbs. They had diarrhea that was clear and bloody. We started them on liquid iron, metronidazole and albon. Four of the pups were eating and improving but Chowder and Cider would not eat, were lethargic and Cider was actually groaning. We gave them IV fluids and tube feedings. Their temperatures were 94 degrees, normal is 102. We sat with them on our laps and reheated hot water bottles to warm them. It took a lot of care and hospitalization but all pups are healthy and home!

Tia is a wonderful little girl who didn't get adopted or rescued from animal control because her face isn't pretty enough due to her shrinking eye. But Tia IS beautiful! She injured her eye at some point in her life and the perforation has caused the eye to shrink away. The eye needs to be removed because although it’s not painful, the extra space left in the socket as the eye shrinks, becomes a source of infection and discomfort. Although she has no feeling in the eye, the surrounding tissue has feeling and can become irritated. We completed all of Tia's veterinary care, tested the health of her functional eye and removed her left eye. Tia is HOME!

Bonita came from animal control with lumps on her belly. She has two big hernias, holes in the abdominal wall where the intestines have protruded through. Bonita's radiographs confirmed this diagnosis and that there are two large bladder stones taking up most of the space in her bladder. Bonita also has a terrible right knee. Middle aged small dogs often have knees that aren’t perfect but for some dogs it can be very uncomfortable. Bonita's knee is locked out of place and her ACL is torn so she needs surgery. We have repaired her hernias, removed her stones (see stones above) and spayed her. Her dental is scheduled for mid January, then we'll do her knee surgery at the end of January. Bonita is living the best years of her life! She is so sweet and kissy and HOME!

Hammy was at animal control with a broken leg and mange. He was out of time. Volunteer transporters picked him up and brought him to our orthopedic surgeon for evaluation. We did radiographs hoping to find a break we could fix, but we cannot repair Hammy’s leg. It needs to be amputated so Hammy can run and jump without fear of hitting it or falling on it. He will be a normal dog, only he'll have 3 legs. We did however have a serious and unexpected issue. Hammy’s platelets were 45,000, dangerously low. We got him into care, put weight on him and his platelet count normalized. We amputated his leg, cured his mange and he's home!

Minnie was given up by her family who was moving.  She was never spayed so she is full of mammary tumors. The tumors have started to ulcerate, which is uncomfortable. But even more uncomfortable, was Minnie's mouth. Her mouth was so infected, you could smell the infection when you walked into the room. Minnie’s heart and joints are in excellent shape, her bloodwork urinalysis and radiographs are spot on! Minnie is a senior but she walks with a spring in her step like a dog that is half her age. We did surgery to remove most of Minnie's teeth, then followed up with a second surgery 3 weeks later where we did a radical mastectomy and completed her dental surgery with some fistula repairs. Minnie feels great now and she is home!

Shyla was dumped at animal control by her owner.  She is obese at 20 lbs. We did bloodwork and a urinalysis which suggested Cushing’s Disease.  We ran the test and she was positive. The treatment for Cushing’s is simple. Just one Vetoryl pill daily will allow Shyla to lose this "Cushing's" weight and she will feel so much better.  Shyla walks as if she is leaning forward. We radiographed her hips/back and she has a shallow acetabulum, the socket that the hip “ball” (femoral head) fits into. Additionally, there are two discs in her back that show inflammation. We started Shyla on Rimadyl for any discomfort she may be feeling. When the Vetoryl starts working, Shyla will lose 5 lbs and will feel so much better with less weight on her back and hips as she enjoys her new home!

Toto was hit by a car and taken to an animal control in South Florida. He languished there for 3 weeks with a broken femur and pelvis. We took him as soon as we found out he was there. We radiographed his pelvis, femur and chest because a trauma strong enough to break a pelvis can do other damage. We found a diaphragmatic hernia, a large hole in his diaphragm. The hole allowed the intestines, spleen and liver from the abdominal cavity, to move into the thoracic cavity. This would have killed him. We did emergency surgery to repair the hernia and move the internal organs back where they belonged. Two weeks later we amputated Toto's leg and now this boy is home!

Animal control found Elsa and called PPR. Elsa’s owner ignored her ear infections that completely occluded and mineralized her ear canals. The infection traveled down her face, destroying the tissue on the left side of Elsa’s face. The skin and tissue were gone and the same process is happening on the right side. You can literally see inside Elsa's face/head due to the lack of skin/tissue on the left side of her face. The photos are too graphic to show.  Chuluota Veterinary Hospital did surgery to clean and debride the wounds, cut away necrotic tissue, insert “stay sutures”, then applied wet to dry bandages which provide a medium to rebuild the tissue. Over 6 weeks we rebuilt the tissue, closed the wound and ablated her left ear.  We did one more surgery on the right side of her face and now Elsa is perfect and she's home!

Anna had luxating patellas on arrival, basically her back knees "pop" in and out of place. This is common in small dogs and usually doesn't bother the dogs or require surgery. But if there is discomfort, they need surgery. Anna was limping and her radiographs showed an old fracture to her pelvis, primarily on the left side, hip dysplasia on the right side (the femoral head doesn't fit into the hip joint properly) and the luxating patellas, especially on the left.  We did a medial patella luxation surgery on her left knee to stabilize and strenghten that rear leg. We also did a separate surgery to clean her teeth and a partial mastectomy for her tumors. Anna is still doing her leg rehabilitation, but she's doing it in her forever home!!

Colton was not adopted or rescued from animal control because his eyes are infected. Colton has  "cherry eye", a congenital condition that worsens with age.  Cherry eye is a prolapsed gland of the nictitating membrane (third eyelid).  There are two types of surgery that will fix it, depending on whether the dog has a functioning tear duct. Sometimes cherry eye is accompanied by a condition called "dry eye" (keratoconus sicca).  If the tear duct is non functional, the cherry eye is simply surgically removed along with the tear duct.  If the tear duct is functional, the cherry eye is "tacked down" to preserve the tear duct. Colton is a happy, healthy dog and now that we surgically repaired his cherry eye, his eyes feel great and his new family thinks he's gorgeous!

Kenzie and Sophia were left in the overnight drop box at animal control.  We praise animal control for having these drop boxes because it's better that people leave the dogs there, then let them loose on the streets or worse.  Some animal controls are getting rid of their overnight drop boxes which is stupid and cruel. It's likely the owner of these dogs died and the family didn't want them. These two girls are seniors, but they are happy, wagging, wonderful girls. Kenzie is blind (white one), Sophia has a cataract in one eye but perfect vision in the other. We completed all of the special diagnostics we do on seniors including a visit with our ophthalmologist. We did their dental surgeries and now this pair is home!

Skylar had no prospects for adoption or rescue from animal control because she has one only one eye and mammary tumors. Well, the jokes on everyone who passed up this sweet girl.  We did lots of diagnostics on her remaining eye and it's healthy!  Her bloodwork and urinalysis were good and her tumor we thought might just be an inflamed lymph node due to her terrible skin.  So we put this sweet girl on antibiotics and voila!  In two weeks her lymph node went down, she's a healthy girl and she is HOME!

SunniePoo was a beautiful dog at animal control.  All she needed was for her mats to be shaved off, then surely she would be adopted or rescued.  But when animal control shaved her, they found that she was loaded with mammary tumors.  This changes everything for a homeless dog, even one as beautiful as SunniePoo. Nobody wanted her so PPR saved her.  After great bloodwork, urinalysis and radiograph results we did a radical mastectomy to rid her of these tumors and prevent them from coming back.  We also took care of this sweet girls rotten mouth. Now she's kissable and of course she's home!

Wima, Fritz, Tiki and so many others come to us with heartworm disease.  This is a terrible worm that start off by a mosquito bite and ends up with worms in the heart of the dog.  The treatment is costly but it works and it's safe.  But so many animal control dogs are not saved because they have this curable disease.  What a shame!  Wilma, Fritz, Tiki and so many others at PPR will be cured of their heartworms.  First we radiograph them and do bloodwork to stage the disease. Then we treat the disease with immiticide injections.  The timing of the injections is determined by the disease stage.  We have always had success with heartworm treatment and these three are no different!! Oh, and Tiki is home!

Roxy was a backyard breeder's dog.  She came in with 23 others to PPR to start their new lives. The breeder couldn't sell Roxy because she was born with keratoconus sicca in her left eye, commonly known as "dry eye".  Her tear ducts in her left eye don't produce tears so she needed eye drops in that eye.  In typical breeder fashion, Roxy didn't receive any vet care and of course no eye drops. The inflammation, infection and ulcers that resulted have left her eye irreversibly blind and very uncomfortable. Luckily her right eye is completely normal.  Roxy also has ringworm on her face and all of the other intestinal worms that we see in breeder dogs.  We spayed Roxy and removed her uncomfortable, blind eye.  She is feeling like a puppy again!  

Tallulah and Poundcake were victims of breeder neglect for a year.  These two tiny dogs are not pups, they are adults.  They lived in a world where they were forgotten. When they arrived at PPR, we did bloodwork, urinalyses, skin/ear cytologies and got rid of the internal and external parasites.  Their 4 lb bodies and ears were covered with sores from mange, fleas, bacteria and yeast.  Internally their bodies had been robbed of nourishment by tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and whip worms. They were both so skinny, it broke our hearts.  These two went on lots of medications and weekly lyme dips. They are beautiful now!  Tallulah is home and Poundcake will be soon! 

Littlefoot had bloody diarrhea and was so skinny on arrival. Being from a breeder, she was loaded with parasites-- tapes, whips, hooks and rounds.  The photos above show her at the breeder, lying in the food bowl. No matter how much she ate she couldn't gain weight. We started her on worming and diarrhea medications and saw improvement within one day. Externally we can't tell if Littlefoot is male or female or both. She needs an ultrasound to determine what and where her internal organs are (ovaries, cryptorchid testicles, uterus).  We cannot simply cut her open and start searching as that would be cruel. Littlefoot had her ultrasound and she is HOME! 

Squirrel’s owner died and a neighbor asked if we would take her in.  We agreed and discovered that the owner did not care for Squirrel.  She was used for breeding. Based on her mammary tumors, she was bred a lot. She was in awful shape, full of mammary tumors, rotten teeth and urinating blood on arrival. We radiographed Squirrel’s bladder and there were two huge stones taking up most of the space in her bladder, a very uncomfortable condition.  We spayed Squirrel, did a right side mastectomy to remove the tumors, did a cystotomy to remove the stones and we removed her rotten teeth and cleaned the rest.  After some healing time, this gal is home!


At only 2 yrs old, Roslin was at animal control, with a broken leg. Roslin had a fractured left radius and ulna. We got her asap and put her on IV fluids and pain meds to prepare her for surgery. Our orthopedic surgeon repaired Roslin's leg with a plate and screws.  Sounds simple doesn't it! But it's a complex surgery, that if done correctly is very successful.  With a plate and 8 screws, Dr. Zern repaired Roslin's leg and she was using it 3 days after surgery.  See Roslin showing off her new leg in the last photo above. One month after surgery her radiographs are perfect and this little girl is HOME!

Lucy was neglected. Her outward appearance shows obvious neglect and her physical exam shows evidence as well.  Lucy has mammary tumors, all down her left side and the right inguinal area.  She needs a full mastectomy on the left and a partial on the right.  We radiographed Lucy’s lungs, did bloodwork and a urinalysis and all is perfect except for an elevated white count from the horrid the condition of her mouth/teeth. We did Lucy's matectomies, spay and dentals and now she is HOME!!

Molly came to us from an owner, with both of her front legs broken (see above).  We immediately took Molly to our orthopedic surgeon who radiographed her legs and splinted them to stabilize them until surgery.  Molly broke the radius and ulna on both front legs. We put her on IV fluids as she was dehydrated probably due to not eating/drinking from pain.  We gave her a pain injection which she really needed.  Molly's surgery required a plate in both legs secured with screws. Her surgery took over 3 hours.  After weeks of careful recovery, Molly is walking on all four legs as if nothing every happened.  And after 2 months her legs have healed and she is home!

Bindi was found in the woods during a horse back ride. Her skin was red, inflamed, stinky and she was missing most of her hair. Her chest, legs and hind end were bald. The rest of her body has sparse hair that managed to grow despite years of inflammation and infection. She was covered in yeast and bacteria and had a bilateral ear infection. Her bloodwork showed that her body was trying very hard to fight the infection that covered her.  After lots of oral and topical medications and medicated lyme dips and baths, Bindi's infection is gone, her hair is back and she is HOME!

Pongo arrived after a trauma. He was painful and radiographs showed multiple hernias (tears in abdominal wall), likely from a dog attack. One hernia was large, with intestines protruding from the abdominal cavity. This is dangerous because the intestines can twist, which is fatal. Dr. Van Lue did surgery.  The intestines had attached themselves to tissue outside of the abdominal cavity.  He carefully cut them free, put them back into the abdominal cavity, and repaired the hernia. Because the other hernias were so small, likely from teeth, the surgeon determined it was best to leave them as they would not cause issues.  We saw a change in Pongo two days after surgery! He was feeling good and happy!  Now he's home with Bill and livin' it up!

Lana wasn’t adopted from animal control. While there, she got sick with pneumonia. When she arrived at PPR, she could barely stand or walk and hadn't eaten in days. We were not sure if she would survive. Her eyes were hurting and her lungs were congested. We started her on IV fluids and various IV medications. After a few day she started to eat and after two months she was strong enough for surgery.  We removed her mammary tumors, repaired 3 of her eyelids (entropion surgery), spayed her and cleaned her teeth.  She's recovered now and gorgeous. Oh and this waggy kissy girl is home!

Animal control found Tinker's owners, but they didn’t want Tinker back--the best thing to ever happen to him. Tinker was loaded with ticks and eyes/skin were infected. His mouth was horrendous. We did his dental and he lost quite a few teeth. We did a urinalysis and radiographed his bladder due to suspected infection and Tinker has a urachal diverticulum, a bladder pocket where bacteria can accumulate and cause recurring infections. It’s easily corrected with surgery, if necessary, but Tinker's infection responded to antibiotics and has not recurred. Tinker also has a staple-like object, in his stomach. Because it's so small and has been there so long, we are not going to remove it. It's not causing him any issues.  This boy is happy and healthy now and he's home!

Merlin had been hit by a car and taken to animal control. He arrived to PPR scared, not eating and literally broken. We radiographed Merlin’s pelvis and it’s broken in 4 places. Merlin was struck hard enough to fracture the sacroiliac joint. Luckily his lungs, neck and spine are intact. Merlin was quite painful so we started him on pain injections. He wouldn't eat or drink on arrival so we gave him fluids to keep him hydrated. Our orthopedic surgeon evaluated Merlin and for now he does not want to do surgery but recommends 6 weeks of cage rest as these fractures will likely heal. We repeated the radiographs and Merlin has healed and he is HOME!

Aspen came to us from animal control. He was purchased years earlier from animal control, then turned back into animal control because his mouth was a mess due to the owner never giving him any dental care. Aspen deserves better than an owner who didn't give a hoot about him!! In addition to an infected mouth, Aspen's urinalysis indicated possible bladderstones, which his radiographs confirmed. We did Aspen’s cystotomy and got rid of his bladderstones. Then we did his dental and we had to extract A LOT of teeth.  Aspen feels like a young pup now and now he's home!

Charlie was a mess.  He’s only 5 years old and was suffering from pure neglect.  He was missing all of the hair on his back and had "elephant skin" that took years to get this bad. This is all just infection gone wild, even into his eyes. He has dry eye (KCS) in both eyes which we are treating. That condition hurts and causes ulcers when untreated.  Charlie also has juvenile cataracts and can barely see. He was evaluated by Dr Fife and is a good candidate for cataract surgery once we get his eye infection under control. We neutered Charlie, cleaned his teeth and started him on all kinds of topical and oral medications for his eyes and skin. His hair is back, his eye infection is gone and we did cataract surgery.  Charlie can see and he is home!

After a breeder was caught throwing a live Poodle into a dumpster, we took all of her dogs into custody. Just like all the past breeder dogs we have saved, these 20 were neglected to the point of abuse. They had only known life outside, confined and forgotten. Seven of them were heartworm positive so we first did radiographs to ensure they were not pregnant and to determine the best method to treat their disease. We did bloodowork as well to ensure they were healthy enough for treatment. The heartworm treatment on all 7 was performed successfully and they are home!

This poor puppy was left at a vet office in a box with a note that said the puppy has “mice”.  The owner meant “mites” but even that was wrong. We scraped his ears and skin to look for mange, bacteria and yeast. Stewart was covered in pseudomonas bacteria and yeast. The infection had taken over his ears and face.  But Stewart did not have mange, he had Puppy Strangles, a puppy disease caused by the immune system attacking the skin. The lymph nodes in the neck get so swollen, they can actually strangle the pup. We started Stewart on medicated baths and lots of meds. After a month of care, he's a perfect pup and he's home!

Eddie arrived in such bad shape but despite his discomfort, he was such a sweet boy. He was lame on both back legs, barely using his left. We radiographed Eddie's back legs and hips and Eddie’s left femur was broken and his right hip appears to have been injured in the same trauma. The broken leg had lots of fibrocartilage to clean up, indicating the break was at least weeks old. We took a bone graft from Eddie’s shoulder and used the graft, a plate and screws to repair Eddie’s leg. Now we have to wait to see if he heals.  2 weeks post surgery he had not formed a boney callous which worried us. But the one-month post surgical radiographs indicated he had formed a small healing callous. His radiographs at 2 months show he has healed! And now Eddie is home!

Dino was found wandering the streets.  He was 39 lbs, but he should weigh a lot more. He had horrible skin—bacteria, fungus, inflammation—elephant skin caused by years of neglect.  He was miserable. We started him on medicated baths, a medicated lotion, antibiotics, oral ketoconazole, two ear meds and a low dose steroid for his itching. Dino’s ears were in terrible shape. They tell us what kind of life he’s had until now.  He is deaf and has had years of infection in his ears, scars from hematomas and lots of swelling from a pseudomonas infection. But, Dino's blodowork, urinalysis and radiographs are perfect! And after two months of treatment, Dino is doing great , is healthy and home!!

Due to Cookie's age and mammary tumors, she was not rescued from animal control. She was hours away from euthanasia when we rescued her.  We did radiographs, bloodwork and a urinalysis which show that she is in the beginning stage of congestive heart failure and has kidney disease. But she feels good! Full of life and energy! Cookie is going to be around a while, especially now that she's living the good life. We will spoil her every single day as a PPR Permanent Resident. PPR will pay for her vetting and medications and she will live with her foster family who adores her. We have started Cookie on heart medication, which has allowed Cookie to what she loves the most  -- track varmints!  When she picks up a scent, you better hang on to the leash! Don't feel bad for Cookie, because she is finally home and she knows it!

Mikey is a sweet, funny, energetic 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier.  He appeared to be healthy, but there are certain diagnostic tests we perform to really know whether a dog has any underlying issues.  One of these tests is a urinalysis. Mikey's urinalysis told us something was wrong. We radiographed his bladder and he had three stones. We removed his stones and put him on a special diet and now he's home!!

Ragamuffin was found tied to a tree in the woods. Depressed, not neutered, swollen prostate, painful eyes due to a severe dry eye condition, ear infection, matts, ticks, fleas, heart murmur, feet sores and a pressure necrosis injury on his back and also his neck.  Pressure necrosis is an injury we see on backs and necks of dogs that have gotten caught under a board or fence. They scrape off the hair and skin trying to free themselves. Ragamuffin also had a urinary tract infection, but good news--no bladderstones per his radiographs! This boy is on ear and heart meds, antibiotics for his urinary tract infection and anti inflammatory medication for his joints. We cleaned his teeth and his breath is fresh!  Ragamuffin is a new man enjoying his new life in his forever home!

Calvin came from a backyard breeder.  We work hard to close down these disgusting operations and get the dogs out of the breeding cages and into the arms of our foster families.  Calvin spent 8-9 years as a caged breeder dog and now is living the life he deserves. We did bloodwork a urinalysis and an extensive dental.  His mouth was infected and his teeth were rotten.  He stayed at the vet hospital for a few extra days due to the extensive surgery.  Calvin is well now and he's home!

A man dropped of Leo at animal control in bad shape physically and emotionally. Leo cowered and closed his eyes when you spoke or moved. He curled up in the back of his kennel and urinated when a person approached. He screamed unpredictably. He was one of our saddest cases. The staff at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital have shown this dog so much love and patience.  As they treated his physical wounds, they also helped him heal emotionally with lots of love. Leo had hookworms, roundworms and coccidia. The scars on his skin and face are a combination of injuries and sarcoptic mange. His hair will likely come back, but it may take a while. We killed the mange with oral and topical medication and performed internal diagnostics to ensure Leo is well. Leo has become a happy, loving and playful boy. Leo is not contagious and is now a healthy boy and he's home!

Maggie came to us from an owner that no longer wanted her.  She's 7 years old and because of her grey had she gone to animal control, nobody would have adopted her, which would have been a shame. Maggie is the best natured, best behaved and most wonderful dog anyone will ever meet. She is happy, loving and greets everyone like a friend. Maggie was limping badly.  Her ACL was torn and she needed surgery.  We repaired her leg with an orthopedic surgery and now she's home!!

Sugar is a 7 year old Poodle girl whose owner had alzheimer's disease.  Sugar had not received the care she needed for a while and it showed.  But Sugar was sugary sweet and that's all we care about.  We can fix everything else!  After bloodwork, a Cushing's Disease test, a urinalysis and radiographs we developed our treatment plan and got Sugar started on medicated baths and medications for her skin and urinary tract infection. When she was healthy enough we repaired Sugar's dysfunctional knee which made it difficult for her to walk. Sugar is in her foster home now recovering after her orthopedic surgery.  Sugar's has a new knee and a new family!

Chucky had heartworms so he wasn't adopted from animal control. He arrived with a terrible infection in his scrotum. This animal control, unlike any other animal controls or vets we work with, neuters dogs with scrotal incisions--a sickening practice. Chucky's incision opened up due to the swelling and infection. We started Chucky on pain medications and antibiotics and he remained hospitalized for a week. Chucky also had blood in his urine. We radiographed his bladder for stones and he is clear so we treated him for a nasty urinary tract infection. Chucky also had coccidia, hookworms and a bilateral ear infection.  We cured all of this, than treated his heartworms.  Chucky is feeling great now!  He's heartworm free and home!

Babs is an older animal control gal that wasn't selected for adoption or to be rescued. She was one of the "leftovers".  Babs' skin condition is the result of long term neglect, simply from a lifetime of fleas that have caused secondary infections and inflammation. Her bloodwork also shows a low thryoid, easily fixed with a supplement. We removed a growth from one of her eyes, cleaned her teeth (had to extract a few) and spayed her.  We also did bloodwork, radiographs and a urinalysis (we do these procedures on all older dogs to ensure they are well).  Babs' skin has healed, her coat is gorgeous now and she's home!! 

Scamper was abused. He had multiple wounds and lacerations. The location and appearance of Scamper's wounds point to intentional abuse. We treated his wounds and also his skin, which was horrid. He smelled so bad and the layer of crud on his skin was disgusting.  He was full of bacteria, infection and yeast.  Scamper was also a bilaterally cryptorchid dog, meaning his testicles are in his inguinal area. This made his neuter more complicated.  Scamper's wounds and skin have healed and now he's home!

Sissy arrived in need of lots of veterinary care. She had a nasty mouth and multiple mammary tumors which are common in females that have been used for breeding. Additionally, Sissy had a large inguinal hernia where her intestines had come through the abdominal cavity.  Sissy had lots of diagnostic testing before we set up her treatment plan.  Then our vets went to work with surgery. After two extensive surgeries and a two month recovery period, Sissy is healthy.  And now she's happy because not only does she feel great, but she has been adopted by a wonderful new mom and dad!!

Sam arrived, as sweet as can be, from animal control (first photo at animal control). His skin was in terrible shape, but no biggie-- just flea allergy dermatitis, easily fixed by getting rid of the fleas, a medicated bath, some medications and a little time. Sam's bloodwork was perfect but his urinalysis showed blood in his urine, so we did radiographs. The radiographs above show a small arrow pointing out Sam's large calcium oxalate stone. It's a doozy. We performed a cystotomy, his stone is gone and all is well!  Sam is home!

Layla Lou came to us from a backyard breeder. The first part of her life was full of neglect and life in a cage.  The rest of her life is going to be full of love and fun. Layla Lou knows her life has changed.  Just a proper grooming has made a huge difference in Layla's outlook. The feel of a warm massaging bath, loving hands, being clean and not itching anymore--all of this makes a dog feel loved. We spayed Layla and removed her mammary tumors. 5 weeks later we cleaned her teeth and now Layla is home!

Katey was supposed to be adopted from animal control, but the adopters backed out because she was heartworm positive and had mammary tumors. Two fixable conditions! Katey is 7 years old and was probably used for breeding, based on her mammary tumors. After radiographs, bloodwork, a urinalysis and two weeks of medications, we treated Katey's heartworms.  In June, we did her mammary tumor surgery and now she's home!

Wrigley is only 8 months old and 8 lbs.  He’s a sweet boy from animal control that needed our help. Wrigley was not using his front left leg properly. It was obviously broken and uncomfortable. Wrigley’s radiographs revealed a break that the body had tried to heal causing the leg to be rotated. After consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, because of Wrigley's young age, we decided to try to repair it. Wrigley had his surgery, which included insertion of a plate and screws.  His recovery went just as planned and now he's home!

Frosty's owner died. Poor little guy would have been headed for animal control except that PPR got the call first. Frosty would not have fared well at animal control. Frosty's mouth was full on infection and rotten teeth. Frosty's dental surgery took over 2 hours and we removed 20 teeth. He had two gingival transpositions to prevent fistula formation.  A month later we neutered Frosty.  His neuter was more complicated because one testicle is in his abdominal area, making this an invasive surgery.  Frosty has recovered and he's doing great in his new HOME!

Sully had a urinary tract infection, which we treated. But after two weeks of treatment he actually worsened. He was not peeing in a normal stream.  We radiographed Sully’s bladder and there they were— 3 bladder stones and a fourth lodged in his urethra, blocking the urine stream.  Sully had both a cystotomy and urethrotomy. The cystotomies have become routine for PPR, but the urethrotomies are a little tricky. Bladder stones, especially combined with stones in the urethra, are very uncomfortable. As the stones grow, so does the level of discomfort. The dogs forget what it’s like to feel good. Sully has now recovered from surgery and is feeling GREAT!  His mom and dad adore him.  He's home!

Mac, just days old, was left in an overnight drop box at animal control.  He survived the night and is with PPR now. Raising a day old puppy is a lot of work. Pups this young need to be fed every few hours. Even more importantly than finding someone dedicated, is finding someone experienced. Aspirating a tiny puppy, overfeeding or underfeeding are easy mistakes an inexperienced handler can make. Karen has been a veterinary technician for 20 years, Mac is in good hands!. Puppy formula for this little guy is very costly, but we are happy to say he's an expensive pup, eating like a champ who is thriving in his forever home!

Toby needed surgery immediately. He arrived in a very depressed state. Something hurt him. On exam, Dr. Zern felt a huge bladder stone. We radiographed Toby’s bladder and saw a huge calcium oxalate stone taking up almost his entire bladder, and multiple stones packed in his urethra. Toby could still pass urine, but he struggled. We did surgery immediately, a cystotomy and urethrotomy.  A few weeks later we tackled Toby's mouth which was BAD! Now he's home!

Janey was a mess.  She arrived recumbent, full of burrs all over her body, even her lips.  She was bloated, wouldn't eat, had feces and matts covering her.  Our groomers took hours getting all the burrs off of her body.  Janey's radiographs were unusual, calling for a ultrasound and some additional bloodwork diagnostics, which cleared up the findings.  We surgically repaired Janey's cherry eye condition and she's almost ready for a home.  Janey has Cushing's disease, easily treated with one pill a day and she will need eye drops for the rest of her life.  A small compromise for a wonderful girl who is home!

Kiwi lived in a cage her whole life. She arrived extremely skinny but with a voracious appetite. Her bloodwork, urinalysis and radiographs revealed some concerning findings. Her diagnostics were consistent with a starving dog so we did a little more detective work.  We tested her for a pancreatic enzyme deficiency because some dogs are missing enzymes which prevents their bodies ability to absorb the nutrients in their food. Sure enough, Kiwi has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Mystery solved and the cure is simple! We added a supplement to her food and she has put on weight!  Her bloodwork is normal, we spayed her, and she's home! 

Animal control asked us to help Lolly, a 5 year old, 8 lb, sweet girl who needs special care.  Lolly had a dislocated hip on the right side and fracture in her pelvis on the left side. She has abrasions on her neck. Lolly also has a bad knee that may or may not be related to the trauma. First we repaired Lolly's right hip with a femoral head ostectomy surgery.  She healed perfectly as did her left side with just rest.  Four weeks later we repaired Lolly's knee with an orthopedic surgery that will allow her to walk and run normally! Lolly is still recovering from this surgery and doing wonderfully.  Now she's home!

Nolan was supposed to be adopted from animal control, but the adopters backed out so animal control asked if we could take him. Nolan was terribly neglected, filthy, with nails that were so long it hampered the way he walked. His back end was matted, little hair on his tail, his left eye was crusted closed and his mouth was so bad we had to extract most of his teeth and do gum repair surgery as well. Nolan has "dry eye" which has gone untreated for a long time causing inflammation in his eyes. We started him on eye, ear and skin medications.  Nolan lost most of his teeth, but he found a mommy so who cares!

The Pet Alliance of Central Florida asked if PPR would take in Billy, a special needs boy. He's a middle aged, sweet, blind, beautiful Poodle.  His blindness doesn't bother him as he's a confident walker. Billy has been blind a very long time and adjusted a long time ago to his disability. Billy's bloodwork and urinalysis was perfect. We hoped we could remove his cataracts but his ophthalmologist appointment didn't go so well. Because the cataracts have been there a long time, they have damaged Billy's eyes and cannot be removed. But Billy doesn't care!  He's a happy boy and ready for a home! Very special people open their homes and hearts to blind dogs. It takes a while to find them, but when we do, our blind dogs get the best homes ever!  And that's exactly what has happened!  Billy is home with Barbara!

Cassidy was hit by a car and taken to animal control. She's a black, mixed breed, short haired dog with orthopedic injuries so of course she was not adopted. Cassidy has an abrasion on her head and a broken pelvis. We radiographed Cassidy's hips, pelvis and legs to determine where the breaks are and how best to treat them. Cassidy's pelvis is broken in 3 places and she has two broken ribs. She will be uncomfortable for a few weeks but there is no pulmonary trauma and no signs of head trauma. The fractures are in ideal places and will heal with 3 weeks of cage rest.  They will not cause her any future weight bearing issues which is great news because Cassidy is home!

Max is another animal control beauty. He waited for a home at animal control, but nobody came, perhaps because at 7 years old, he's considered "over the hill". Max was urinating blood and animal control determined he had bladder stones. They did a bladder stone surgery on him, but when he arrived at PPR we radiographed his bladder and found that they left 6 stones in his bladder.  We waited for 6 weeks than East Orlando Animal Hospital removed the rest of the stones and now Max is home!! 

Sassy was loved by her owner, but her owner had dementia and fed Sassy her own medications. The family intervened and got mom the constant care she needed and got Sassy to the vet. Sassy's liver values were through the roof due to the medications. The PPR vet was amazed Sassy was alive. The family looked for rescue groups to take Sassy, but they all refused due to her liver condition. We agreed to get Sassy the care she needs. The liver is the only organ that regenerates and Sassy is doing great! Her values are almost normal and after a dental, more diagnostics and meds, she's home!

Brandy, came to us from a breeder, needing a little extra help physically and emotionally. Brandy is such a sweet girl, but she's afraid. She's lived a sheltered life. She doesn't know how to walk on a leash and acts as if she's never been on grass. But no worries, in just a short time in a loving foster home, she will start to trust us and show us her funny personality.  Brandy had mammary tumors from being bred many times. We removed her tumors, treated her hair loss with medicated baths, cleaned her teeth and now she's gorgeous, healthy and home!

This little 11 yr old sweetie named Romeo was spending much too much time alone and hadn't had the proper veterinary care he needed as a senior pooch. His mouth was in bad shape. These little dogs get such severe periodontal disease and it affects their general health as their bodies try to fight off the infections in their mouths. After his bloodwork and urinalysis came back normal, we did Romeo's mouth surgery and now he's a healthy boy ready for a home!

Oh boy, Clyde arrived from a breeder in disgusting shape.  He's 10 years old and was just over 4 lbs. Putrid mouth with oral nasal fistulas, very bad knees, emaciated, low ablumin, low iron, worms, just pure neglect.  After lots of veterinary and foster care he's 5 1/2 lbs, his bloodwork is normal, his mouth is healed, he's neutered to prevent cancer, his hair is growing back and he's feeling sooooo good.  Clyde is HOME!

Hockey had blood in his urine on arrival. We radiographed his bladder and there were 3 stones.  Hockey also had a growth on his head and his paw that needed to be removed.  We removed lots of stuff from Hockey -- bladder stones, growths and testicles! Hockey is healed and now he is home!

Teddy is a happy 8 yr old Cocker Spaniel whose owners moved and left him behind. He was on his own for a while but the neighbors helped and got him to us. Teddy’s bloodwork was horrible but consistent with the poor care his owners gave him. Teddy had a pseudomonas infection in his ears, which caused such inflammation that we had to do laser surgery in his ears.  He is feeling much better now!  We also removed 2 growths from his head and foot and of course we cleaned his teeth. Teddy is even happier than he was when he arrived.  And now he's home!

Boomer is blind so animal control was a scary place for him and he of course wasn't adopted due to his blindness and constant coughing from the pneumonia he contracted.  Boomer's bloodwork and radiographs showed pneumonia and after a week of IV treatment, we cured him. His radiographs showed a bladderstone which we removed.  We took Boomer to see Dr. Fife who believes Boomer had SARDS which caused his blindness. We cannot restore his vision but Boomer's eyes don't hurt and he doesn't even need any eye drops!  Boomer is happy, healthy & home!

Jagger is a middle aged, blind dog. It's no wonder he didn't get adopted or rescued from animal control. Jagger is blind and pawing at his eyes. Our ophthalmologist examined this boy and the cataracts have done so much damage, we cannot restore his vision and his eyes are actually shrinking. The shrinking of the eyes has caused his lower lids to invert and the lashes are scratching his eyes. Jagger has been blind for years and is used to that, but the discomfort caused from his shrinking eyes is not something he can adjust to.  We removed Jagger's eyes and now he feels good!  It's like we turned the clock back and unleashed a puppy! He's a happy, healthy boy and he is home!

Piper is a senior dog from animal control. He was depressed, but his internal diagnostics indicate a healthy dog. Piper has Keratoconjunctivis Sicca, a fancy term for “dry eye”. His eyes are not producing enough tears and this has taken a toll on his corneas.  We have started him on two eye medications, skin and ear medications. We cleaned his teeth, treated his ear infection and got him to our ophthalmologist. Piper has cataracts, but he sees well and his cataracts appear to be slow-growing.  Given this and his dry eye condition, we are not going to do cataract surgery on him.  He's perfect as he is.  And he is home!

Poor Mimi has suffered with this skin condition for much too long in her 3 years of life.  Her skin is so infected and her whole body is trying to fight off the infection, as her bloodwork indicates. Mimi had staff, yeast and pseudomonas infection all over her body and in the crevices of her inflamed skin.  We started her on a myriad of medications, oral and topical.  Her urinalysis indicates Cushings disease so we are treating her for this as well.  When she got well we spayed her and completed her vetting.  Now she's gorgeous she's home!

Copper was found eating a dead animal on the side of the road.  Our volunteer pulled her car over and approached him, expecting him to run away. Copper didn't run away. She attempted to pick him up and he went limp. He totally surrendered to her. Copper was very lethargic from anemia due the fleas and ticks that covered his body. His was also full of intestinal parasites. He was only a year old, but weak due to the toll all these parasites were taking on him.  He also tested positive for a tickborne disease called Ehrlichia which was making Copper's anemia worse. Copper was in no condition to be neutered, but after a month of care and medications, he flourished, we neutered him and now he's home!

Coach is a 3 yr old beauty but had no hope of being rescued.  He is from a rural animal control with a high euthanasia rate and had a congenitally defective eye that was causing him discomfort and needed to be removed.  Dr. Zern at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital removed Coach's eye and changed Coach's life! No more squinting and living life in discomfort. This boy is happy now and he's home!

Coal arrived a matted mess, covered in fleas and ticks.  No wonder he wasn't adopted from animal control. Additionally, his left eye was injured, which we didn't even notice until after the groomers at East Orlando Animal Hospital shaved him. Coal needed immediate attention so Dr. Benson got Coal in to surgery and removed his eye. Coal's mouth was also a disaster so after removing his eye, Dr. Benson went to work on his mouth.  Coal lost some teeth and an eye, but gained a quality of life he hadn't known since his young puppy days.  Now Coal is acting like a puppy in his new HOME!

Huggie is an adorable, sweet old boy who had nobody.  He was not adopted or rescued from animal control because he's a senior. Huggie was wheezing on arrival.  We radiographed his lungs and did bloodwork.  Huggie had pneumonia. After weeks of medications and TLC he healed but then this poor boy broke his jaw! The bone loss from his severe periodontal disease caused Huggie's jaw to break.  After a successful jaw surgery at The Pet Dentist in Tampa, Huggie is doing great and he is HOME!

Charlee is a beautiful 2 year old mix breed girl that was surrendered to us by her owner after sustaining a brain injury caused by a bunch of unsupervised children. She is not painful or even uncomfortable but she's not quite normal.  When she runs, the left side of her body sometimes gives out. Charlee will be just fine, but she may never a normal dog.  She wags her tail, plays with other dogs and loves attention but there are certain physical activities her body can't do very well, like running.  Lucky for Charlee, she arrived into PPR's care and into the arms of Dr. Benson at East Orlando Animal Hospital.  She will stay in Dr. Benson's care forever because she is Charlee's new mommy!  She fell in love with Charlee and couldn't let go!!  Charlee is home!

Chewy's owner was a homeless woman who was hit by a car and killed.  The locals drove Chewy 2 hours to PPR so we could give him the special care he needed. His teeth were a mess and he had a tumor in his mouth.  He had ringworm and "dry eye" in both eyes.  He had hypermature cataracts which caused him to be almost blind. We did his dental, tumor removal and neuter which went perfectly. Because of the extent of the ringworm infection we treated him with weekly lyme dips plus an oral medication.  Six weeks later he was ringworm free and it was time for his cataract surgery. We removed Chewy's cataracts and now he can he see, and he's home!

Sweetpea is 7 years old, but she acts like a pup. She is a happy, strong girl! She has heartworm disease which we need to treat.  We have started her on the medications and at the end of November we'll start her treatment.  We treated her heartworm disease, cleaned her teeth and now she's perfect and she is home!

Hero is only a year old and has spent most of his life in a crate. He arrived limping on his rear left leg, due to a medial patella luxation, grade 3 out of 4. His knee will not stay in place and needs to be realigned.  This surgery is complex, but sucessful. He's an extremely sweet, gentle boy and we got him the leg surgery he needed. He is healed and now he's home!

Sadie came to us with Demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection that had taken over her body.  Her prior owner told us Sadie's mother was a Collie, which meant Sadie might not be able to have ivermectin, the best cure for this type of mange.  Herding breeds are allergic to this drug, which can be deadly to them.  We sent off Sadie's saliva for testing for ivermectin sensitivity and started her on lyme dips and medications to get her skin infection/inflammation under control.  Her test came back negative so we started her on ivermectin as well, which will cure Sadie in just weeks! And now the best news of all--Sadie is HOME!

Bean arrived with a horrible injury to his back-- a pressure necrosis.  He spent a long period of time stuck underneath something, possibly a fence, a trailer, a shed or a board.  He managed to wedge himself free and was left with this terrible injury.  Bean's hair won't all come back, but he had no orthopedic injuries, just superficial.  We treated Bean with pain medication and antibiotics and now this little stinker is HOME!

Brittany was a beauty, but she's an older pooch and blind so of course she wasn't adopted from animal control.  On arrival to PPR her eyes were a disaster.  Her dry eye condition was the worst we have ever seen and her eyes hurt.  We started her on soothing eye medication immediately.  Her abdomen also seemed painful and sure enough, she was full of bladderstones.  Poor girl!!  We removed her stones and before we even listed her on the Adoptable Dogs Page, this wonderful couple came to her rescue and adopted her!! Brittany is in the BEST home!!!

Ann Marie arrived at animal control with a terrible injury to her left eye.  Most of her eye was gone and what remained was a painful mess.  She needed surgery immediately to get her out of pain and clean out the infection. Chuluota Veterinary Hospital staff worked late to get this girl out of pain.  We removed her eye, closed the wound and she is healed and feeling great.  3 weeks later we cleaned her teeth and now she's HOME!


Baby was left in a hot care with the windows up, intentionally by her owner while she had a drink with her boyfriend on the beach. A good samaritan called the police and Baby was saved!  The owner was taken to jail.  Baby was skinny, anemic, had diarrhea from whip worms, mammary tumors because she was never spayed and was bred multiple times and heartworms.  Her radiographs show damage to her pulmonary system from the heartworms. She will need a mastectomy, spay, cherry eye surgery, heartworm treatment and dental.  Baby is very happy and waggy, her treatments are over and now she can spend the rest of her healthy life with her new mommy. She's home!

Doolittle is a senior that the animal control folks wanted to have a chance.  He was old and depressed, but he wasn't ready for his life to be over.  When his time expired, with no offers to help, we stepped up. We completed Doolittle's bloodwork, urinalysis, radiographs, treatment for upper respiratory infection and dental.  All of the normal diagnostics to properly assess a senior pooch.  Doolittle is doing great, he takes two inexpensive pills a day for his heart and now he's HOME because a couple with a huge heart opened up their home to a senior!

Clark is a very happy boy.  So why was he abadoned?  Clark has a tumor on his shoulder that is fairly large.  We removed the tumor, which was benign and cleaned this boy's teeth. His diagnostics are pointing to a condition called diabetes insipidus. Properly diagnosing this condition takes weeks.  We spent the past 4 weeks getting Clark the tests he needs and he is a healthy boy with no diabetes but he does have a home!

Abby came from animal control with one very bad rear leg. She's just over a year old and had a lateral patella luxated knee and torn ACL.  She would not use her leg.  We can repair her leg, but she arrived so malnourished we had to get her healthy first.  After 3 weeks, Abby had her knee surgery.  It was a tough surgery but it worked and now she's walking and running on 4 legs.  Oh and she's HOME!

Rose was out of time at animal control.  She had a golf ball sized lump on her front leg which we knew was bad.  Her bloodwork and radiographs were clean, but that tumor was something that needed to come out.  Based on the nature of the tumor, its placement and its spidering, we had to remove Rose’s leg to ensure this cancer would not come back.  Rose has healed and she runs and jumps like other dogs.  She's a happy girl and she is HOME!

Sebastian was born with a congenital defect in his eyes.  They just didn't develop properly.  He is only a year old and was blind.  He's a happy, healthy fellow otherwise.  Sebastian's condition will likely result in a painful eye condition where his lenses become detached.  We did a surgery to prevent this, which might also restore some of Sebastian's vision.  This surgery went much better than anyone expected and even restored Sebastian's vision! We expected a good result, but he got a great result!  And now Sebastian is home!!!

Piper is a senior so full of life and personality, we couldn't resist when the volunteers from animal control begged for his life.  Piper had 2 holes in his mouth that lead up to his sinuses, called oral-nasal fistulas.  They were full of hair, food and infection.  We did surgery to flush and close these fistulas.  Now he's eating like a champ and dancin' like a fool!  Piper spent more than 2 wonderful months with PPR.  He had a blast everyday going everywhere with his foster mom, even places that dogs weren't supposed to go.  But everyone welcomed Piper.  Piper's heart condition worsened during his last days with PPR so we did the most generous thing we could do for him, we euthanized him.  We let him go.  There will never be another like him.  He had the time of his life with us.

Howie is a senior pooch, which is why he wasn’t adopted from animal control, plus he was a matted mess, full of ticks.  Howie was anemic from the ticks, his bloodwork was terrible, thyroid low and he was fighting an infection.  Howie had 4 teeth left, all rotten!  Howie spent a little time at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital getting his medicine and becoming healthy.  When he was ready we removed his rotten teeth and he is beeeeuuutiful!  Howie has fresh breath and now he's HOME!  Thank you Micky for opening up your home and heart to Howie!

Nobody wanted Lola.  She is old, blind, has mammary tumors and no matter how sweet she is, it didn't matter.  Her time had expired at animal control.  We removed her tumors, cleaned her teeth, and got rid of her urinary tract infection! We can't remove her cataracts because they are too advanced and have damaged her eyes, but she's used to being blind and she's happy, now that she feels good! Oh and one more thing-- Lola is HOME with her new mom Angela and her new brother Bash (see below)!

Bash needed help.  He had a ruptured cornea in his left eye.  He needed eye drops every two hours for a week, including drops of his own plasma which has healing and antibacterial properties.  This was our only chance to save his eye.  After weeks of drops and rechecks and more drops and more rechecks, Bash's eye has healed and he's HOME with his new mom Angela and new sister Lola (see above!)!

Easton arrived from animal control a happy fellow!!  His tail wagged and he struggled to give our volunteer kisses despite her best efforts of pulling her face away!  Easton's breath could melt glass.  Whew!  He's an old man, but his bloodwork was good, his urinalysis was normal but he had a tumor and his radiographs revealed a calcium oxalate bladderstone.  We removed his tumor and his bladderstone.  Easton's new mom will bring him back for his dental in a few weeks.  Yes we said "new mom" because Easton, now Jiffy Pot Pie, is HOME!

Rosie is a middle aged Cocker Spaniel mix. just another dog that was abandoned at animal control.  She was dangerously obese.  Her bloodwork was normal so her condition was caused by her owner overfeeding her.  This extra weight took a toll on Rosie's entire body, especially her knees and joints. She tore her ACL.  Rosie's surgery at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital went perfectly and Rosie has lost 8 lbs and she is HOME!

Tuffy arrived from Augusta Georgia Animal Control almost dead.  He spent 5 weeks in this overcroweded building, ignored as the fleas sucked his blood and he lay dying of starvation. A taxpayer funded facility let him suffer almost to death. Shame on you Sharon Broady, Director of this facility, who fought with PPR when we begged for Tuffy's life.  Tuffy's PCV was 18 (red blood cells).  Normal is 37-55.  He couldn't walk.  We gave him a transfusion, got him up to 25 and now his PCV is 36.  The animal controls we work with are phenomenal.  Not this one. This animal control in Augusta Georgia, also known as Richmond County Animal Shelter, is a hoarding facility, a dog warehouse.  Luckily Tuffy got out of that hell on Earth and he is HOME!

Chancey had a skin infection from fleas, a urinary tract infection, an ear infection and both eyes were infected. Oh and his mouth was full of infection! His bloodwork was bad, bad, bad.  Now this boy is beautiful, his hair is growing in, his ears are perfect, his UTI and eye infection is gone!  Chancey needs eye drops for the rest of his life for his dry eye condition, but his new mom and dad think that's a small price to pay for a great dog! Chancey is home!

We didn't know if Parker would make it.  He wouldn't eat and his ultrasound showed severe inflammation of his intestines.  He was withering away. But we didn't give up.  We hospitalized Parker for 9 days and treated him with IV medications. Parker turned the corner and started to eat.  Now he's 16 lbs, has a mom, a dad, a HOME and a boat!

Juliet arrived from animal control depressed, obviously uncomfortable.  Her bloodwork was horrendous, she had KCS (dry eye), whip worms and a huge bladderstone causing her pain.  But this little girl wanted to be happy.  We started her on pain meds, eye meds and antibiotics for the bladder infection the stone had caused.  Fast forward 5 weeks, she's healed from her spay and cystotomy, the stone, worms and infection are gone and Juliet is home!

Brooke is happy, wags her tail constantly, loves her walks and has a great appetite.  But she had an ugly tumor that was rupturing.  It had to be removed. We did surgery immediately and removed the entire tumor. Her tumor pathology shows a localized malignancy--good news!  It's highly unlikely to have spread anywhere and it's a very slow growing tumor.  Brooke has had this tumor for years and her owners just ignored it. Brooke tested positive for Cushings. The treatment is easy, just one pill a day.  We cleaned Brooke's teeth and now she a Permanent PPR Resident. She loves her foster mom too much to leave.  As a very senior pooch, she is going to live her life with Mary, the best mom Brooke's ever known!

Chip is a 7 year old Bichon from animal control.  He wasn't adopted from animal control because he's seen as too old. But Chip has years of joy ahead of him and he's starting to believe that.  Chip has a really bad mouth, it's hard for him to eat. We have started Chip on pre-dental antibiotics and will do his dental in 5 days.  There will be lots of extractions and gum repair. Chip is blind in his left eye from a hypermature cataract. He has a moderately sized cataract in his right eye that will blind him.  We removed his cataracts, implanted new lenses and voila! Chip will have his sight for the rest of his life! And now he has a home too!

Danny is a gorgeous 9 year old Poodle that is very sight impaired. Danny has calcium in his blood indicative of either cancer or a parathyroid nodule.  We ran a parathyroid hormone assay and Danny has a parathyroid nodule! We got rid of that nodule and his calcium is normal! Next step-- remove his cataracts!  Done!  Now Danny can see and he feels great and he is home!! 

Muffin arrived with a horrible mouth and a bad leg.  She spent years in a cage, which contributed to her leg condition.  We cleaned her teeth, extracted a bunch and did gingival transplants to ensure her mouth healed and was healthy. 6 weeks later Muffin was ready for her orthopedic surgery.  Her limping had worsened and she had a grade 4 out of 4 patella luxation and torn ACL. The surgery is intricate, but successful if the surgeon is experienced in the latest techniques.  Dr. Zern performed the surgery and Muffin's doing wonderfully.  Muffin's foster mom has adopted her and she's using all 4 legs!!

Animal control put out an emergency rescue request for Paisley and she arrived at late afternoon at PPR and immediately went into surgery.  Her eye was prolapsed and necrotic.  Our vet didn't want her to be painful for one more second. He and his staff worked late to remove the eye.  The eye condition was the result of some sort of trauma, maybe accidental, maybe abuse.  The other eye has a dry eye condition so we started her on eye drops to keep that eye healthy for life!  Paisley may only have one eye, but she found her new mom just fine!  She's home!

Marilyn cleaned up nicely from the neglect she suffered.  We removed a few teeth, ran her geriatric profile and tested her for Cushing's Disease.  Marily has Cushing's, but lucky for her it's the pituatary-type, which is easy-peasy-- just one pill a day!  Marilyn is on her way to losing a couple pounds and when she does she will be beautiful.  Because of her Cushing's she is not a good candidate for patella or cataract surgery, but she's happy and that's all that matters!!  Marilyn is happy, healthy and home!

Rio came to us from a vet office.  They started him on pain medication but Rio needed surgery so we took him in.  Rio had an abscessed tooth which was about to perforate the cheek, causing a hole in Rio's face. Rio's bloodwork and urinalysis was perfect except for a high white count from the abscess. We pulled extracted single tooth, as all were rotten, did 3 gingival transplants, repaired an oral nasal fistula and cleaned and healed the abscess. Rio is happy, healthy and in an amazing home!

Benson is only 4 yrs old with infection and ulcers in both eyes.  His eyes protrude too much, causing blindness in his left eye from chronic ulcers and irritation.  His right eye has one small ulcer we will fix with medication.  If Benson loses vision in his right eye as he has in his left, he will be completely blind. Benson's eyes are so exophthalmic, he can't blink over the entire eye ball which causes dryness, irritation and infection. We did all of Benson's normal vetting and Dr. Fife performed a Medial Canthoplasty which closes the eyelid more over the eye, so when the eyelid blinks, it covers and lubricates the entire eye ball. This surgery will preserve Benson's vision in his right eye.  Benson's surgery was a huge success and Benson is home now!

Dolly was a neglected mess. She had bilateral mammary tumors, a hernia, nasty teeth, was not spayed and was missing half of her coat.  We did bloodwork, a urinalysis, chest radiographs, surgeries to remove her tumors, repair her hernia, remove many of her teeth and clean the rest!  We removed Dolly's right eye which has developed very high pressure and we restored the vision in her left eye so she will keep her eyesight forever!  And the best news--- Dolly is HOME!

Ariel was left in the overnight drop area at animal control, almost bald. She was skinny, her eyes are irritated and bulging. Anemic from parasites.  Her bloodwork continues to stump us and after radiographs, a bone marrow aspirate a Cushing's test and an ultrasound our team of vets agree that she is thriving.  Her wacky bloodwork is normal for her!  Areil was blind and her eyes painful from glaucoma so we removed them so she would feel good. Ariel runs like the wind, gets any dog in the room to play and loves life.  She's home with her sister Ally whom she adores!

Ally was left in the overnight drop box at animal control in terrible shape.  Shame on her prior owner.  She's 6 lbs and shy, but sooo sweet. Ally had cherry eye, an uncomfortable condition that would worsen if not repaired.  She is missing the hair on her back and ears, from fleas and neglect. On exam, our vet felt bladderstones.  You can see the two huge stones in the radiograph. Bladderstones hurt.  We did a cystotomy to remove them, repaired her cherry eye (see last photo) and spayed her.  Her hair has grown in, we cleaned her teeth and she's home with her sister Ariel!

Watson is a beautiful dog that wasn't adopted from animal control because he has two cherry eyes.  You can see the condition in his eyes in the left side photo. Cherry eye is completely fixable, but because it looks bad and due to the cost of the surgery, dogs with cherry eye are usually not adopted or rescued from animal control. Cherry eye is uncomfortable and worsens with time. We fixed Watson's eyes (right side photo) and now he's home!

Roxy was in bad shape.  She had suffered long enough at the hands of her prior owner. Her skin condition is due to long-term neglect and chronic inflammation from fleas. Her bloodwork showed an elevated white count, low thyroid and anemia, as expected.  With just two months of care, Roxy's hair is back and her skin is perfect.  She's discovered toys and she's home!

Grace came to us from animal control with mature cataracts, heartworms and feeling badly.  We did bloodwork, a urinalysis and radiographs of her bladder.  She has 5 large bladderstones (4 can be seen on the radiograph) that were causing her pain.  We removed her bladderstones and she saw Dr. Fife for her eyes. Grace could barely see from her right eye and sees 25% from the left.  If we do nothing, she'll be blind when her left eye worsens.  Dr. Fife did cataract surgery on her right eye and Grace can see again!!  The vision in that eye will last a lifetime.  You can see the cataract in her right eye is gone in the last photo.  And the best news--Grace is HOME!

Duchess is blind and has glaucoma--imagine a constant headache caused by increased pressue in the eye.  She had a small tumor in her mouth which was isolated on radiographs (no bone invasion) so we removed the tumor when we cleaned her teeth. Her bloodwork was a little "off" but after a month in care it's perfect now.  Duchess is sure feeling good -- she's even started dancing! We did surgery to remove her painful eyes and now Duchess is HOME!

Kobe arrived with most of his right eye missing, a skin infection, heartworms and a broken jaw.  We performed various diagnostics tests, removal of the remaining eye tissue and closure of the eye socket, extractions of the damaged teeth that resulted from Kobe's broken jaw, and various medications and treatments for his other conditions.  Kobe is feeling good now and he's happy, healthy and home!


Bruce's hairless back and leg sores are just a result of poor care--fleas and bad grooming.  He also looks like a dog that was filled up with too many steriods during his lifetime.  His bloodwork shows elevated white cells and his urinalysis shows a urinary tract infection. Radiographs show intervertebral disc disease, but he's not uncomfortable and runs around like a happy boy.  Later in life he may need anti inflammatory medications.  Bruce won the lottery with his new family!  He's home!

Cowgirl was emaciated at 40 lbs.  She should be 55-60 lbs.  She was a hunter throwaway, loaded with ticks, anemic from intestinal worms and positive for heartworms.  She is eating ravenously and in one week put on 6 lbs!  Cowgirl has finished her heartworm treatment, had her teeth cleaned and now she's HOME!  Relaxes on sofas, instead of being crammed into a hunter's cage!

AppleJack arrived with an upper respiratory infection that became pneumonia.  Pneumonia will kill a small dog in just a few days.  We treated him aggressively-- oxygen, IV fluids, IV antibiotics and regular nebulization.  He was hospitalized for 10 days and he's all better now.  His lungs are clear, his bloodwork is normal, he's regained the weight he lost and he's home!! 

April was a breeder throwaway. She was used for as long as she was useful, then dumped at animal control.  She is an absolute sweetheart!  April is 7 years old and has mammary tumors up and down both sides and needs 2 mastectomies.  April had a great recovery from her first mastectomy and has recovered from her second!  Now she's a princess and she's home!

Bonnie, a 5 yr old Westie is blind, but she is a happy sweet girl.  Nobody can tell she's blind. She wags, gives kisses and wants your attention. Because she is so young to be blind we needed to be sure there wasn't an underlying condition causing her condition.  Her bloodwork and urinalysis were perfect and her eye pressue is right where it shoud be.  We've taken a little weight off of her, cleaned her teeth and now she's home!

Bodie is a 10 yr old Bichon, but nobody told him!  Except for his cataracts, you woudn't know he's 10!  He has cataracts in both eyes but he seems to see fine. Bodie's heart is great, but his mouth isn't.  We had Bodie evaluated by Dr. Fife, a veterinary ophthalmologist and he will be a good candidate for cataract surgery, but not now.  Because of a complication Bichon's can have, it's better to wait until they really need the surgery to do it and right now Bodie gets around just fine.  Bodie is happy, healthy and home!

Busterpoo is a 9 years old, energetic, fun boy that craves attention and is full of personality.  Busterpoo came to us from animal control, in rough shape, on his last day.  He has cataracts and prostetitis, which will go away after a month of antibiotics and a neuter.  We had an ophthalmologist evaluate his eyes.  He isn't a candidate for cataract surgery for his "bad eye" and he sees too well from his good eye to even consider surgery!  Busterpoo is happy, healthy and he's home!

Pixie was an 8 yr old Chihauhua at animal control, a death sentence.  What a shame for a tiny girl so full of personality she should have her own TV show. We ran bloodwork and a urinalysis.  Her bloodwork was great, her urinalysis showed crystals.  Usually when we see crystals, we find bladderstones.  We radiographed her kidneys and bladder.  No stones, just some mineralization! Pixie will be on a prescription diet her whole life to prevent bladder stones.  A small price for an adopter to pay for the most wonderful Chichi ever!  Pixie's dental was a little extensive, but now she's healthy, happy and home!

The employees at animal control knew Clooney had a huge spirit and if we could just repair his legs, he would get to live his dream life. At animal control Clooney could barely walk.  They couldn't even take him to adoption events because he just couldn't walk.  We took him in and his bloodwork was atrocious, but after a dental, removing every single tooth and a month of good care, his bloodwork completely normalized.  And he got physically stronger! Now he's feeling great and we have repaired one leg, which he's recovering from now. His second leg surgery (if needed) will be in a few months.  In the meantime, his foster mom has adopted him so he's home!

Zeta was a brown eyed beauty at animal control.  As sweet as she is, what a shame for her to spend her last days there.  We got her out after getting her liver values in line with some good food, she was ready for her dental and mammary tumor surgery.  Zeta healed from her extensive surgery and is doing wonderfully!!  Now she's happy, healthy and home!  

Chu came to us a real mess--emotionally and physically.  He was a dog used for breeding.  He needed some special care and that's what we gave him.  Chu's mouth was so bad, we had to remove a small part of his jaw where the infection had spread.  Now, Chu is a normal dog.  Well we wouldn't say normal--he's a little king and he's taking advantage of every moment.  He is spoiled, adored and healthy.  And the best part is that he's home!  His new mom also adopted Chu's sister Rosie so Chu and Rosie get to live together forever!

Princess was just another middle aged dog at animal control.  She was loaded with bilateral mammary tumors.  The surgery to remove those tumors is extensive, expensive and highly successful.  She would need two mastectomies in two separate surgeries.  DONE!  The sutures from her second surgery are out and she's home!

Foxie's mom sold her for $20 to a complete stranger.  Foxie was limping so we radiographed her leg and foot.  She had 4 broken toes.  It was an old break that couldn't be fixed, but we did what we could.  We splinted her foot to help keep her toes stable, hoping they would heal. After a month we took the splint off and radiographed her foot.  One toe healed nicely and the others were better enough that she uses the leg like a normal dog!  We completed her vetting and now Foxie is happy, healthy and home!

Molly & Jasper are tiny pups with sarcoptic mange.  They were living in a back yard, completely unsocialized.  After a skin cytology, weekly Lyme dips for a month and oral medications, they tested negative for mange and their hair started to grow back.  We completed their vetting and spay/neuter and these two are happy, healthy and home!!

Hurley's skin was raw and inflamed.  His skin scrapings showed yeast and bacteria all over his body.  He was covered in sores.  He was on lots of medications and weekly Lyme dips.  Hurley's foster mom took great care of him and gave him all of his meds and took him to all of his appointments.  All of his hair came back!  Now he's a fluffy gorgeous boy and he's happy, healthy and home. 

Tinker is another dog abused at the hands of his owner.  He was emaciated with horrible bloodwork. He has a broken left ankle so he's walking on 3 legs and his teeth are horrid. The ankle break is old, we cannot fix it.  After 2 months, Tinker has put on weight, his bloodwork is perfect, we neutered him and also cleaned his teeth.  He's eating ravenously and wagging uncontrollably.  And even better news-- Tinker is home!

Mister arrived at animal control with a bad leg.  We brought him into our care but he was way too malnourished for surgery.  After a couple months of TLC, we repaired Mister's leg.  Now he's the 4 legged dog he is supposed to be.  Mister is happy, healthy and home!

Emmie was found by the side of the road, unable to walk because she was emaciated.  She hadn't been hit by a car, she was just too weak to take another step.  Weeks later, after medications and diagnostics and Emmie, has increased her weight by 50%.  Emmie has a liver condition that we give her medication for.  It doesn't bother her but it will shorten her life.  Emmie is adored by her foster parents and has blossomed in their care from a dog the couldn't walk, to a dog that runs up stairs.  Emmie will live the rest of her life with Diana and Roger.  She is happy, healthy and home!

Lil Bit arrived in poor shape.  This little fella was a home for hundreds of fleas.  His mouth was in terrible shape and he was having a hard time walking.  To make matters worse, he has a significant heart murmur and came down with pneumonia.  Months later and Lil Bit is doing wonderfully.  He's a loving little fellow that enjoys life now because he feels good and knows he's safe.  Lil Bit is happy, he's healthy and home! Lil Bit is our newest Permanent Resident!

Rascal was hit by a car and taken to animal control.  He sat in a cage until one of our volunteers discovered him.  Rascal had a broken pelvis and nerve damage to one back leg.  We had to keep him calm for 6 weeks, to ensure his pelvis healed because it could not be repaired surgically.  Rascal's pelvis did heal!  Now we are waiting to see if the nerve damage heals in his back leg (it takes 3 months).  Worst case, we'll have to amputate his leg and he'll be a happy, running, jumping 3 legged dog.  In the meantime, Rascal is happy, healthy and home!