Adoptable Dogs 

Meet our beautiful dogs!  You can scroll down to see them all or click on a photo in the slideshow to go directly to the dog you like best.  If you would like to adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and tell us which dog you want to meet.  All of our dogs are fostered in Central Florida. Thank you!!

Molly, a Chihuahua Blend Girl

Molly is 7lb, 4 yr old Chihuahua girl. With her white coat and dark eyes, she is a beauty. Molly is housetrained and has excellent manners. She is shy and reserved, but trying hard to work on her trust issues. She needs time and patience to help her gain confidence.  A fenced yard is a must as she is not entirely comfortable on the leash. She is very obedient, and will go out and come in when you ask. At this point she does not like to be handled very much, but after a couple of weeks she now comes up to sit with her foster mom on the sofa. 


​Molly's  foster home has dogs, big and small, as well as cats and she gets along with everyone. She also sleeps in the bed, and is a very quiet little girl that will not get up until you do. She would love to be in a home with another dog.  You can see in her eyes that she wants so very much to love and be loved...she just needs that special person to give her that gift of time and patience. They will be rewarded with a best friend forever. Molly is up to date with her vaccines, heartworm negative, spayed, microchipped, and just had her teeth cleaned. Her adoption donation is $275.


Teddy, a Cocker Spaniel Boy 

Teddy is an 8 year old, 32 lb Cocker Spaniel boy. Teddy is a gentle, laid back guy who is perfectly content just being near his humans.  He is deaf, but he's a smart boy and has quickly learned hand signals. (Bonus, he won't complain when you sing off key in the shower, only because he can't hear you!)  He is a healthy and happy boy and is a pleasure to have around.  He loves car rides, good meals, romping in the backyard, and snacking on fruits and veggies. Apples are his favorite!!  His big red bone is his favorite toy and he's a pro at "fetch".  He happily settles into bed with his little boy for storytime at night and then drifts off to dream.

Teddy often plays with the other dogs in the house and gets along well with them, but would be fine as an only dog too.  He does well with school age children and seems tolerant of cats.  He's also very good at telling you when he would like his belly rubbed and will gently climb into you lap and roll over (just to make it easier for you!)  Dinner time is when he comes alive and follows the lead of the other dogs in the house and acts like a silly pup until his food is placed in front of him.  He'll win you over in no time!  Teddy is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated,  housetrained, heartworm negative, and just had his teeth polished.  His adoption donation is $225.  


Tessie, a Shih Tzu / Poodle Blend Girl


Tessie is a 5 year old, 11 lb Shih Tzu / Poodle blend girl.  Tessie is a doll!  She is so loving and will give plenty of kisses and always hopes for a few in return!  Tessie gets along great with other dogs and cats and would fit right in to an animal loving family.  She also loves people!  She gets along with men, women and kids…she never has met a stranger or anyone she didn’t love.  She is just the most loving little girl around.  Tessie has vision impairment, however this doesn’t stop her from anything!  


She navigates right through the house, jumps on furniture and gets the lay of the land in no time flat!   ​What a girl!  She is a happy and wonderful little girl with the most loving spirit and she just loves to explore the outdoors.  When it is time to relax, she will jump right up in your lap to snuggle on the couch so you can pet her ultra soft fur!  She is as soft as cotton!  Tessie is vaccinated, spayed, heartworm negative and microchipped.  Her adoption donation is $225.​


Reese, a Terrier Puppy Girl

Reese is a chestnut colored Terrier girl puppy, born in December.  Wow is this little girl a cutie!  She is everything you love about a puppy too!  Reese is an active little pup that would do best in a home that has previous experience with a puppy.  She is active, outgoing and ready for any adventure!  This tiny mite is full throttle all the time and will definitely keep you 


​on your toes!  She is expected to be about 35 lbs once full grown.  Reese will need the typical training just like any puppy would, including obedience, knowing what to chew and what not to chew, and housetraining.  She would love a home with another dog to show her the ropes and she gets along great with other dogs.  Reese’s adoption donation is $350.


Max, a Bichon / Poodle Blend Boy 

Max is a 7 year old, 20 lb Bichon / Poodle blend boy.  Cutie pie Max absolutely loves to go on walks around the neighborhood and is an excellent gentleman on his leash.  He also loves to go for rides in the car as there is sure to be an adventure on the other end!  Max is a bit shy at first, but he warms up quite quickly and is the ultimate lovebug!  

He gets along with other dogs or he would be just as happy being an only dog, it doesn’t matter to this sweet boy.  He should be adopted in the Orlando area for follow up vet care.  His foster Mom thinks he is just the best!  Max is heartworm negative, microchipped, neutered, vaccinated and just had his teeth cleaned.  His adoption donation is $250.  


Ally and Ariel, a  Chihuahua and Maltese Blend Bonded Pair

Ally and Ariel are a bonded pair that goes by the nickname "Sweet and Spicy!".  Ally is a 6 year old, 6lb Chihuahua and Ariel is a 7 year old, 6 lb Maltese Blend.   Ally is the sweet one of the pair who has never had a bad day.  This girl will come running with called, a big smile on her face, her tail wagging so fast that it's just a blur and she'll do a dance of happiness.  She simply exudes happiness!  These two are like peas and carrots, they do everything together, eat, sleep, snuggle, play, and rule the roost.  There is never a dull moment with these girls around, they will keep you laughing and smiling.

Ariel is the spicy one and what she lacks in size, she makes up in sass.  She loves to play with her foster fur siblings, and when done, will come over and demand a cuddle with you.  But when she snuggles in, you can feel her whole body relax, she'll let out a big sigh and drift off, and how can you say no to that?  They will need to be adopted in the Orlando area as Ariel will need quarterely follow ups with our vets for her eyes (she is blind).  Ally and Ariel are spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm negative and just had their teeth polished.  Their adoption donation is $375.


 Henry, a Chihuahua Boy


Henry is a 7 year old, 8 lb Chihuahua boy.  Little Henry is a petite guy that would love a home where someone is home with him more often than not.  He loves the company!  He loves to sit on your lap or just be close to you on the couch, he is the ultimate snuggle bug!  Henry is a laid back boy that would love nothing more than a nice, comfy spot to lie down and keep an eye on all the action.  Henry likes other dogs and gets along well with them. 


Due to his size, he should go to a home without small children.  He is just the sweetest little guy around and he has a special place in his heart for the ladies, he really bonds well with them!  He would love a home with a female that would love a little guy to spoil.  He is so easy going and is just waiting for the perfect home to call his own!  Henry is heartworm negative, microchipped, neutered, vaccinated and just had his teeth cleaned.  His adoption donation is $225.​


 Peggy, a Chihuahua/Whippet Blend Girl


Peggy is a 10 lb Chihuahua/Whippet Blend girl who was born in September.  This little spitfire is sure to keep you on your toes with her playful puppy attitude.  She wakes up each day knowing that fun will be in store for her.  Whether it's running in the backyard,  chasing lizards, or playing with her toys, she's sure to be on the move with her silly, bouncy self.


​Peggy is great on a leash and always happy to get out and about.  Exploring the neighborhood is one of her favorite things!!  She gets along great with other dogs and would make a wonderful family dog.  Peggy is heartworm negative, microchipped, spayed,  vaccinated, and ready for her forever home.  Her adoption donation is $300.  


 Sissy, a Yorkie Girl


Sissy is a 6 year old, 10 lb Yorkie girl.  Living in foster care is so different from her previous life and she is soaking it all up!  She loves to snuggle into her fuzzy blanket and take a long snooze.  She'll wake up and head over to her foster mama and ask for some lovin' before heading outside to see what is happening.


​Sissy is a great partner in crime, following wherever you may go, just happy to be by your side.  She gets along well with other dogs, but would prefer a home with no small children.  Sissy is microchipped, spayed,  vaccinated, just had her teeth polished, and is ready for her forever home.  Her adoption donation is $300.  


Billy, a Bichon / Poodle Blend Boy 

Billy is an 8 year old, 17 lb Bichon / Poodle blend boy.  Sweet Billy is just marvelous as his foster Mom describes him!  He loves to get attention and is one loving little guy!  He will happily go along for walks throughout the neighborhood and of course he would never turn down a chance for a nice scratch of his belly.  Billy is blind, but you would never even know it!  

He does everything a dog with vision can and more!  Billy would love a family to become a part of and he gets along with other dogs and doesn’t mind cats either.  This little guy is ready and waiting to make one special family very happy!  Billy is housetrained, microchipped, heartworm negative, just had his teeth cleaned, vaccinated and neutered.  His adoption donation is $225.   


Revo, a Poodle Boy 

Revo is a 6 year old, 11 lb Poodle boy.  Bring him a sqeak toy or offer a good ole' belly rub and he'll be your friend forever.  He loves sniffing around the back yard, lounging around as your couch buddy, or keeping you company as you make dinner (and hoping for dropped veggies!).  He is learning to trust and is warming up to strangers much better now that he's seen the good in people.  Once he knows you are there to be his pal, which can take a moment due to his poor vision and wary nature, his true personality simply shines.  He's a smart boy and already knows a few basic commands.

Revo will happily roll over for his belly rub, his ears flopping all around, and offers kisses if you'll have them.  He loves his ducky toy and carries it around with him wherever he goes.  On chilly nights, he's been know to burrow under his foster mom's blanket which he claimed as his own from day one.  He loves taking walks, especially when other dogs don't inturrupt his stroll.  He would do best in home with no small children and where he can be the only pup.   Revo is housetrained, microchipped, heartworm negative, vaccinated and neutered.  His adoption donation is $250.   

Trixie, a Terrier Blend Girl 

Trixie is a 9  year old, 28 lb Terrier Blend girl.  Trixie is a sweet girl that goes with the flow, no matter the situation!  She likes to be a part of the action and will observe what you are doing to make sure you don’t get in to trouble.  She enjoys going on walks and will always be on her very best behavior when on her leash. She is such a lady!  

Trixie gets along with everyone and hasn’t met a stranger yet!  She will even go on car rides to see what her next adventure is without a care in the world.  Trixie gets along with other dogs or would be just as happy as an only dog.  Trixie is housetrained, microchipped, spayed, heartworm negative and vaccinated.  Her adoption donation is $225.​


Stella, a English Cocker Spaniel Girl 

Stella is a 9 year old, 35 lb English Cocker Spaniel girl.  This beauty is one of the coolest dogs her foster mom has ever met!  She loves to play and she will happily go and fetch her favorite toys (Pinkie and Duckie) for a nice game of fetch.  She loves when you throw them for her and will happily grab them and come back for more!  She is a smart girl that knows her commands such as sit, stay and come.  She will make the best pet around!  One of her favorite things to do is jump up and snuggle with her foster mom.


However, she is just as happy lounging about on her oversize king size bed.  Just living the life!  Stella loves roaming around outside and a house with a fenced in yard would be ideal for her to do her roaming safely.  She loves her humans and would do best as an only dog.  Sweet Stella loves to go on walks too and she is great on her leash.  Stella is housetrained, heartworm negative, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Her adoption donation is $200.   

Jagger, a Scnhauzer Blend Boy

Jagger is an affectionate 7 yr old, 14 lb Schnauzer Blend Boy.  Jagger is blind, but don't tell him - he didn't get the memo.  His eyes were diseased and painful, PPR removed them and Jagger is happy and pain free!  Now he can spend his days going on the adventures he loves.  He is super curious and loves to explore.  Going on walks, riding in the car with the fresh air blowing, and the occasional stop at Dunkin Donuts keep this guy happy and busy.  

Jagger is a playfulboy and you can see that he loves his toys.  He is very quiet except to let you know someone is at the door- maybe they are bringing a present for him!  He enjoys meeting new people and other dogs.  Jagger is happy, friendly, and sweet as they come.  He does relish his downtime too and will happily cuddle and give sweet kisses. Jagger is microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, just had his teeth polished and is heartworm negative.  His adoption donation is $225. 


Romeo, a Yorkie Blend Boy 

Romeo is an 11 year old, 9 lb Yorkie/Australian Terrier Blend guy.  This guy is the epitome of grumpy old man.  If you have ever seen Up, he is Mr. Fredrickson in dog form.  If you go to pick him up when he's happy on the ground, he'll growl and grumble.  All you have to do is be firm with him and then he melts into the sweetest boy.

Romeo is an older guy, so he doesn't need a lot of yard or daily walks.  He's just looking for a lap and someone to understand his cantankerous attitude.  You'll be rewarded ten fold with the love that seeps through. Romeo is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and ready for his forever home.  His adoption donation is $200.  

Crumpets, a Schnauzer Blend Boy 

Crumpets is an 8 year old, 25 lb Schnauzer Blend boy.  According to his foster mom, he is the best dog in the world.  Crumpets has great manners, is a smart little fellow who knows his basic commands, and is great at snuggling.  He is always up for a car ride and content to see where the road takes him.  He will also dole out the gentlest of kisses, but only when asked.


Crumpets gets along great with his foster fur siblings and loves running laps in the back yard with them (which is good because he has a some Christmas cookie weight still to lose.) Crumpets is neutered, up to date on vaccines,  heartworm negative, microchipped, housetrained, and just had his teeth polished.  His adoption donation is $225.


Tiger, a Terrier Blend Boy

Tiger is a 1 year old, 7 lb Terrier blend boy.  He is as sweet as can be and is just a lover a heart!  This boy loves everyone he meets and is a social butterfly.  He is very friendly and will wag his tail to show you how happy he is just to be with you.  Tiger gets along with other dogs and would be fine in a home with other animals.  


​At the dog park, he will chase tennis balls, bring them back and then run away with them again!  He is too funny, what a little jokester.  Sweet Tiger loves to give kisses and is always up for going on a car ride or walk to meet new friends. Tiger is vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and heartworm negative. His adoption donation is $300.  ​

Jake, a Terrier Boy

Jake is a 22 lb Terrier boy that was born in September.  This boy is a firecracker!  He loves to run and romp and play all day.  Jake will then look up at you with those big brown eyes and shower you with love and affection. He is still a baby and will need a lot of exercise and some guidance to know right from wrong, but it will be worth it!  Jake is a dog's dog and loves to fetch, chase, and soak up the sun! 

​He would be great for an active family and he will keep you and your family entertained for hours.  He gets along well with everyone he meets, cats, dogs and people.  He just loves them all and they love him right back!  He would love to call you his furever family!  Jake is microchipped, neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and heartworm negative.  His adoption donation is $300. 


Buddy, a Maltese / Westie Blend Boy

Buddy is an 8 year old, 12 lb Maltese / Westie Blend boy.  He just loves to be around people, he is the ultimate social butterfly!  If there is one thing he loves more than socializing though, it is hanging out with his family!  He loves to sit, sleep and relax on the couch while being held and loved on.  He loves attention and has the sweetest personality!  When not cuddling, he likes running around chasing his ball and of course giving kisses!  


​Buddy gets along with other dogs and cats and wouldn’t mind other animals to share the home, but due to his size he should be in a home with older children.  He just loves getting baths, because as Buddy knows you get extra snuggles after bath time and extra snuggles are the best!  Buddy is heartworm negative, vaccinated, neutered, just had his teeth polished and is microchipped.  His adoption donation is $250.​

Adoption Pending - Sweet Pea, a Terrier Blend Girl

Sweet Pea is a 7 year old, 31 lb Terrier Blend girl.  This sweet girl is a joy to be around.  She loves going for car rides and feeling the warm air on her face.  Sweet Pea is always ready and willing to accept some belly rubs and extra lovin'.  And don't stop!  If you do, she'll look at you with those big brown eyes and ask for more!  Sweet Pea is often found relaxing in the cool grass and sniffing the breeze.   She is a darling girl and sure to bring a smile to your face.

Sweet Pea is friendly pup who gets along well with both dogs and cats.  She has wonderful house manners and will be a delight in your home.  Calm, loving, and tender would best describe this little one.  Sweet Pea would like a home with a fenced yard and someone who is there more often than not. Sweet Pea is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, and just had her teeth polished.  She can't wait!  Her adoption donation is $225.  ​  


 Adoption Pending - Gordon, a Terrier Blend Boy


Gordon is a 1 year old, 22 lb Schnauzer / Terrier blend boy. He is just as cute as can be!  Gordon can be found happily playing with his foster brother or running through the house with a squeaky toy just squeaking it away! Before you know it, Gordon just may bring all the toys and happily place them at your feet to get you to throw them for him, all the while wagging his beautiful tail. He is just the happiest little guy around!  


​He will easily amuse himself though, just let him in the backyard and he is off to explore.  A home with a fenced in yard would be best for this guy.  Gordon is the ultimate family guy and would love an energetic family to romp around with.  He gets along great with kids and other dogs and would be the perfect addition to your home.  Gordon is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm negative.  His adoption donation is $300.

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