PPR volunteers are remarkable. Even when they had no electricity themselves, there was no time to feel sorry for ourselves. Sure we were sweaty, hungry and worried but our passion, compassion and strength allowed us to step up without hesitation during a time that was critical. We couldn't "wait" for a convenient time, we had to act now. So many of our volunteers have worked so hard caring for over 50 Hurricane Irma dogs, with more arriving this week, next week, and weeks to come. Two volunteers, Kimberly and Jill, have been especially heroic. Kimberly and Jill are caring for many of these dogs at Parc Pet Suites in Longwood. They didn't give us a limit. They said, "Bring every dog that needs help". Our vets vaccinated and examined each dog and off they went to be spoiled at Parc Pet Suites while they wait for their surgeries and foster homes. How do you thank these two women for the work they are doing? You can't. Luckily our volunteers don't do this work for the "thank you's". They do it for the dogs.

Please Foster a Hurricane Irma Dog 

We need foster families for large dogs.  Many of the Hurricane Irma dogs are 35 - 50 lbs. Please... if you can open your home to one of these dogs, we need you! These pups are so grateful and happy to be safe. They are with our vets now getting the care they need. They will be ready for foster homes next week. We provide everything you need (food, crate, etc). You supply the love. To foster a dog, please click here: Foster Hurricane Irma Dog. Meet just some of the dogs that need your help.










No Power Til Tuesday?

Mouse is actually not worried one bit. His smile gives it away! Air conditioning or no air conditioning, Mouse can still do his favorite thing ever --collect and hide all of his toys from his foster brothers and sisters!

A Way to Help Hurricane Dogs 

We're working with Dr. Zern and his amazing staff at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital (CVH) to get the Hurricane Irma dogs cleaned up, examined, treated and placed into loving foster homes. If you'd like to help with their care, you can make a donation by credit card directly to our account by calling CVH at (407) 366-3233. Ask them to apply your donation to PPR dogs. We are expecting another group of 15 dogs tomorrow. We appreciate your help and we thank you for your continued support!

Please Sponsor a Hurricane Dog 

Please sponsor a hurricane Irma dog. We'll assign your sponsor donation to one of the dogs arriving next week. Please click here: Save a Dog

What Supplies Do We Need?

We have already accepted over 30 Hurricane Irma strays from Dade County. Another 14 are in a safe house to arrive next week. We will be accepting even more as strays are rounded up after the storm. These dogs struggle on the streets of Miami and the fields of The Redlands every day. We need large cages and food. Please help by clicking HERE to purchase a large cage (no plastic crates please). Or HERE to purchase food. Please have the items shipped to 2916 South Tanner Rd. Orlando, FL 32820.  Thank You!

More Hurricane Irma Dogs 

So you flee the storm with a foreclosed notice on your door and you leave your dog CHAINED with no chance of escaping the hurricane. This boy is with The Redlands Volunteers now and will come to PPR asap. As you can see, he's very thankful.

Additionally, thanks to those of you who donated, these 4 are on their way to us right now as well. The Redlands Volunteers are collecting dogs as they can, but soon they will have to stop so they can get their families to safety. After the storm, there will be more dogs to save. We are only limited by our funds in the number of dogs we can save. Please help if you can with a donation below.

HELP US Save Hurricane Irma Dogs! 

Hurricane Irma is coming and the volunteers in The Redlands (south of Miami) are frantic. The strays in The Redlands will not make it. Volunteers are out there rounding up as many as they can and have asked Poodle and Pooch Rescue for help. We have agreed to take 30 dogs, but if we raise enough money we will save more. These are photos of the dogs they caught yesterday. The volunteers will be out today catching more. These dogs will go to a boarding facility that has agreed to keep them until they can make their way to PPR next week.  This is a very large undertaking, a lot of work and veterinary costs. But we have to do something. If we don’t commit to take them, they will drown, be maimed or killed in this storm and its aftermath. We have to save as many as we can.

Please help with the funding of this effort. This is in addition to the dogs we will continue to save locally. The situation is sickening but the burden of saving these dogs is falling on Poodle and Pooch Rescue and our volunteers. We can't ignore these dogs. PLEASE help us save them with a donation below.

Lazy Labor Day...

Puppy Samuel has turned Labor Day into Lazy Day.  He would like to officially declare that today is all about being lazy. Whether lounging in the sun, lolly-gagging in the tall grass or leaping for lizards, today is for taking it easy and soaking up the final days of summer. Samuel and his puppy pals are nearly ready for adoption. Hurry up and get a jump start toward meeting these pups by applying today at www.pprfl.org.

Make a Name for Yourself! 

These two dogs had new lives waiting for them at PPR. All they needed were cool names to get them off to the right start! Mary and Karen named "Skipper" and "Savannah". Now they're ready for brand new lives!! Help animal control dogs come to PPR by giving them the gift of a new name. We want to use every letter in the alphabet! Click here to see which letters are left and send us your name!  Name a Dog!


Whoever says you can't find the perfect pooch in rescue has never adopted a dog.  Bailey is here to show everyone that Rescue Dogs Rock!   This top dog was adopted shortly after arriving in PPR care.  Bailey's new mission is to show the world that he and so many like him make the best companions and lifetime mates; in fact, this pup is so determined to prove his worth that he set out to earn his Canine Good Citizen award, making him an official ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere!  Bailey can be found meeting new friends around his community, often giving a "high paw" from his seat in the golf cart.  When someone suggests adoption, just think of Bailey!  It's true, Rescue Dogs Rock and Bailey proves it everyday!  To adopt your own canine good citizen, get started here: Adoption Application.


You Talkin' to Me?

Leave it to Lenny to lean in real close as he wants to hear every detail of the adventures you have in store for him. Adopt this little love bandit today and let him lead you down the path of never ending love. Lenny is listening so speak up and adopt him today! Meet Lenny by clicking here: Lenny!

Name A New Dog! 

Tootsie has started her new life! We are feeding her 3 times a day and expect her to gain weight every single day! Thank you Mary for giving this new girl her beautiful new name "Tootsie". Now she can start her wonderful life at Poodle and Pooch Rescue! Poodle and Pooch Rescue relies on donations to save these dogs that are so neglected. Please help us save more dogs by naming a dog in need. Please click here: Name a Dog . We'll email you so you can meet the dog you named!


PPR’s President, Rebecca Lynch The Rescue Realtor

Rebecca helps Central Florida families find their new homes while helping our pets in need do the same.  If you're looking for a new home, please visit www.TheRescueRealtor.com.  With each home purchased or sold, Rebecca makes a generous donation to the animal welfare organization that you choose - like PPR!


Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help. We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or have a medical need. Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life. We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them. We are all volunteers so your tax-deductible donation goes directly to help the dogs. We have saved over 3,200 dogs since 2008. Please help us save even more with a donation marked "Special Needs".  Our greatest need is for donations for our Special Needs dogs, some of whom you can visit on the In Recovery Page.

For a one time donation click here:

For a monthly donation click here:

Choose Your Monthly Donation Amount

Dog Food & Harnesses

We need dog food & harnesses. If you would like to buy dog food for our dogs, please purchase any quality canned or dry food by clicking here: Chewy.com. If you would like to buy harnesses for our dogs, please purchase any color in size medium, small or extra small by clicking here: Petsmart . Please have items mailed to 2916 South Tanner Rd, Orlando FL, 32820. Thank you for helping us save more dogs!!!

Creature Comforts 

When PPR volunteers,  Amy and Tom, needed to evacuate their home prior to Irma, naturally they took along their 3 dogs, 2 cats and lots of personal belongings.  Oh, and they took their PPR foster dog, Goose, of course. Goose might be a temporary part of the family, but he's family nonetheless.  Dogs Goose, Tilly, Ty, Liddy, and the cats all piled into the SUV and made their way north.  For these animals, it was a mini vacation complete with comfy hotel beds and lots of togetherness.  While it might have been stressful for Amy and Tom, this is just what our fosters do....they don't give up on their pets OR their foster pups.  Goose made it safely through the storm and had an adventure in the process.  THANK YOU to Amy, Tom and each foster family that provides a safe, loving home for dogs in need.  We could not do what we do without dedicated fosters who step up when the need is greatest, as it has been through this storm crisis. If you want to adopt or foster, please apply at http://poodleandpoochrescue.org/apply_to_adopt_foster.

Home Four Good! 

Remember Destiny? She arrived to Poodle and Pooch Rescue after being mowed down by a truck, for the amusement of the driver. She couldn't use her rear legs and one of her front legs was dislocated. She couldn't poop or pee on her own due to nerve damage. Dr. Zern and his staff, including Kendall, treated Destiny and cared for her. Now she's a happy, normal, four legged dog off to live her new life with the only mom she's ever known, Kendall!

Michael Saves 11! 

Michael is a hero to 11 dogs who would not have survived Hurricane Irma. These dogs were strays in South Florida that Michael brought to Orlando. Now they are with Poodle and Pooch Rescue, safe in their foster homes. Thank you Michael for spending your day saving eleven lives.

Channel 13 Story on PPR 

The fourth car load of Hurricane Irma dogs just arrived at Poodle and Pooch Rescue. These strays wander Dade County, a county infamous for ignoring the dogs that run loose, starving and injured. After the storm, we will be taking in many more dogs from this county where officials hide their head in the beautiful beach sand while dogs die all around them. Thank you Channel 13 for covering this.

The Struggle is Over 

Zoey is done. She's surrendered to whatever comes next. She's done fighting for survival, searching for food, running from cars and cruel humans. Dade County has so much money and so little heart for their strays that roam the streets. A few volunteers feed them and beg rescues to take them. Zoey is on her way to PPR now. She's exhausted, hopeless and she has given up. In her mind, she lost the fight for survival. But she is so wrong. We hope you will help us continue our very important work with a donation of any amount. Thank you.

Zoey finds one of the feeding stations in Dade County

For a one time donation click here:

For a monthly donation click here:

Choose Your Monthly Donation Amount
Cone a Friend 

Many of our special needs dogs need orthopedic surgeries, like Axl. He arrived after struggling for survival as a stray. His rear leg was fractured and his hip was completely dislocated. Axl is a big lab puppy-- the sweetest dog you'll ever meet! He's going to be a big boy and will have full use of all 4 legs soon. Dr. Zern repaired Axl's hip with a Femoral Head Ostectomy and Axl is healing in his foster home. When we cone our friends, it means they're on their way to a better life! When that cone comes off, there will be so much to celebrate! Axl will be available for adoption soon. If you are looking for a big beautiful boy, apply to meet Axl by clicking here: Meet Axl!

Can You Foster One? 

Please click here if you can foster one of these dogs: Foster a Dog. Read their information below and if you will open up your home to them for 2 weeks or more, we need you!

Louise is terrified. Her owners were cruel. She needs to learn that from now on, everyone she meets will be kind.

We removed Simon's left eye. He's doing great. He needs a calm home while he waits for his forever family.

Gracie is just another wonderful senior dumped at animal control who needs someone to love.

Duncan's leg is injured. It's not broken, but he needs cage rest for 3 more weeks. He's 50 lbs of sweetness who needs a place to rest.

Rocky & Bullwinkle 

Rocky and his dad Bullwinkle cuddled close together at animal control, protecting each other from whatever was coming next. Their time had expired. Rocky is very shy, but once in your arms, he's an absolute love. Bullwinkle is a senior so very few families will even consider him for adoption. That's so unfortunate for senior dogs because he is a true gentleman with lots of stories he'll keep to himself, but tons of love to share. If you want to meet one or both of these lovely Chihuahuas, click here: Adoption Application.


Yes! Caboodle. This poor stray at animal control had no name and no life. When we save an animal control dog from being euthanized, the first gift we give them is a name. Please help Poodle and Pooch Rescue name new dogs by clicking here: 1st Names, 2nd Chances.  Your gift will change the life of a dog that is waiting for help. Meet "Caboodle" and look at how her life has changed! She LOVES her new name!

So Happy Together! 

Look at those smiles! This is the picture of two very happy souls. You see, Honeybun is a senior dog. A lot of folks scroll past great dogs like her simply because of their age. It takes a special person like Sharon to appreciate a more experienced pup. Older dogs are amazing companions and happy to snooze on the couch and cuddle. They walk a slower pace to ensure they don't miss a thing. They don't let the world pass them by, but always stop to smell the flowers. Honeybun appreciates every day, every hug, every kiss. Thank you Sharon for adopting an older dog. We hope you inspire others to do the same. Nobody wants the older dogs. Don't be a nobody! Adopt a senior pup today!

Our Newest Furever Foster! 

Duncan is our newest Furever Foster Dog. He gets to live with Dolly and Ron, PPR Foster Parents, for the rest of his life. Duncan has cancer and he's on a medication that will slow it down. Whether he has a few months or a couple years, we just don't know. We do know that he is living his life without a worry in the world. He plays with other dogs and wags his tail like he's swinging a bat-- with strength and purpose. He wants every one to know that he feels good and he is happy. Duncan doesn't want you to feel sorry for him, he wants you to play with him! PPR has 22 Furever Foster Dogs in care. They deserve to be spoiled and that's exactly what we do for them, furever!

Spooning with Spoons 

PPR pup Spoons takes "spooning" to a whole new level!  Give this pint sized pup a lap or just about anywhere near his human, and he snuggles right in.  Here is Spoons making himself cozy with his foster dad Chris.  Lucky for Chris that with Spoons so comfy, Chris can give in to some relaxation time, too.  Besides, who could resist a chance to spoon with Spoons?! Meet Spoons or other awesome spooners on the PPR Adoptable Dogs Page.


Double Duty! 

Erin and Torin transported Mason to Chuluota Veterinary Hospital today. Mason is our newest arrival and has special medical needs. While at the vet hospital, Erin and Torin picked up their next foster dog, Axl! They took Axl home today and will have their hands full trying to keep this playful boy on cage rest while his broken leg heals. Erin and Torin left their house this morning and by noon they had changed the life of two very grateful dogs.

Mason has a large tumor that we will address.

Axl is headed home with his foster family!

Help with a Harness 

PPR needs harnesses for every new dog that arrives. On average, we save 11 dogs per week. Please help by going to either of these two links  Petsmart Harness Link or Tractor Supply Harness Link and purchase a size "small" harness. Please have the harness mailed to 2916 South Tanner Road, Orlando 32820. These type of harnesses work best for our dogs who are getting used to a world where they matter. Thank you.

Volunteer Spotlight! 

Lynda and Mike are special foster parents who foster the special dogs. Little Man, who is blind, feels safe and loved because of this amazing couple who gives the older dogs the love they deserve. We are so thankful and proud that they are part of Poodle and Pooch Rescue.

Mars is Ready to go Home! 

Mars loves dogs, kids, toys and life! He's gorgeous, smart and soooo much fun! If you have a house full of kids or it's just you looking for a running partner, THIS is your boy! What breed is he?  He's a Cuddle Hound mixed with Rollicking Retriever. He's the perfect mix of love and fun! Read more about Mars on the Poodle and Pooch Rescue Adoptable Dogs Page. Or apply to meet him by clicking here: Meet Mars.

Official DDAF Grantee
NEW PPR Shirts! 

Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Long-Sleeve Shirts, Jackets, Hoodies-- You name it, we have it!! Pick your color, style, size and wear your PPR shirts everywhere! When people ask, tell them about Poodle and Pooch Rescue. This is a stylish way to spread the word! Click here: https://www.zazzle.com/s/poodle+and+pooch+rescue.  Then click on the grey PPR T-Shirt and create your masterpiece! Here is just a sample of the styles and colors available.

You Can Help!

You can help by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating so we can save more dogs.  Please visit the How to Help page for more details.

To adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and we'll call you to help find the right match for your family. 

To foster, please also fill out the Adoption Application but write in that you'd like to foster.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, help with events, people that can sew and lots more!

To donate, please click on any of the paypal buttons on our website.


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