_________ Out Cold _________ 

Doggone it, Frank and Toki tried their best to finish the latest James Bond film, especially after all the hype it created.  But alas, as often happens when two wild and crazy guys get together, they just couldn't hang till the end. Must have been all the buttered popcorn. As for Toki, he couldn't care less about the movie's ending, he just knows his new beginning is here and now. With a foster dad as cool as Frank, Toki can't even imagine that it gets even better when his forever family comes along. Well, that can all wait cause these guys have lots of flicks (and some zzzzz's) to catch up on.  Please visit Toki (awake) on our Adoptable Dogs Page.

Save a Dog 

This boy needs your help now.  Please visit our Save a Dog page to sponsor!

___ What a Day for a Daydream.... ___ 

Sparky loves to spend his days lounging on the sun porch of his foster home. He stares out into the sunshine, wrapped up in the daydreams of his life ahead. Who will come for me?  A busy, active family or a young single go-getter? How about a lovely retired person or couple? Hmmmm, all these options sound so very nice. One day his daydreams will be a reality and his happily ever after will come. But for now, Sparky will bask in the warm sunny rays, wrapped in those dreams. Maybe Sparky is meant for you? Visit him and his fur friends on the Adoptable Dogs Page. They are waiting for you!

_______ April Fool's Everyone! ________ 

When April arrived, she was a tumor-infested breeder's dog. But she fooled us!  She is much more than that!  April had her left-side mastectomy and spay 2 weeks ago.  Her tumor pathology was benign, as usual. As April healed, she made the discovery of her life--TOYS!  More TOYS! And even more TOYS!  April is passionate about her new life and her toys!!  Now instead of living her life in a cage having puppies, she gets to live her life!  April will have her right-side mastectomy and dental in May, then she will be ready for a home! She's not a tumor-infested breeder's dog after all!  She's a toy-hoarder!

April before surgery, loaded with tumors.

April after surgery, left-side tumors removed.

April after suture removal, her left-side is tumor free!

Winston Win's Big 

Winston was found by animal control roaming the streets in the condition above.  We knew he was old, blind and would need a lot of work, including a surgery to remove one of his eyes.  We also knew he deserved to live the rest of his life being adored.  PPR saved him with your donations and now he's living the life he deserves! Winston's a family man with a mom and dad that spoil him and a brother to pal around with.  Look at how beautiful and happy he is in the video below.  Sure he only has one eye and it doesn't work, but who cares!  He sure doesn't! 

Build-A-Bear Cares!

Thank you to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation for awarding PPR a grant of $1,000 from their Bearemy's Kennel Pals Grant Program!  Bearemy's Kennel Pals is a collection of plush dog toys that generates funds so that homeless pets can get the care they need to find a home.  We are honored to have been chosen by this wonderful organization.  Their donation, like every donation, will be entirely used for veterinary care, food, grooming and other dog care expenses.  Nobody at PPR is paid and we do not have a shelter to maintain because the dogs live in our homes.  Bear Hugs to Build-A-Bear for helping PPR save more dogs!!!

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help.  We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or a medical need.  Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life.  We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them.  We are all volunteers, 100% of your tax-deductible donation saves dogs.

Eye Can't be Saved, But I Can........ 

Kobe is another happy, wagging, thrown away dog.  He arrived from animal control over the weekend. We will spend the week evaluating him, running diagnostics, doing surgeries and making him well.  He will spend the next few days with Dr. Zern at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital getting the care and attention he needs.  Kobe's right eye is not an eye anymore, just tissue that needs to be removed, flushed and the eye-socket closed for comfort.  He sees just fine from his left eye.  Kobe's jaw is broken but it's a very old break and he eats just fine.  We will radiograph his jaw to see if we can repair it.  His jaw isn't painful-- you can move his jaw around and he wags his tail the entire time, happy to get the attention.  We have already given Kobe a medicated bath and groomed him (photos soon) so he's already feeling better.  Although we have to say that he was very happy on arrival!  Kobe was in full celebration mode when he jumped out of the car and sprinted into our vets office, tail wagging! He knew good things were coming his way.  We have a lot of work to do on this sweet boy, please help with a donation.  No amount is too small.  Thank you!

________ Doggone Good!! ________ 

DOG for DOG is all about keeping our dogs healthy with their natural food products that are not only nutritious, but super delicious too!  This awesome company is not just about providing a  quality product, they are also committed to giving back to the community. Just look at the 560 pounds of food that DOG for DOG donated to PPR!!  PPR volunteer Mary jumped in her trusty van and picked up the food from the Woof Gang Bakery headquarters. Woof Gang is partnering with DOG for DOG in their efforts to support local and national rescue groups. Thank you for this incredible donation that will feed so many dogs in PPR care!  Our dogs are gonna be doing the happy dance with each and every bowl!!

Cowgirl, Hangin' Out Poolside! 

Cowgirl's in a foster home with Neil, Sherry, Trevor and Zach.  She is up to 46 lbs, from just 40 lbs less than a week ago!  She has another 10-15 lbs to put on, but she is well on her way.  In the above photo she is hanging out poolside with her foster family, having the best Saturday of her life!! The photos below show her on arrival at our vet office last week. All this dog needed was someone to care.  She was skin and bones, loaded with parasites -- fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworms.  Despite the horrible care she received from her prior owner, she's as sweet as she looks. Her bloodwork shows severe anemia as we expected, but is otherwise good.  Her urinalysis was good.  We have more diagnostics to do when she's at a normal weight.  Then a spay surgery, a dental and heartworm treatment.  If you can help with her care, please click on the Donate Button below.  Thank you.

Cowgirl on arrival at our vet office.

_._._._._._._ Young Love _._._._._._._ 

Olivia is one of our youngest volunteers and as you can see, she has a special gift with the puppies.   Olivia's family recently decided to try fostering and took in not just one, but two little dogs who needed a temporary home. It's been such fun for Olivia to get to know her foster dogs and teach them all about what it's like to be part of a family. Dogs like Tinx and Darby thrive in foster care, especially when they have the love of such a caring young girl. Thank you Olivia and your family for opening your home to our awesome pooches!  We love all our foster families. Whether you are a one person household, or a big family of many, we welcome you to our foster network of amazing volunteers! 

Life's a Beach!

Milly is a PPR alumni who has finally settled into a routine in her forever home with mom Becky.  It took some getting used to, what with all the stress of where to take a morning nap, which dog beach to stroll, or Milly's personal angst, kibble or canned? Ah, such is the life of a PPR dog when adopted by a great family. The stresses can be overwhelming at times, but like Milly has learned, a long nap on a very comfortable bed in a home at the beach never fails to brighten her spirits and ease all the tension. Ah Milly, life really is a Beach. 

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These T-Shirts are made of a silky-soft cotton that is oh so comfy, not the normal stiff T-Shirt material we are all used to! Click the Buy Now button below and tell us what size you would like.  For a $20 donation we'll mail your T-Shirt right to your doorstep!  These shirts are beautiful, make unique gifts and are a great way to show your support!


You Can Help

You can help by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating so we can save more dogs.  Please visit the How to Help page for more details.

To adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and we'll call you to help find the right match for your family.  To foster, please also fill out the Adoption Application but write in that you'd like to foster.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, photographers, people that can sew and lots more!

To donate, please click on any of the paypal buttons on our website. With every donation you'll receive photos and updates of the dog(s) you've helped, including a photo of your dog with his new family when he's adopted! 


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