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Help Us Save The Leftovers!

Only 2 days left!

PPR is dedicated to saving special needs dogs. These dogs are older or require medical attention. Often times, they have been passed over by other rescue groups and are left sitting at animal control, waiting. These are the leftovers. Saving them costs a little more, but they are worth it, and so we need your help. We are asking each of our followers to donate $10 to our Save the Leftovers Campaign by November 25th. By taking 2 minutes to donate $10, you will help save the life of a dog who is waiting at animal control and has run out of time. Your donation WILL make a difference. For a $75 donation you get to name the next dog and for a $100 donation we'll send you a PPR T-Shirt!  Just give us the dog name or T-Shirt size in the comments section of your donation.  Thank you!

This is a time to be thankful. 

Let’s spread the joy and Save the Leftovers!

Go Ahead....Fall for Nico!

Nico's just hanging out on the hay bales, enjoying a nice Florida fall day. Nico enjoys this time of year because the air feels a bit cooler and he can stay out in the yard even longer!  He also senses the excitement in the air as the people prepare for the holidays. Nico's never had a real Thanksgiving or Christmas, so he's very eager to experience these special times with a real family. His ideal family would be a nice adult person or two, very patient and calm. He especially likes to go on walks or just play in the yard. Nico loves his foster family, yet hopes to be relaxing under the dinner table of his forever family during all the holiday feasts. Apply on this website for Nico or one of his buds currently available for adoption. 

Our Angelina, an Angel to So Many! 

Volunteer Angelina doesn't just love dogs, she's passionate about saving dogs!  Angelina has fostered many pups and loved them until the perfect forever home came along. Even her beautiful black dog Hunter makes each dog feel right at home and welcomes them with open paws. It was Golden girl Sadie that became the foster dog who never left. This sweet beauty stole Angelina's heart like none had before. Mr. Hunter fell in love too, sealing the decision that Sadie was forever home. Adopting Sadie, now Annabell, hasn't stopped Angelina from fostering and volunteering in countless ways with PPR. As Angelina knows, fostering is not just rewarding, you might even find your new best furry friend. Apply to foster today and spend your holiday wrapped in fluffy, snuggly 4 legged love.

Best Thanksgiving for Coal & Coach! 

Coal at animal control, waiting for help.

Coal arrives at PPR and feels better after his groom.

Dr. Benson gives Coal a hug after eye-removal surgery.  Coal's eye had been a source of discomfort for too long.

Coach at animal control hoping someone comes for him.

Coach is safe, relaxing on his rescue ride to PPR!

Sarah gets Coach ready for a walk, after Dr. Zern removed Coach's eye.  Coach has finally gotten the relief he deserves.

Our Special Needs Fund allows us to say "Yes" when we are asked to help animal control dogs like Coal and Coach that are out of time and need special care.  These two needed eye surgeries which is why they were "left over" at animal control after dogs all around them were being adopted and rescued.  PPR has the experience and the willingness to help dogs like these, but without the funds we are helpless and so are they.  Your contributions save the dogs that nobody else will.  Coal and Coach, two brand new arrivals, are alive because of you.  They have a lot to celebrate this Thanksgiving!  Please help by clicking on the Donate button above to donate specifically to their care or donating on our Save the Leftovers page so we can save more special needs dogs like them.  Thank you.

When Little Meets Big

Little foster pup June Bug meets all sorts of interesting creatures on her daily walks. She greets them all with a wagging tail and few puppy licks. June never met a stranger, whether 2 or 4 legged, big, small, or somewhere in between. This happy dog was especially taken with the neighbors Greyhound, and we are certain that June asked where she got that beautiful pink toe polish!  June is a bit of a diva herself, so once her blonde locks grow back out, she'll be ready for a full spa treatment, pink toe polish included!  Meet sweet June today by applying on the website. She will greet you with wags and kisses!

Jiffy Pot Pie is Out of Control!  

Only 9 days left! You can still give $10 to Save the Leftovers to save the dogs at animal control that are a little older or have a medical need. Jiffy Pot Pie, Sr. Accountant for the Save the Leftovers Campaign, was going to be euthanized just because he was a little older.  Now he volunteers at PPR to save other dogs just like him. Mr. Pot Pie arrived to the office early this morning to calculate the new total of $8,411! Look at how excited he is! This old boy can't contain himself! Watch out! If we reach $10,000 who knows what this crazy accountant might do! 

Save the Leftovers for These Two! 

Dafney and Eddie are former "Leftovers".  Animal control reached out to PPR asking us to help Dafney.  She was found as a stray and had a tramatic crush injury to her front right leg.  She was unclaimed, in pain, and in need of serious medical attention.  Looking at an expensive surgery and a few weeks of recovery time, PPR said, "Of course!" when no one else would and a volunteer was on their way.  Eddie had some behavioral issues, but with love and time, he learned that not all people are bad and has turned into the gentlest of love bugs.  These two ask you to spread the word about our "Save the Leftovers" Campaign.  It's as easy as sharing this post with your friends and asking them to visit to make a $10 donation.  Even the smallest amount helps save pups like Dafney and Eddie.  If we don't help them, who will?

Party Animals! 

Fluffy little Toby, who was recently adopted by Kelly and her family, celebrated his birthday in grand style, complete with hats, balloons and yummy treats. Kittie cat siblings Micky and Penny, and doggie sister Summer enjoyed the festivities so much that they even waited for the birthday pup to take the first bite! Toby's best gal pal Kelly pulled out all the stops for Toby's party, including a few squeaky toys that Toby promises to share. Happy Birthday Toby and we wish you many, many more! 

High Five for Save the Leftovers Donors! 

Jiffy Pot Pie, Sr. Accountant for the Poodle and Pooch Rescue Thanksgiving "Save the Leftovers" Campaign, gives a high five to everyone who has donated! You have given $5,705 to help us save more dogs!  Mr. Pot Pie reminds you that we are all volunteers and the dogs are kept in our homes so NONE of your donation is spent on salaries or a big building--it ALL goes to save dogs like him!! There are only 12 days left so please ask your dog-loving friends to help us Save the Leftover dogs at animal control by clicking here: Save the Leftovers to make a donation of any amount.  High Five to every single one of you that cares about these dogs and is making a difference!

Official DDAF Grantee

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help. We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or have a medical need. Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life. We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them. We are all volunteers so your tax-deductible donation goes directly to help the dogs. We have saved over 2,600 dogs since 2008. Please help us save even more.

Announcement from Mr. Jiffy Pot Pie 

Jiffy Pot Pie here! Hope you all had a great weekend.  I spent mine sleeping in late and lounging at the pool.  I did manage to count all of your "Save the Leftovers" donations and we are up to $9,650!  Can you believe it?!  Soooo many dogs are going to be saved because of YOU! Just two more days to get your donations in!  We'll have a final total on Tuesday at 9pm.  It doesn't appear we will meet our goal of $15,000, but we're not giving up hope yet, we have two days to go! We are so grateful for those of you who have come through for us.  Your donations give dogs like me new lives we could never even imagine.  You're the best. 

Click here to donate before Tuesday at 9pm!

Chipper is Home!

Remember Chipper, the blind dog from animal control?  Now he's one of the lucky ones!  Precious Chipper has found the best doggie mommy ever and Leighanne is in love with her new fur baby.  Since his cataract removal surgery, Chipper can actually see his new mom, and she is beautiful! He also thinks his fur sister Stella is a downright knock out!! Wow, Chipper's life has gone from dark and lonely to bright and beautiful with Leighanne & Stella. He has a new family and an incredible life ahead. Leighanne, Stella and Chipper are just getting this party started!  Thank you so much Leighanne for being a young person that sees the value in an older dog.  You are Chipper's hero and you will teach others that older dogs are wonderful and deserve a second chance.

Me and My Tooth ......... 

My name is Roscoe, but you can call me Snaggle McGhee. See, I have this funny tooth that the dentist tried to pull. I said to him, "What, You Gotta be Kidding Me!" This tooth get's me attention from the pretty ladies, and makes the people giggle when they see me. No way some goofy dentist is taking out my signature tooth.  How could I be known as Snaggle McGhee without my tooth?  So, if you want to adopt me, you adopt my tooth, too!  It's that simple. Seriously, who could resist this face?  Get to know Roscoe better by visiting the Adoptable Dogs Page of the website. And apply for him or one of his handsome pals today!

Piper Had The Time of His Life 


When foster dad Ron (my husband) went to the vet to pick up Piper, the plan was that Piper would stay with us till his original foster parents returned from vacation. Well, after a weekend with Piper, we were hooked so we took over as foster parents.  This little guy kept us in stitches with his silliness. He had the funniest bark that was part scolding (if you left him for even an hour, or didn't have dinner on time) and part story telling. The little fella had so much to say!

We had no idea how old he was, maybe 12, maybe 16, it was anyone's guess. We knew he would not be the first dog that adopters looked at. As cute as he was, his age worked against him, but that was OK. He could hang out with us as long as necessary because we would only let him go to the perfect home.

This little one stole our hearts. He had a loving soul and spent hours tucked against us as we worked or watched TV.  He followed me around the house and though his sight and hearing weren't the greatest, he made sure he kept tabs on my whereabouts. In the yard, he loved the sunshine on his face. If the other dogs chased a squirrel, he gave it a whirl too.  We took Piper all over town, including the grocery story (not allowed, but oh well), out to restaurants and any time we ran errands. He was always eager to go in the car and was a hit with everyone he met.  As the days went by, there was a decline in Piper's zest for life.  It broke our hearts to see the changes, as it seemed they came quickly. His little heart simply gave out. We did the most generous thing we could for our little man.  We let him go peacefully with euthanasia. Piper knew he was loved just as if he’d been part of our family all of his life. We'd have given anything for more time with him but are so grateful that we were lucky enough to know him and give him 2 wonderful months. He sure livened things up and is missed every single day.  Thanks for the memories Piper, you were one of a kind! 


Baylor The Show Off!

Baylor is bound for stardom with his handsome good looks and incredible moves. If you have a ball to toss, this pup is all in! He is playful, smart and fun. Baylor boy hasn't met a stranger, especially one with a yummy treat. This boy is SMART! He knows basic commands and the veterinary technician that cared for him taught him other tricks in minutes (his favorite is "High Five"!).  Baylor loves to show off and learn new skills. But most of all, Baylor wants a home to call his own and promises to be your best pal for life. Apply to adopt Baylor today and get ready to take happiness to a whole new level!

Cataracts Shmataracts! Danny Sees! 

Put your paws together for the amazing Dr. Fife! Here is Danny just one hour after Dr. Fife removed 9-year-old Danny’s cataracts, and implanted brand new lenses.  Now the fuzzy-wuzzy white poodle can see again! Danny is another dog from animal control that nobody wanted and now he is a dog transformed, having gone from ailing and elderly to brimming with puppy-like energy. Mad about toys, he will gleefully bring them along to his forever home when he’s given the green light for “GO!”  Watch for Danny on the Adoptable Dogs page soon!

A Day in Clooney's New Life 

My name is Clooney. Yes, as in George Clooney. I have no idea where the paparazzi were when I was abandoned at the shelter.  I could barely walk, had no hope of getting adopted and my time was up.  Sure I was an older dog, but the animal control folks didn't want to euthanize me.  They wanted me to have a chance, so they called PPR. Next thing I know, I'm being scooped up by a PPR volunteer and headed to their vet!  I got all the care I needed and they even fixed my leg with an orthopedic surgery!  So many people wrote me off, but here I am, in my new home, taking my morning stroll down the garden path as my mom admires me.  Now, not only do I walk perfectly, but I run, I bark, I jump and I love my new life!  I hope you'll help save dogs like me by donating to the Save the Leftovers Campaign. You can save us!  Autographs anyone?

Pekingese Attacks Herd of Bison! 

Paisley is fearless! She's strong, happy and makes her foster mom laugh every day! She has mammary tumors so nobody adopted or rescued her from animal control  PPR stepped up for this little girl.  When she has recovered from her nasty skin infection, resulting from fleas and neglect, our vets will remove her tumors and she'll be ready for a home!  If we didn't step up to save Paisley, she would have been euthanized.  What a shame that would have been for a funny girl that is so full of LIFE that she thinks she can take on a herd of bison (see the video below)! Please donate to the Save the Leftovers Campaign so PPR can continue to save these leftover dogs like Paisley at animal control.  Please donate to our Save the Leftovers Campaign by clicking here  Save_the_Leftovers so we can continue to save the dogs that noboby else will.

Report from Jiffy Pot Pie!

I’m Jiffy Pot Pie, Sr. Accountant for the Poodle and Pooch Rescue Save the Leftovers Campaign.  I’ve spent all night adding up your donations and so far we have raised $4,235!  Our goal is $15,000 and there are just two weeks left so please make your donation today.  Please share the Save the Leftovers Campaign with your friends and post it on your Facebook page.  If you have had a year to be thankful for, I hope you’ll help Poodle and Pooch Rescue save dogs like me.  Yep, I was a leftover.  I was an old dog with medical issues at animal control.  Nobody would help me and my time was up.  Out of nowhere, a beautiful lady wearing a PPR T-shirt came to my kennel, pointed at me and said, “We’ll take him”.  Best day of my life! Your donations saved me and now I’m the happiest (and obviously handsomest) dog in the world! Please donate by clicking the button below to save leftover dogs like me.  Hey-- and for a $75 donation you get to name the next new dog and for $100 donation you get a PPR T-Shirt! Just include the name or your T-Shirt size in the comments section of your donation.  Thank you all so much!!!

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These T-Shirts are made of a silky-soft cotton that is oh so comfy, not the normal stiff T-Shirt material we are all used to! Click the Buy Now button below and tell us what size you would like.  For a $20 donation we'll mail your T-Shirt right to your doorstep!  These shirts are beautiful, make unique gifts and are a great way to show your support!


You Can Help

You can help by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating so we can save more dogs.  Please visit the How to Help page for more details.

To adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and we'll call you to help find the right match for your family.  To foster, please also fill out the Adoption Application but write in that you'd like to foster.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, photographers, people that can sew and lots more!

To donate, please click on any of the paypal buttons on our website. With every donation you'll receive photos and updates of the dog(s) you've helped, including a photo of your dog with his new family when he's adopted! 


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