Did Someone Say Chicken???? 

Once Piper entered foster care, he wasted no time making his wishes known. Just ask him what's on his mind, then get ready for an ear full! Rest assured, this little pint-sized pup has a lot to say! He'll readily tell you when it's time to go out, to eat, take a car ride or get a belly rub!  As you can see, he's just so darn cute that his foster parents rarely say no. Seriously, how could anyone resist 7 pounds of fluffy silliness, topped off with side ways kisses?  To know Piper is to love Piper. You can learn more about Piper and his pals on our Adoptable Dogs Page. Trust us, he has a lot to say, and even more kisses to give!!

Your Lucky Day!

Forget the lottery, your lucky break begins the minute you meet Lucky. This happy go Lucky poodle boy is so smart he just might be able to choose the lotto numbers for you!  Lucky is quite the trick master too, including fetch and spin, not to mention knowing all his basic manners. This handsome young boy enjoys practicing his skills so he would love to be adopted by someone willing to keep his skills honed. Change your luck and meet Lucky today. You can apply on the Apply to Adopt Page!

Helping Dogs One Step at a Time 

Calling all walkers and couch potato “wannabe walkers”!! We have a fun way for you to win funding for Poodle and Pooch Rescue simply by WALKING. Sound easier than easy? It is. Thanks to ResQwalk, a mobile app that gives you the chance to raise money and earn prizes for us each time you go for a walk. We have already partnered with ResQwalk. The rest is up to you. If you own an iPhone or an Android phone, you can become a much-needed and most welcome member of our team. Simply download the ResQwalk app on your mobile phone. Once it is installed, search for Poodle and Pooch Rescue, and add us to your favorites. Make certain to click onto our logo BEFORE you start each walk (this adds your mileage to our team's existing total) and click on “Finish” at the END of each walk. At the end of the week, donations are paid to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked. Won’t you please add your support and your mileage to our team? Such a simple task with such great rewards - WIN, WIN!

Freeman Company Saves Dogs! 

We were incredibly honored that PPR was selected to receive proceeds from the Freeman Company's Annual Family Fun Day. What we never imagined was the incredible generosity of the employees and their families! When the Customer Service Committee, represented by PPR volunteer Shannel, presented PPR representative Kim Strauss with their donation, we were ecstatic imagining all the ways this donation would help the dogs!!  Freeman is the kind of company that does it right. Not only did they show their employees how much they are valued, but the employees themselves chose to give back to their community as well. What a great example of paying it forward. Poodle and Pooch wants to thank each and every person that made this amazing donation possible. Your "Fun Day" of dunk tanks, cotton candy, hot dogs and carnival games means more dogs saved and rehabilitated. We'd call that a win-win!  Freeman is a company that more companies should look to as an example of how doing good is both fun and so rewarding. Thank you again, and a big "high paw" to Freeman!

Remember Our Little Soldier??? 

Amanda, Soldier's Foster Mom, Visiting Soldier a Year Later

With his butterscotch coat and big bright eyes, this perky, pint-sized pooch sports the impressive name of Soldier. And he has more than lived up to that name by being big and brave and recovering from the burns that once scalded, then scarred his back. Contacted by Animal Control about a severely burned puppy, who needed urgent specialized care, we accepted the challenge and provided small, suffering Soldier with the medical attention he required. An obvious victim of abuse, the spunky little pup spent several months recuperating under the loving and watchful eye of his foster mom. And although his fur has never grown back, he remains happily oblivious to it. One year ago, his winning smile and winning ways won him the ultimate prize: a wonderful life with a wonderful adoptive family, close enough to his foster mom that they still see each other. We salute you, our special and oh-so-sprightly Soldier.

Meet Ally & Ariel at Barktoberfest !!! 

Ally and Ariel love going for car rides!  They like to ride along the lake and watch the sunset, they like to ride to the park to play with their friends, but they especially like riding to adoption events.  They put on their best faces and practice showing off how well behaved they are, all for that moment when someone will look at them and say, "I have to have this pair, they are perfect!"  Ally and Ariel can't wait for Barktoberfest, they'll be there on Saturday, will you?

Please Visit the Recovery Room 

Poodle and Pooch Rescue saves a very high percentage of older dogs and dogs with medical needs. We save the dogs that nobody else will save. The diagnostics, surgeries and medications are costly but these sweet, neglected souls are worth it.  After we undo the damage their owners have caused, these depressed dogs come to life!  When they arrive their heads are hanging, their tails are tucked, they won't make eye contact and they have no place they want to go, so they don't want to walk.  They are hopeless, they feel worthless.  But when they realize that someone cares, everything changes. Their tails wag, their heads are held high, they make eye contact while they wiggle in to give kisses and they remember how to prance!  They feel good again and are excited to be alive!  Please visit the In Recovery page and make a donation of any amount so we can continue to save the dogs that need us.  We are their last option.

Duchess Finds Her Family! 

Our Special Needs Dogs get the BEST homes!  When Karen and John saw Duchess, her smile melted their hearts. Then they sensed the unmistakable joy in her soul. It didn't matter that Duchess was blind.  Duchess, now known as Tessie, is home forever with Karen and John, settling into a life she is sure was meant for a movie star.  Tessie IS a star to Karen and John! They spoil her with their love and attention.  One of Tessie's favorite pastimes is listening to a story dad reads to her. She loves a good romance or animal novel. But cat stories, no way. We thank Karen and John for choosing the smile and the joyful heart of a Special Needs Dog  Tessie has a family now, her dreams have come true!

Dog Left in Car to Suffocate, Safe with PPR! 

Baby sticks her tongue out at her prior owner!  Good Riddance!

Watch the video below of Baby's rescue.  For iphone or ipad users, click this link: Baby's Rescue

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Stupid, selfish, cruel!  This ignoramous purposely locked her dog in her car with the windows closed while she enjoyed her day at the beach.  She sipped a cold drink and ate a sandwich under an umbrella as her dog, Baby, was about to suffocate.  Luckily, good samaritan Vincent saved Baby from a horrible death and called the police. Baby had only spent 10 minutes in the car when the police arrived. Baby's owner has repeated animal offenses and was hauled off to jail. Baby went to animal control for safe-keeping, then to PPR. We are not surprised by Baby's condition given the self-centeredness of her owner.  Baby suffers from neglect.  She is skinny, has diarrhea, likely from parasites, has mammary tumors, is not spayed of course, has a cherry eye, heartworms, whipworms, and she's anemic due to the toll the heartworms and intestinal worms have taken on her frail body. Her owner is where she should be after multiple offenses--JAIL! And Baby is where she should be, with PPR!  Baby will need two separate surgeries, 3 weeks apart, then heartworm treatment.  She will have her veterinary diagnostics tomorrow so we can determine her other health issues.  Baby is on her way to a new life full of good health, happiness and love.  To help Baby get the veterinary care she needs, please donate any amount by clicking on the button below.  We'll email you with updates of her progress.

Official DDAF Grantee

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help.  We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or a medical need.  Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life.  We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them.  We are all volunteers, 100% of your tax-deductible donation saves dogs.

_____ Bravo for Brave Boy Bean! _____ 

What you notice first are the velvety black ears, limpid eyes and broad black nose that comprise his sweet and gentle face. Then you see what appears to be a badly stitched, pale gray blanket brightened by a jagged red scar that covers most of his freshly shaved, black back. Brown-eyed Bean was obviously a dog who not only lived outside, but was severely neglected as well. Although the exact cause of the extensive damage to his back is unknown, it is obvious that 3-year-old Bean was pinned beneath something – a fence, a gate or a heavy board – and that it took him a painfully long time to wriggle and scrape his way to freedom. His injuries will heal, aided by both oral and topical antibiotics and time, but because his hair follicles were permanently damaged, his hair won’t grow back due to the pressure necrosis. And although he may be a “string bean” now, he is young and resilient, feisty and strong, with the rest of a long and happy life still ahead of him. Once he is pronounced “fit as a fiddle,” brave boy Bean will be on the hunt for a forever home with loving owners who will cherish him and never let him go.  Bean is now a lucky PPR dog.

Watch the video of below of Bean arriving at PPR.

Pumpkin Pie is Safe with Nini! 

Pumpkin Pie asking Nini to help her

Pumpkin Pie on her way to a new life!

Nini and her mom Nina picked up Ann Marie (Shih Tzu with injured eye)  last week from animal control.  Nini passed a happy, mixed breed puppy in an animal control kennel, that she stopped to play with.  This little puppy, named Pumpkin Pie, won her over.  Nini and her mom thought for sure this puppy would be adopted before her time was up. They watched her on the animal control website day after day, but she was not adopted. Pumpkin Pie was out of time and out of options.  On her last day, Nini and Nina couldn't bear the thought of this little girl being euthanized so they went to animal control, saved Pumpkin Pie and now they are fostering her!  Pumpkin Pie has been celebrating ever since in her new foster home!  She's a happy, smart puppy that will be listed for adoption this week!!

Pumpkin Pie in her foster home!

Shhhhh.... Beagle Sleeping 
Baby beagle Barney plays hard and sleeps ever harder. And when he sleeps, he dreams of his new forever family. His little tail twitches with delight as he imagines kissing their faces and rolling over for belly rubs. He dreams of green grass, squeaky toys and yummy puppy food. Can you make Barney the Beagle's dreams come true?  He's available for adoption and ready to wiggle his way into your heart. Apply for Barney by clicking on the Adoptable Dogs tab of this website.

What a Difference a Day Makes! 

9/23: Ann Marie is feeling oh so much better today!!  Dr. Zern did surgery and she's going home to her foster mom.  This girl is starting to realize that life is about to get good!!  Thank you to the Doris Day Foundation for helping us with this little girl. 

9/22: Ann Marie is missing most of her left eye.  Some tissue is remaining, but no eye, just infection.  She is having surgery at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital to remove the tissue, clean out the socket and close it.  We can't wait for this surgery because her condition is painful.  Ann Marie came to us from the good folks at animal control.  They cleaned her up, made her comfortable, and asked for help.  We are very thankful to our animal control partners for helping so many dogs.  Thank you also to the Underwood family for transporting so many of these needy pooches from animal control to the PPR vets.  This family, Nini pictured here, is dedicated to helping the special needs dogs. 

If you can help with Ann Marie's care, please donate any amount below and we'll email you with photos of her progress.  Ann Marie is in good hands now but as always, we can't save these dogs without you.

Um, I'll Have a Bite of That 

Doolittle had a bad week.  First he was dumped by his owners, then he spent the week watching adopters and rescuers pass him by at animal control. When Doolittle arrived at PPR, he was so depressed. He didn't want to move or even look at you.  But after excellent veterinary care at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital, a nice bath to remove his ticks and three days with foster mom Erica, Doolittle is a new pup!  He loves to go on walks, chew on his toys, and he's doing his best to get the cats to play.  He's decided life is worth living!  Especially since in 3 short days, Doolittle has mastered "puppy dog eyes"-- that irresistible look that gets him anything he wants!

Brighton Brightens Up Homework

Who knew that fostering a dog would provide the added bonus of a tutor? We aren't sure who's tutoring who, but anytime you have a study buddy, homework is so much easier. Perhaps foster dog Brighton is helping Nick with his geography, or Nick could be reading Brighton the latest dog detective mystery, Brighton's favorite. Either way, these 2 have become great friends while Brighton lives temporarily with Nick's family in foster care. Nick has promised Brighton that his next home will be even more perfect because it will be his forever home! Brighton is ready for the next phase of his adoption journey, but in the meantime, he just wants to finish this awesome mystery series!  To adopt Brighton, please apply right here on the website on the Apply to Adopt page!

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To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, photographers, people that can sew and lots more!

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