Save a Dog 

This guy needs your help now!  To sponsor, please visit our Save a Dog page.

No More Lollygagging, It's Time to Run! 

Sweet Lolly came to PPR with an orthopedic injury.  Her right rear leg had suffered some sort of trauma and she would not use it.  Sure enough, her hip had been dislocated and she needed a femoral head ostectomy. Lolly's knee on the right leg was also injured so we knew after she healed from her FHO, we would have to evaluate the functionality of her knee. As we expected, Lolly's knee is "out of position".  It's uncomfortable to walk on. She needs a surgery to correct the positioning of her knee so she can use her leg. Currently she can stand on her leg and will use it when she walks slowly, but her knee won't allow her to run and jump.  Lolly's much too young to lose the ability to run and jump!  We are going to repair Lolly's knee.  Will you help us?

Keep On Smiling! 

Stella and Sue can't help but smile when they are out and about in The Villages, where Sue lives and where Stella has set up camp until she's adopted. Stella loves living with her awesome foster mom Sue, because Sue spoils her in every way a family pet should be spoiled. Sue loves Stella, and is absolutely certain that a perfect family will come along to adopt her. No rush though, because for now, Sue and Stella will keep on smilin!

Stella and Duckie, her favorite toy!

Teacher's Pet is Working Like a Dog! 

Quincy was recently adopted by Andy and Pam, who happen to own and operate a real estate school. Adorable Quincy is such wonderful pet, but he also takes his responsibilities very seriously.  Each day Quincy goes to work with Andy and Pam, where he eagerly takes on any task he's assigned. OK, so maybe we caught him sleeping on the job but he has been working like a dog. Really, he has........

Can You Bear It?

Mac is the pup that some fool left in the overnight drop box at animal control when he was just days old. He's getting big and strong now and he finally opened his eyes!  Is it our imagination or is he starting to resemble a baby black bear?  Uh oh....

Janey's Journey............... 

With your help, PPR saved over 400 dogs last year. We will save even more in 2014. Janey is just one of these lucky dogs. This is the time of year when our Special Needs Fund runs low. This is the fund we use to save the dogs at animal control that need us the most. We are asking for your help. Please give to our Special Needs Fund and share our work with your friends and coworkers so they might help too. We will email you as we use your donation to introduce you to the dogs you have saved. Remember, ALL of your donation goes directly to veterinary costs, medications, food and grooming. We are all volunteers so none of us are paid and there is no cost of a building because the dogs live with us, in our homes.  Please help us replenish this fund so we can continue to save these dogs. They need us, we need you.

This is the photo journey of just one dog.

On arrival, the dogs are depressed, filthy, hopeless. They have given up.

Then the caring hands of our groomers show them love, for the first time in a very long time.  They are confused by the attention, but it feels good to be clean, to have all of the burrs gone. It feels good to matter to someone.

After two weeks in a foster home, lots of veterinary diagnostics and medications, they start to believe that their life has changed. They feel safe and loved.

After their surgeries, their bodies feel good.  They are healed and happy.  They are part of a new world where they are adored. Life isn't good, it's amazing.

Please help.

Northland Early Learning Center Cares! 

PPR sends a HUGE "Thank You" to the boys and girls of Northland Early Learning Center who collected coins to help Poodle and Pooch save dogs in need!  Wow, these children are real super stars in the eyes of some very lucky dogs! During their Pet Week, the students discussed what rescue is all about, and learned that dogs and cats from shelters and rescues are A+ Amazing!  Their "Coins for Canines" collection will allow PPR to give several homeless dogs a great new start!  Thank you to the very cool kids and the awesome teachers at Northland Early Learning Center for spreading the word that Rescue Rocks!!

Go-to-Gal Karen is Saving Another 

Just days old, little puppy Mac was dropped in the overnight drop box at animal control. That he even survived was his first miracle. His next lucky break was to become Karen's foster baby. Karen is not only a PPR volunteer, but she is an experienced veterinary technician at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital. She is our go-to gal for high risk pups like Mac. Mac has a fighting spirit and fortunately, he's quite a little glutton! He takes his tiny bottle every few hours, round the clock. Yes, Karen is missing out on a lot of sleep these days but she doesn't complain. After all, Mr. Wigglebottoms, as she calls him, keeps her smiling as he continues to thrive every day. Talk about dedication! Thank you, Karen for literally giving this puppy his start in life. We can't wait to see the squiggly wiggly dog he becomes!

Puppy formula is expensive and this little guy has a very healthy appetite! If you can contribute to Mac's formula and veterinary costs, please donate any amount below.  We'll email you with photos so you can watch Little Mac become Big Mac! Thank you!

Kiss Me!  I'm Irish!

Revo is revving up for the big day!  That's St. Patty's Day, of course, when he dances a jig and acts a little sillier than usual. He plans to wear green so it's all kisses, no pinches, for this little fur ball. Change your luck this year and adopt Revo!  He will keep the joyful spirit of St. Patrick's Day alive in your heart and home forever.

Official DDAF Grantee

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help. We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or have a medical need. Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life. We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them. We are all volunteers so your tax-deductible donation goes directly to help the dogs. We have saved over 2,700 dogs since 2008. Please help us save even more with a donation marked "Special Needs".  Our greatest need is for donations for our Special Needs dogs, some of whom you can visit on the In Recovery Page.

Franklin the Superhero!

Franklin has earned his shield and is officially the first ever doggie super hero! Now known as Captain America, or Cap for short, this wonder dog is always at the ready to rush in for playtime, belly rubs, and high paws. Never fear when Cap is near!  We suspected greatness for this dog, and now he's got the name to prove it. Onward and upward, Franklin, PPR's very first Super Hero!!

Lifesavers and Lollypups, a Perfect Pair 

Cindy is one of our newest foster moms, and we are thrilled she joined the team!  Shown here with pup Lolly, Cindy is giving Lolly some much needed TLC. Fosters are literally life savers to dogs like Lolly who might not leave a shelter if rescue groups like PPR don't step up. And PPR can't save dogs without our wonderful team of fosters. Fosters can be families, singles, men, women, retirees or young professionals. The one thing every foster has in common is a love of dogs!  How easy is that? Would you like to give fostering a try?  It's just a matter of submitting an application on the website and indicating your desire to foster. We'll take it from there, providing all you need to know to get started. Contact us today and help PPR save more lives!

Sully's Feelin' Good and Showin' Off 

Sully's cystotomy and urethrotomy went perfectly!  No more bladder stones! He's at home with foster mom Maryanne, recovering like the strong country boy he is!  Sully's cone comes off this weekend when he can finally celebrate, although he's already starting to feel pretty good.  Here is Sully enjoying the Spring weather.  And would ya lookie here!  This hound dog caught himself a bear!

Foster Dad Asleep on the Job! 

Patience, Jake, patience. Even a foster dad needs a "cat" nap now and then. While foster dad John snoozes, pup Jake waits......and waits.....and waits.   Ah Jake, you are such a good foster pup with your perfect balance of playfulness and patience.  What a cool combo!!  Apply on the PPR website to adopt Jake today!

We Love Reeses to Pieces!

Spring has sprung and baby Reese is discovering the great outdoors!  At only a few months old, this puppy has a big, new world to explore. For now, she's quite content right down here in the grass where there are so many delicious smells, creepy crawly critters and nice cool spots to chill. It's puppy paradise and Reese is soaking it up! Miss Reeses Cup is ready for her forever home and anxious to keep exploring with her very own family. Apply on the PPR website to adopt Reese today!!

Seniors are Super...........DUPER! 

We get pretty excited around here when an application comes in from someone wanting to adopt a senior dog!  It's party time as we dance and scramble to place one of our super-duper special seniors in his or her forever home. That's how we felt when Debbie applied to adopt. She specifically wanted an older dog, and medical needs weren't an issue. WOW! Her only stipulation was the dog needed to acclimate well with her current pups, Karma and Kailhu.  "Piece of cake", we said as  we introduced Debbie to pup Nolan. After just a day in her home, Debbie knew that Nolan was the one. Woo Hoo, sweet Nolan, with his severe eye condition, unknown age, and snaggletooth smile, is forever home with his new family! How easy was that?! Yep, it's happy-dance time at PPR on days like this.  We know seniors are super and so does Debbie. Thank you Debbie for giving our little Nolan, and your other rescues, the very merriest years of their lives. And thank you for giving PPR a big reason to party!!

Pickles in a Basket

Where would any reasonable Pickle pup want to be but in her very own Pickle basket? PPR Permanent Resident girl Pickles loves her foster mom Nina's laundry basket, but darn it, those things are just too high for jumping into when you're a a low riding ShihTzu like Pickles.  Not to mention she's not as spry as she once was. Problem solved with the ever so genius "Step- in Basket"!  Now Pickles has her basket....(yes, it's ALL hers, thank you very much), her perfect perch where she watches the comings and goings of the family, observes mom doing laundry, and maybe barks out an order or two.  Pickles has her own basket, what more does a pup need? 

A Good Ol' Country Boy Needs Help 

Sully is a middle-aged country boy from animal control and the truth is he didn’t have a chance there.  He had a large lipoma on his side.  The lipoma is really nothing, but it’s enough to scare people.  It’s just a fatty tumor that older dogs get.  We usually leave them alone unless they become very large, in which case we remove them for the comfort of the dog.  Because of the size of Sully's lipoma, we removed it. Sully also had a urinary tract infection that wasn't responding to medication so we did radiographs and there they were.  3 stones in his bladder and one in his urethra-- very similar to Toby the Yorkie who is recovering now from these exact same surgeries (except Toby had one in his bladder and lots in his urethra).  Sully needs a cystotomy to remove the stones from his bladder and a urethrotomy to remove the stone from his urethra.  But don’t feel bad for Sully because after these surgeries he is going to feel awesome. Bladder stones, especially combined with stones in the urethra, are very uncomfortable. As the stones grow, so does the level of discomfort. The dogs forget what it’s like to feel good. Sully is a sweet, happy beagley boy who is about to become a lot happier. A week after surgery these dogs act like we have turned back the clock to their younger days. They get very happy and active and make up for lost time! Below is Sully sleeping in the car on his way for his radiographs.  Don't you want to just hug him?! If you can, please help us afford Sully's surgeries by making a donation below.  Thank you!

The BEST Foster Sister!!

Sweet Lily seemed to know that her new foster brother Jagger needed a bit of extra time to feel safe in his temporary home. Lily, with her nurturing spirit, might not understand that Jagger is blind, but she senses his need for comfort. Jagger is happiest when he feels Lily's warmth, knowing she is keeping watch over him. Lily proves that it's not just our wonderful foster parents who step up for the dogs, but the pups in their homes volunteer their love as well. Thank you Lily and your wonderful parents, Nadia and Frank, for opening your home to dogs like Jagger. Sleep well sweet boy, your forever home awaits.

Jake's Lucky Day is Coming! 

Jake is all set for his luck to change this St. Patty's Day!  He even sniffed out a 4-leaf clover so he's sure his forever family must be out there, ready and waiting to adopt him!  Like a silly Lephracaun, Jake will dance, wiggle and wag into your heart. Meet Jake today, change his luck - and yours -forever!  

Welcome Home, Beautiful Brooke! 

Every now and then, when a senior or special needs dog arrives in our care, it can take a bit longer for that pup to be adopted. And other times, it becomes apparent that the dog is already home, safe and loved by the foster parent who welcomed them the day they arrived.  That's the case with Brooke, who came into PPR's care 8 months ago. Brooke is a senior lady (she isn't telling her age) who arrived with a very large tumor.  She went into surgery immediately and we got rid of the tumor so she could be beautiful again.  Brooke has been living like a queen ever since with her foster mom Mary. Brooke is happy, loving and deserving of a wonderful life, for however long that will be. Brooke's foster mom, Mary, decided that Brooke is exactly where she belongs, forever home with her. Beautiful Brooke can relax, knowing that she's an official PPR permanent resident. Thank you Mary, for loving Brooke as your own. If you'd like to follow sweet Brooke's journey, visit her on our Permanent Resident's page. She and her resident pals wake up grateful every day for the love and devotion of their foster parents, sponsors and everyone who chooses rescue!

How Many Toys Are Too Many?

Mimi's Research Continues....

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To adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and we'll call you to help find the right match for your family.  To foster, please also fill out the Adoption Application but write in that you'd like to foster.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, photographers, people that can sew and lots more!

To donate, please click on any of the paypal buttons on our website. With every donation you'll receive photos and updates of the dog(s) you've helped, including a photo of your dog with his new family when he's adopted! 


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