Save a Dog 

Three dogs need your help now.  To sponsor, please visit our Save a Dog page.

Don't Get Caught Snoozin' 

Come join us this Saturday for an adoption event INSIDE at the Winter Park Pet Supermarket located at 2601 Aloma Ave. Ariel and her sister Ally, along with other great PPR dogs, will be there giving away free kisses from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. So come out and have some fun!

_______ Princess in Pink _______ 

Silly, sassy, and super sweet, our girlie-girl Princess Spot can't wait till she's adopted!  She dreams about her very special person every afternoon during nap time. In her dreams, she see a fun-loving person who will play all sorts of silly games with her (including dress up) before collapsing into a snuggly nap. Her dream person must love puppy kisses, puppy silliness, and absolutely must love a wagging tail. Meet our Spottie-Girl now on the Adoptable Dogs Page and take fun and love to a whole new level!  She's happily dreaming about you now! 

Please Visit the Recovery Room 

Poodle and Pooch Rescue saves a very high percentage of older dogs and dogs with medical needs. We save the dogs that nobody else will save. The diagnostics, surgeries and medications are costly but these sweet, neglected souls are worth it.  After we undo the damage their owners have caused, these depressed dogs come to life!  When they arrive their heads are hanging, their tails are tucked, they won't make eye contact and they have no place they want to go, so they don't want to walk.  They are hopeless, they feel worthless.  But when they realize that someone cares, everything changes. Their tails wag, their heads are held high, they make eye contact while they wiggle in to give kisses and they remember how to prance!  They feel good again and are excited to be alive!  Please visit the In Recovery page and make a donation of any amount so we can continue to save the dogs that need us.  We are their last option.

Chippers Can See Again!!! 

Chippers before and after!

Chip was scheduled for cataract surgery 2 weeks ago.  But one of his presurgical tests came back with an odd result, requiring an additional test.  We received the results of that additonal test and it was just what we hoped for and were able to proceed with his surgery.  Chip's cataracts are gone!  Thank you Dr. Fife for restoring the vision of another dog!! 

Duchess Finds Her Family! 

Our Special Needs Dogs get the BEST homes!  When Karen and John saw Duchess, her smile melted their hearts. Then they sensed the unmistakable joy in her soul. It didn't matter that Duchess was blind.  Duchess, now known as Tessie, is home forever with Karen and John, settling into a life she is sure was meant for a movie star.  Tessie IS a star to Karen and John! They spoil her with their love and attention.  One of Tessie's favorite pastimes is listening to a story dad reads to her. She loves a good romance or animal novel. But cat stories, no way. We thank Karen and John for choosing the smile and the joyful heart of a Special Needs Dog  Tessie has a family now, her dreams have come true!

The Good News & The Great News

Here's the Good News -- Dolly's cataract surgery and enucleation is done!  Her surgery went great.  We removed the painful, blind right eye and restored the vision in her left eye.  Dolly's cataract is gone!  She has some recovery to do still--lots of eye drops for two weeks, a couple more rechecks and of course she has to wear the huge plastic cone for two weeks.  A small price to pay for a lifetime of vision!!!

And Here's the GREAT NEWS -- Dolly is HOME with Jim and Cheryl! This couple has had oodles of poodles, including their sweet babies Peanut and Baby Doll, whom they loved dearly until they passed away. Dolly joins poodle sister Abigale and beautiful "big" lab girl named Sabrina!  Now that her sight is restored, Dolly loves waking up each morning to the smiling faces of her new mom and dad!  She has forgotten her old life where she was neglected because now she has years of love, health and vision to enjoy!  Thank you to PPR donors!!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance! 

You put your front paws in, you put your front paws out.  You put your front paws in and you shake them all about!  You do the Jojo Pokey and you turn your tongue around!  And that's what it's all a-bout!!  Everyone now!

If you want to see Jojo's dance moves in person, apply to adopt him on the Adoptable Dogs Page!

Huh?  It's Labor Day?

Hey, Big Boy here. I'm just chillin' on my window seat, soaking up a little sunshine. Yep, just another day, taking it easy, being cool. Let me know if you want to play fetch, cause you humans sure are obsessed with that game. I'll even run with you if that'll make you happy. But seriously, can we just hang out here, watch a little TV? You eat your pizza, I'll chew a bone. So yeah, I'm Big Boy, I'm cool. Labor Day? Forget that, I'm just chillin'. Check me out on the Adoptable Dogs Page cause I'm cool. I mean I'm really cool.

One Teeny Chihuahua is Recovering 


9/8: Bash's eye is definitely getting better with treatment.  We believe we can save his eye!

8/25: Animal control asked for help with Bash. He was in pain from a ruptured cornea. The photo below is after his clean up and first dose of medication.  The before photo is too sad.  Bash is getting eye drops every 2 hours, including one drop of his own plasma. Plasma has antibacterial properties effective for treatment of ruptured corneas. He also has medicated eye drops and pain medications.  We have been treating Bash for 3 days, with drops every 2 hours.  The eye looks a bit better so we are continuing for 72 more hours.  We don't know if we can save his eye, but we are trying.  

Volunteer Spotlight 

Jeannie is one of our doting foster moms who goes above and beyond for our homeless pups. When the call goes out that there is a special need, Jeannie steps up. She takes dogs that need extra attention, whether medically, emotionally, or socially. We are so grateful for fosters like Jeannie, who are especially patient with the pups in their care, giving them the time they need to heal physically and emotionally. Jeannie, pictured here with her foster pup Chancey, is a wonderful asset to PPR.  Many dogs like Chancey have been lucky to have Jeannie as their loving caregiver while they await their forever family. Thank you Jeannie for opening your heart and home to so many dogs in need.

Saving Dogs with Lemonade! 

One of our young volunteers, Will, knows that every little bit helps when it comes to saving dogs.  When his neighborhood organized a block sale, he decided he would have a lemonade stand to raise money for Poodle and Pooch Rescue! He made a sign, and collected donations over 3 days, all while informing the public about how we save dogs in need!  Thank you Will!  If you need Poodle and Pooch brochures to set up a fundraiser in your neighborhood, company, school, club, church or synagogue, just email us!

Official DDAF Grantee

Welcome to Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that saves dogs that truly need help.  We rescue the "leftovers" from animal control, the dogs nobody wants because they're older or suffer from neglect, abuse or a medical need.  Their "last" day becomes the first day of their new life.  We provide the veterinary care they need, a foster family they love and when they're ready, we adopt them to a family who cherishes them.  We are all volunteers, 100% of your tax-deductible donation saves dogs.

Dog Left in Car to Suffocate, Safe with PPR! 

Baby sticks her tongue out at her prior owner!  Good Riddance!

Watch the video below of Baby's rescue.  For iphone or ipad users, click this link: Baby's Rescue

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Stupid, selfish, cruel!  This ignoramous purposely locked her dog in her car with the windows closed while she enjoyed her day at the beach.  She sipped a cold drink and ate a sandwich under an umbrella as her dog, Baby, was about to suffocate.  Luckily, good samaritan Vincent saved Baby from a horrible death and called the police. Baby had only spent 10 minutes in the car when the police arrived. Baby's owner has repeated animal offenses and was hauled off to jail. Baby went to animal control for safe-keeping, then to PPR. We are not surprised by Baby's condition given the self-centeredness of her owner.  Baby suffers from neglect.  She is skinny, has diarrhea, likely from parasites, has mammary tumors, is not spayed of course, has a cherry eye, heartworms, whipworms, and she's anemic due to the toll the heartworms and intestinal worms have taken on her frail body. Her owner is where she should be after multiple offenses--JAIL! And Baby is where she should be, with PPR!  Baby will need two separate surgeries, 3 weeks apart, then heartworm treatment.  She will have her veterinary diagnostics tomorrow so we can determine her other health issues.  Baby is on her way to a new life full of good health, happiness and love.  To help Baby get the veterinary care she needs, please donate any amount by clicking on the button below.  We'll email you with updates of her progress.

_____ Pampered Paws _____ 
Marilyn Monroe was recently treated to a spa day, complete with cut and blow dry, brow trim, and mani/pedi. Or maybe that's just a pedi for a dog? Hmmm, no matter, Marilyn has 4 pink tipped paws, a bright new scarf, and a smile that lights up a room. After all, what girl doesn't love a spa day? We just hope all the pampering doesn't go to her head. Silly girl has already asked when the masseuse will arrive. We might have created a Diva!  With her new look, all she needs is new forever home. Please check out Marilyn on our Adoptable Dogs Page. She can't wait to strut into your heart.
Gracie is All Ears!  

Yes, Gracie is guilty of only "half-listening". She learned long ago that silly humans do a whole lot of talking, much of which makes no sense to her. But ask her to snuggle, find a toy, or come for a treat, and you can be sure it's 2 ears up! And tell her you are her new family, and she'll be All Ears….and wags and kisses and silliness!  Meet Gracie and her friends on the Adoptable Dogs Page. They can't wait to tell you their stories. 

Another Very Lucky Special Needs Dog! 

Rose on her way to her foster home!

Rose came to PPR from animal control.  She had a large lump on her front left shoulder and we knew it was going to be bad.  Dr. Benson, from East Orlando Animal Hospital, warned us that this tumor was so large and suspicious, it was likely that Rose's leg may need to be amputated.  Rose had surgery and just as Dr. Benson suspected, the entire leg had to go. The tumor was a low grade fibromyxoid sarcoma and now it's all gone!  Rose's radiographs and bloodwork are clean!  Nothing has metastasized and Rose is going to be just fine!  Just like all of the three legged dogs that have been in PPR's care, Rose is doing wonderfully.  Within two weeks, Rose will be running around like a normal dog.  She will be able to do everything that a four legged pup can do, (except shake with her left paw)!  Now you see why Rose is a very lucky girl.  Nobody wanted her because she needed veterinary attention and now she has a lifetime of love ahead of her.  

Dear Mimi....

In her head, Jesse hoped that Mimi would be her new best friend, but her heart was grieving the loss of her fur baby Paris. Jesse put her thoughts into words so Mimi might understand before they met. Sweet Mimi 'read' Jesse's note, and while Mimi knew she could not replace Paris, she was ready to love Jesse in a whole new wonderful way. Now that Jesse and Mimi are BFFs, Jesse has learned there will always be room in her heart to love another dog. 
            Dear Mimi,
I want to tell you about a girl I used to know. Her name was Paris (Pawis). She was the most beautiful dog I’ve ever known, and the most loving. She had wonderful little things about her, like the way she smelled, the way she smiled, and how much she loved.
I don’t know if you are going to be my dog. I really hope so. But even if you’re not, I think you should still know about this wonderful dog that I was so fortunate to love.

Garrett Celebrates! This Boy Can See! 

Garret thinks he's a puppy now!  This is what cataract surgery does for these dogs-- it turns back time!  Garrett was completely blind in one eye and seeing 25% from the other.  He took a 2 hour nap at the Veterinary Ophthamology Center and when Garrett woke up, he could see!  Garrett sees just like a normal dog now, only he appreciates it a whole lot more as you can see in the video below.  Thank you Dr. Fife and thank you to every single person who made a donation so we could afford to give Garrett the gift of sight!

Best Friends Forever!  

Clark, and his first ever pup Lilly, are pretty much inseparable. The two spend time hanging out watching movies or playing on the beach. Lilly wants to be wherever Clark is, and she figured out quickly that his was the coziest bed in the house!  And if Clark jumps in the pool, well, Lilly needs to be right in there with him. Clark and Lilly make a perfect team. Thank you Clark for rescuing Lilly and being the best friend she's ever had.

Another Yappy Hour for Susie! 

Life is good for PPR Permanent Resident Susie. Whether strolling in the park, sunbathing on the lanai, or sipping a tropical drink at a cafe, this spry "older" pup lady enjoys her life to the fullest!  Susie is a gracious senior lady who appreciates her wonderful forever family, and all the incredible people who assist with her care. Sometimes Susie thinks she's actually getting younger with all the love and TLC she receives!  Animal control literally begged PPR to save this dog a year ago because she was in such terrible shape.  Susie sends kisses to them too for her wonderful life! 

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Beautiful foster pup Indy loves Sunday morning snuggle time. While her foster dads enjoy their coffee and newspaper, the dogs get to enjoy the easy, relaxed pace. Ah yes, there's nothing quite like Sunday mornings, something Indy is just finding out about since she arrived in her foster home. Shown here with poodle girl Brunie, (once a foster dog herself before she was adopted by David and John), the two girls relax and take the day in stride. Brunie has assured Indy that her forever home will come along real soon. In the meantime, it's easy like a Sunday morning. Learn more about Indy on our Adoptable Dogs Page. She and her fur friends are ready to meet you!

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You Can Help

You can help by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating so we can save more dogs.  Please visit the How to Help page for more details.

To adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application and we'll call you to help find the right match for your family.  To foster, please also fill out the Adoption Application but write in that you'd like to foster.  We ask for a 2-3 week commitment and we supply everything you need.  All of our dogs are fully vetted and groomed before going into foster care.  You can also call or email us so we can answer your questions.  Our foster moms and dads are our heroes! 

To volunteer, email us and let us know what you'd like to do.  We need transporters, photographers, people that can sew and lots more!

To donate, please click on any of the paypal buttons on our website. With every donation you'll receive photos and updates of the dog(s) you've helped, including a photo of your dog with his new family when he's adopted! 


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